Jelly Haven

A jellyfish in space? Outer space is probably the last location you will ever think a jellyfish can go but this fun-filled intergalactic game will feature a one-of-a-kind journey that you will surely enjoy. Jelly Haven is generally an upscrolling avoider game. You will be prompted into endless space where your goal is to collect as many gems as possible while avoiding all the meteors at all cost. The aim is simple but you would be surprised how frustratingly challenging this game is. Despite the repetitive details, the controls for its PC version are what make the game a complete challenge. If you think you can master this game effectively, then feel free to explore Jelly Haven and enter a super fun intergalactic adventure.

No further details were mentioned about the main character and the reason behind his journey but despite the lack of information which could have made the game even more engaging, Jelly Haven is a decent game to enjoy. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately the actual game screen. This is an upscrolling game and is played in linear projection. The character will appear on the bottom most part of the game field while the meteors and the gems will arrive from the top. There is really nothing much you can do in this game other than evading the oncoming obstacles by moving on left and right of the screen but that’s also the trickiest part of the game.

The jellyfish can be moved on both sides through mouse clicks but there is quite a delay in the response. It is very ideal to click the mouse simultaneously and swipe the cursor towards the direction you want the jellyfish to move. This should be done in a quick yet timely manner. Once you got hit by a meteor, the game will come to a quick end unless you have an extra life to spare. Speaking of which, another interesting element in this game is the shop that allows you to buy powerups to make your character more efficient. These upgrades include Energy Drink to boost your movements, a Heart for extra life, Shield for protection and Clover for more power drops. These items will also drop occasionally during the game. Overall, despite of the fact that this game is intended to be played on smartphones, the PC version still offers the same amount of challenge and entertainment the gamers will enjoy!

Big Shot Boxing

You are an aspiring boxer but being in this industry has never been so easy. Big Shot Boxing is a very interesting fighting game that is accompanied with a compelling Rocky-esque plot line. In this game, you will play the role of a rookie boxer who just got signed to fight on the ring along with others. You will hire a trainer to guide you in your boxing career until you managed to reach a higher rank. Big Shot Boxing is a 2D fighting game where your main goal is to knock down your opponents on the ring one after another until you made it on top. If you think you have what it takes to be the next boxing champ, then feel free to play this game and see how far your skills can take you.

Interestingly, Big Shot Boxing can be played in two different modes; Career and Quick Fight. Career is the game’s main campaign in which you have to pass through a level by level tournament system while Quick Fight is a single match with randomly generated characters. Speaking of which, the Career campaign allows you to select your preferred character. Each character will vary in terms of their given attributes including their health, power, chin and recovery status. There is also an overwhelming amount of boxers to unlock through Career points which can be earned in each successful battle. The attributes can also be upgraded using the money which can also be earned every time you win. You can also customize your boxing gears.

Before the actual battle begins, you will be prompted to a page that features the list of boxers and their respective ranks. The higher the rank, the more challenging the battle will be and the prize is most likely higher too. The game will also indicate the amount of money you can win or lose or how much you will get if the battle is draw. As soon as the battle begins, you will be prompted immediately to the ring. Left and right keys are used for jabs and cross hooks while x is used for upper cut punch for the chances to stun the opponent. Z on the other hand is used for defense. Take note that each battle is composed of 4 rounds and each round will last for 60 seconds. The game is generally simple yet absolutely fun and surprisingly nostalgic due to its retro-inspired graphics which will remind you of those classic Atari boxing games! Good luck and have fun!


A mummy with a heart? Well, who would have thought? Osirun will take you to an interesting journey of a wondering spirit who has the ability to transport life from one dead body to another. The main objective in this game is to get the highest score as possible and this can only be done by transferring the beating heart from one mummy to another. Failing to do so will simply end the game and you have no other option but to go back from the very beginning. Despite the game’s apparent simplicity, it features a very unique gameplay and mechanics that are not commonly found in other games. It is an endless running up-scrolling game but it is being played with an interesting twist.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the game field. The player will be given with 10 second time interval before throwing the heart. Within the 10 second time break, you can explore the area to check for the approaching obstacles. Once the time ends, the heart will automatically be thrown until it is being caught by another mummy or until it hits an obstacle. You can move the mummy using the Up, Left and Right Arrow keys. The heart will be thrown to wherever you point it (a trajectory will be shown in front of the mummy to help you aim the heart in your desired location).

Please be mindful that you will encounter obstacles along the way. Some obstacles serve as hurdles which only bounce back the heart while others are moving and capable of stealing your heart. Take note as well that you cannot pass the river. Another notable element in this game is the scoring system. The score you earn each throw will depend on how far it travels from one mummy to another. The longer the travel time, the higher the score you will get. Appearance wise, Osirun is presented in a simple pixel-art environment adorned with simple and repetitive details but overall, the game is surprisingly addictive and fun!


Back in 1987, Konami developed and released a game which now became a legend! Castlevania is a classic platformer game which follows a story of Simon Belmont and his journey in defeating vampire Dracula. The game came a long way from NES era to various gaing platforms today. Interestingly, Pencilvania is a game that is merely inspired from this classic video game. It is not affiliated to any of the game franchise but more of a fan-made parody. As what the title of the game suggests, you are not playing a vampire slayer here but a Pencil who goes by the name of Simon Says. His journey is to defeat Sharpenercula. You must find your way to the boss and defeat him with all the skills and weapons that you will obtain along the way! If you are a big fan of Castlevania, then you will definitely enjoy this hilarious parody!

Interestingly, the game is more than just a parody to Castlevania. In fact, they even incorporate this fan made platformer with the movie “Ring” . Apparently, Simon Says saw the Ring Video tape and now he is being cursed and will die after 666 seconds. In order to break the curse, you must defeat the Sharpenercula. The parody made for this game is really on point while managing to capture the retro-inspired atmosphere. You are actually prompted to almost the same platform with Castlevania but with some interesting twists. The enemies are all inspired from various school supplies like erasers, sharpener and staplers. Simon Says is even equipped with weapons that are originally used from the real game.

Whether you play the original Castlevania or not, the mechanics for Pencilvania are simple yet tricky and challenging. In addition to the overwhelming amount of enemies that you will encounter along the way, you have to be mindful that you are only given with 666 seconds to finish the game. The counter can be seen above the game screen along with other details including the amount of lives you have and your health meter. You are also entitled to loot some items from enemies you killed or various objects on the screen. Please be mindful that if you failed to reach your goal on time, the game will end quickly and you have no other option but to go back from the very start. If you are skillful enough, you can also challenge yourself to find the hidden items like pentagram coins, pacifier and golden skulls. Pencilvania may not be related to the real franchise but is undeniably a decent rip-off and homage to an all-time classic! Good luck and have fun!

The Farmer 3D

Say goodbye to conventional farming game because this one will let give you a highly realistic farming experience. The Farming 3D, as what the title suggests, is a farming simulation game that takes you to a very realistic environment. Your main objective here is to play the role of a farmer and operate all your machinery and complete your given tasks. The mechanics are generally simple but surprisingly tricky and challenging as you progress. It is a strategy and time management game that requires skills in order to maximize your productivity and early completion. Unlike the typical farming game, most of the tasks here are done in a manual process and not click-base so if you think you can run this farm more effectively, then feel free to explore The Farmer 3D and see how far you can go.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the farm and your first task will be given. Like what being mentioned above, the game follows a very simple set of mechanics but the player is still encouraged to visualize the map carefully and try to establish an effective strategy on how to complete the task as early as possible. You will be asked to operate certain machinery including a Tractor and a Harvester. A tractor for an instance can be attached to various gears and you should use the right one depending on your given tasks. These gears include Plow, Seeder and more. You will encounter more tools as you progress. Each task will be completed as soon as you reach the 100% progress which can be tracked on your progress bar above the screen. Please be mindful too that you will run out of fuel from time to time but this can be refueled autonomously.

You will also have the ability to switch from one vehicle to another and you are also empowered to set your desired camera perspective (you can switch to first person to third person perspective anytime). Take note that the game is not just about farming alone. It is not just limited to plowing, seeding and harvesting. The scope of the game may cover poultry and livestock farming. You will also be asked to sell your products to various predefined area on your map (it means that you will also operate a vehicle that you can freely use to navigate the huge 3D map). It is also interesting to note that the game has a day and night cycle which makes the concept even more engaging. Overall, The Farming 3D is a very impressive simulator that offers visually striking details, well-polished gameplay and decent amount of longevity that you will definitely enjoy! Good luck and have fun!

Forsaken Dungeon

It has been awhile since the last time I played a faithful dungeon crawler adventure and I just came across this fun-filled RPG named Forsaken Dungeon which makes a great homage to classic RPG. Forsaken Dungeon is an action packed dungeon crawler rpg that will take you to an eerie and enigmatic adventure of a fearless hero who is brave enough to enter a dungeon filled with demonic creatures to eliminate them and also to search valuable treasures at the same time. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t follow any plot line which could have made this rpg even more engaging but as far as the game play is concerned, Forsaken Dungeon captured all the great elements from a typical adventure game. If you think you are brave and skillful enough to survive, feel free to play this game and let your epic journey begins.

Before being prompted to the actual game, you will start off by selecting your preferred character. There are three characters to choose from including Archer, Warrior and Wizard. Each character will vary in terms of their default attributes, skills and weapons they use. Archers are long range heroes who use bows and arrows, warrior are melee-type while Wizards are experts of casting spells and other skills that greatly consumes mana. Once you are done choosing your character, you will be prompted to a seemingly deserted place inhabited by creepers and other demonic creatures. Your starting point will also serve as your respawn point where you can interact with two non-playable characters. One sells potions while the other one sells weapons. You can also trade the items you collected and looted for money.

As far as the game controls are concerned, you can navigate the area through mouse clicks. Simply click an area with your cursor and your character will head towards that direction. Simply click on a nearby enemy to attack them. Take note that once you attacked an enemy, they will become hostile and will attack you as well. You should also refrain yourself from moving towards a group of enemies as they can overwhelm you in an instant and you might get killed. Items can either be looted from the enemies you killed or from the treasure chests that are randomly scattered in the area. The main challenge in this game is when you finally reach the dungeon. It will be a layers of fully inhabited floors with overwhelming amount of devil creatures.

The more you explore the dungeon, the stronger the enemies you will encounter. You might also come across some bosses too. Every time you kill an enemy, you will gain certain amount of experience and if you earned enough, you will increase a new level. You will be given with five stat points every time you reach a new level and these points can be distributed on your given attributes such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Vitality. You will also earn a skill point which can improve your skill damage. Appearance wise, the game features visually appealing details although most are quite repetitive. It is accompanied by impressive music which sets the mood perfectly. Overall, Forsaken Dungeon is a decent RPG that you can confidently include on your game list! Good luck and have fun!

Doge Miner 2

With an overwhelming cuteness brought by Doge (a popular slang term for dog who went viral over the net) matched with an addictive incremental gameplay, Doge Miner 2 is definitely a kind of game you will enjoy the most. Doge Miner 2 is a clicker or idle game that features one of the most popular internet memes today. Doge is seemingly very eager to go back to the moon and you must help him and his “dog minions” to earn enough resources by mining until you managed to build a rocket ship. Doge Miner 2 features all the addictive elements you can typically find from any incremental games but with bunch of exciting features to explore. Your goal is to get the highest score as possible and if you think you can master this game effectively, then feel free to explore Doge Miner 2 and let you epic mining journey begins!

The game follows a very simple mechanics. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the game screen. There are two separate panels in this game. The larger panel on the left is where the mining will take place while the panel on the right is where the shop and upgrades can be accessed. Much like the rest of the idle games, you will start off with real time interactions. The mining panel is composed of a boulder of rock and Doge holding a pickaxe. Simply hit the rock with your pickaxe by clicking the left mouse button. You can hit the left mouse as many and as fast as you want. Each click corresponds to certain amount of Gold coins. Once you have earned enough, you can now purchase items to help you earn more. Most items will work autonomously and they will vary in terms of their DPS (Damage per Second). Their prices will also increase exponentially. Upgrades on the other hand will increase your efficiency and productivity.

Interestingly, you will encounter special items while mining. Doge Bags and Doge Crates will contain special items such as new pickaxes and other items to equip. You will also encounter various fortunes that will affect your stats attributes such as luck, wow (improving new loots), Loot Find (finding more loots), Critical chance and mystery loots. Once you built a rocket ship, you will finally earn access to the moon. You can switch from moon to earth and vice versa no matter what time you desire. Doge Miner 2 is a progressive game and it will continue as long as you still have upgrades to purchase which gives this game a commendable longevity! The longer you progress, the more addictive the game will become! Good luck and enjoy mining!

Castle Woodwarf

Embark yourself in a very interesting journey in Castle Woodwarf. This is an incremental game that will put your thinking skills in a great test. It follows a story of a group of dwarves who have been stuck on a blasted place. There are many evils lurking around and they are lucky enough to find a dragon egg that will help them eliminate the enemies. The challenge, however, is that they need to keep the dragon alive by feeding it and also they need to maintain their resources in order to survive. Castle Woodwarf is a simple yet surprisingly tricky and challenging adventure game that you will definitely enjoy. If you think you can help the dwarves to survive, then feel free to play this game and see how far can you go.

Castle Woodwarf is more likely to be considered as an incremental game as most features are working autonomously yet player’s interaction is still required. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to stage divided into two platforms. The upper ground is where the dwarves are working and the lower ground is where the dragon egg is located. You will start off with 100 gold coin as your based money and 100 Fish as food. The gold is used to purchase dwarf or upgrade their skills and also use to upgrade the home, food and the egg. Each upgrade will make certain changes that will help you become more efficient and possibly to maximize your chances of survival. The food on the other hand will be consumed by the dwarves as they work. Therefore, the more dwarves you buy, the more fishes to be consumed.

There are two things you need to avoid from this game. First, is to run out of food supply and second is to prevent the egg from sustaining too much damage from the incoming waves of evils, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no option but to start again back from the scratch. During the game, you can collect gems which will be accumulated at the end. These gems can be used to purchase extra resources (but reduces score) or extra characters. You can also unlock other game modes such as Might (enemies have doubled HP) or the Time Challenge. Since there are many possibilities, the game has a very impressive replay value and with decent longevity that requires long term game engagement. The game is also playable and downloadable through Google Play and App Store for Smartphones. Overall, the game is unique and absolutely fun to play with! Good luck!

Cartoon Strike

This game has the same intensity yet presented in a children-friendly manner. Cartoon Strike is first person shooter game that will take you to an action packed shooting adventure in which your goal is to win the battle by shooting and killing your enemies on the field. As what the title of the game connotes, this game is merely inspired from the famous Counter Strike game but it is presented in a more conventional way. The entire battlefield is more cartoonish rather than being realistic yet it features everything you need from a typical first person shooter game. If you enjoyed such shooting games, then Cartoon Strike is definitely worth playing! Feel free to explore this game and see what else it has to offer.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the main menu which will ask you to select your preferred region (server). There are six servers to choose from including Europe, US, Asia, Japan, Australia and Brazil. After doing so, you may now select a game room or create one for yourself. A game room will vary depending on the rules set by the room creator. These variations include the number of players allotted for each team, the game mode and the type of stage to be used. As a game creator, you have the authority to configure the settings prior to the actual game. Once done, the player will be prompted to the battlefield. He will be given the chance to choose which team he would like to be part of ~ Terrorists or the Counter Terrorists (this however will depend if a certain team is already fully occupied).

The game features basic game controls. You can navigate the 3D battlefield using the WASD keys, jump using the Space bar, aim by hovering the cursor and shoot by clicking the left mouse button. You can also buy weapons prior to the actual battle by hitting the B button. Each weapon will vary in terms of their default attributes. You can also broadcast a message to your team mates through the game’s chat system. It is also very interesting to note that the game can be played either in Team Death Match of Free For All Mode. Graphics wise, the game is presented in a visually stunning atmosphere, adorned with colorful details. Overall, Cartoon Strike is a great and entertaining shooting game that you can confidently include on top of your game list! Good luck and have fun!

Dark Memory Escape

A guy trapped in a building for an unknown reason? Well, it is sure a mystery that needed to be unfold and we sure know the fact that this will end up in an eerie adventure. Dark Memory Escape is the 55th Escape game by FreeRoomEscape which follows a story of a guy who find himself locked in an abandoned building. No further details were mentioned on why exactly he was there which makes the game a little weird and mysterious at the same time. Generally, your goal is to find your way out of the building and to possibly unfold the mystery behind it. Dark Memory Escape may sound so enigmatic but the game is not that scary at all unless you can visualize yourself in his situation and imagine yourself wandering around an abandoned building with creepy imagery everywhere.

The mechanics of the game is similar to your typical escape games. In the entire course of it, the player will be asked to collect various items, gather relevant clues and solve numerous puzzles along the way. Since this is a point and click game, all the interactions are done through mouse clicks. Locating valuable items and important objects are not really that challenging too because of the hotspots. Simply hover the cursor of your mouse on top of an object to determine if it is clickable or not. Those that can be clicked are items to be interact with (either you can collect them or they must be examined). Those items you collected will be sent directly to your inventory. Please be mindful that some items can be combined in order to use their actual function.

The downside of the game however is the lack of information given to players. Items are hardly recognizable and you cannot even tell what exactly are you picking. Despite of that, the game is still unpredictable. It may not be that challenging but it is not that easy either. In fact, you might spend your time roaming on the same room over and over just to find clues to progress. Appearance wise, the game features a collection of enigmatic images showcasing some creepy abandoned rooms but the collectible items do not blend well with the images making them more noticeable. The game notably concludes with a cliff hanger. I do not want to spoil much so you better play the game on your own risk. It is also interesting to mention that the game is being timed so early completion gives you a higher remarks! Good luck and have fun!