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Pizza Quest

Carmel Games never failed to give us some entertaining point and click adventure game and they never failed in transforming a simple activity to a bigger adventure. In Pizza Quest, you will play the role of the palace’ newly assigned chef and your duty is to serve the queen. In your first day of work, the queen is seemingly craving for Pizza but you realized that you have no materials and ingredients to prepare one. Your job now is to find all the necessary ingredients and tools all over the palace in order make the pizza in no time. Who would have thought that preparing a pizza can end up in such a thrilling quest? If you have played the previous point and click adventure of Carmel Games, then you must know the drill and if not, then feel free to explore Pizza Quest and see what else this game has to offer.

The game will welcome you with a brief cinematic introduction telling a short story about the main character and how he ended up being the queen’s chef. Much like the rest of the point and click games, the only way to interact with the game is through mouse clicks. Simply hover the mouse over the objects to identify which is interactive and which is not. The cursor will change to a moving cog icon if the object is something you can collect or examine. In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to collect various objects, gather clues and solve numerous puzzle along the way. See, who would have thought that gathering simple ingredients for pizza will end up in such a thrilling quest?

The puzzles are quite predictable and easy to solve though but despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, the player is still encouraged to observe very keenly and pay attention to every details to prevent overlooking the clues, otherwise, you might end up going to same places over and over again. But just in case you are having a hard time figuring out how to solve the puzzle, you can always check the hints for further assistance. Appearance wise, Pizza Quest is presented in a neat and visually stunning environment and is perfectly matched with cool and funny animation with amazing voice overs ( a feature used in most Carmel Games). This may not have a replay value (unless they will soon put timers on it and an interactive leaderboard) but the game is generally fun and entertaining to play with! Absolutely worth playing.

Bullet Reality

Nothing can be more ancient than the existence of magic right? Bullet Reality is one of the entries that were submitted for the recently concluded Ludum Dare Challenge with a theme featuring Ancient technology and I guess Frump managed to utilize everything to make this game perfect for such category. Simple and fun! I guess those are two words that you can use to perfectly describe this wonderful game. Bullet Reality simply follows a story of a lovely girl who discovered and obtained a mysterious stone tablet that eventually provided her the power of becoming a witch. However, this ended in a catastrophe resulting to an invasion of pesky ancient robots. Now, you must use your newly gained power to stop this mess and bring your world back to its perfect harmony.

Interestingly, Bullet Reality is done and played in a retro style of gaming. It is your classic side scrolling shoot em up game. It is played in a strict linear progression where your character will arrive from the far left side and will travel all the way to the other site indefinitely. The game will run continuously as long as your character has remaining lives to spend. The enemies will arrive in great waves from the far right side and they can also hit you from afar. As a witch, you are empowered with the ability to fly through your broomstick and you are given with the ability to shoot magic but what really makes the game challenging is the game’s complex controls. You can only move up and down but you can switch from one mode to another through mouse clicks. You can switch to Fly Mode to Flap mode. Fly mode allows you to move up continuously while flap mode requires you to click the left mouse button with proper intervals (just think of Flappy Bird).

You can also shoot stars by pressing the left arrow key. You can hold it down for infinite shot or you can just press it for short-term attack. Luckily, there is infinite ammo and you do not have to worry anything about limitations. The only thing you have to take care off aside from eliminating enemies is to prevent them from inflicting too much damage to your character. Take note that once you have sustained too much damages, your character will be killed and the game will come to a quick end. This will give you no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. The game, despite of repetitive details still offers a decent amount of challenge and an impressive replay value because of its unpredictability. Enemies usually arrive either in small or big waves and you just have to be very cautious about them since they have different behaviors and way of attack. Overall, Bullet Reality is an engaging side-scrolling game that provides some sort of nostalgic experience and fun!


What will you do if you got stuck in a place that is filled with puzzles and mystery? Will you ever find your way out? Are you skillful and knowledgeable enough to surpass all those mind twisting and brain-draining puzzles? Well, if you think you are brave and skillful enough, then you might consider playing this game and see how far you can go. Passage is a simple yet surprisingly challenging puzzle game that will take you to a series of levels with varying range of difficulties that will surely put your skills and knowledge on a great test. As what the title of the game suggests, your main objective in this game is to open up the passages in order to proceed to the next level. In order to do so, you have to solve each puzzle by figuring out which items or mechanisms to interact with.

Passage is a short puzzle game created by LesBroufe for Ludum Dare. It is indeed a very short game with few levels to explore but despite of being short, the levels cannot be solved in an instant. The difficulty even at early levels is really overwhelming that it takes several attempts before someone can figure out the solution. Passage is not your typical platformer game. First of all, it offers a very engaging and neat visuals. The illustrations were kind of eerie which reminds me of Mateusz Skutnik’s game creations (Submachine and Gnomes to name a few). The enigmatic music and the well-fitting sound effects were both perfectly incorporated with the theme. Again, the main objective is to open the huge passage and you can do so by interacting with various mechanisms that are randomly scattered in each level.

You can move the character using the left and right arrow keys and jump from one platform to another using the space bar. Each level is merely filled with gears with various shapes and sizes. These gears are the mechanisms that you should activate in order to open the gates. Levers are scattered randomly and you just have to press the CTRL key to perform necessary actions (it only works when the character is located near the levers. The downside of the game however is the fact that there are only few levels to explore and since it offers one solution for each puzzle, it great affects the game’s replay value. Despite of these flaws, the game has so much potential and I can’t wait to see more of its future game developments!

Icesters Trouble

Have you ever played Jenga? It is the classic tower building game where your objective is to build a tower by taking pieces of block from the bottom part one at a time while preventing the tower to fall down. Well, Icesters Trouble somehow shares some similarities with the mechanics except for the fact that it is not a table top game but a browser flash game that you will surely find addictive. The main objective in this game is to help the Icesters land safely on the given platform by removing the blocks below them while preventing them from falling down outside the platform, otherwise the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the same level until you managed to make it through.

The mechanics are very very simple and in fact, you have probably encountered gamed with the same concept in Google App store or iOS. Despite of its very common mechanics and apparent simplicity, the game is truly addictive and something you can really enjoy playing with. The gameplay might be simple but the puzzles are surprisingly challenging. Here’s how Icesters Trouble works. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a screen with platform that contains a stack of blocks. On top of the stack lies an Icester (a blue block with a face). Your goal is to remove all the blocks below the icester while preventing it to fall beyond the given platform. Take note that the platforms have limited size so be sure to prevent the icesters from falling by calculating and analyzing your movements.

Much like Jenga , you should know which block to remove first and which one to follow because a single mistake may ruin your entire strategy. Eventually, you will encounter levels that will feature special blocks or icesters. These blocks have different abilities that will either help or harm you in the process. Some blocks are explosive that can blow up and push all the blocks nearby while other blocks have the ability to switch one special block to another. The game offers 30 exciting levels to explore and the rate of difficulty will drastically increaser as you progress which makes the game a lot more challenging and thrilling at the same time. As far as the scoring system is concerned, each level is rated from one to three stars and it will depend on how many attempts did the player make in completing a level. Therefore, the lesser the attempt, the higher the rating you will receive! Good luck!

Mystic Temple

Although it sounds really fascinating, we cannot deny the fact that every time we are talking about ancient temples, we are also talking about the possible dangers ahead. In Mystic Temple, we will be taken into a journey of a tourist who just find himself in a breathtaking adventure after entering an enchanting ancient temple. Instead of finding a treasure, he found himself in great danger as the temple is inhabited by a monstrous plant-like creature. Now, you must find your way out of the temple and try not to be caught by the monster’s deadly tentacles, otherwise your journey will come to a quick end.

Mystic Temple is just a simple endless running game but it is surprisingly challenging. Your main objective here is to get the highest score as possible and in order to do so, you must reach the farthest distance while avoiding all the obstacles you will encounter along the way. The game features a two button system where all you can do to deal with obstacles is either to jump or to slide under them. You can also use the Up and Down keys to move from one platform to another and also you can press them repeatedly (when prompted) to escape from obstacles. Your eye and hand coordination is very crucial in this game in order to maximize your survival.

What really makes the game more challenging is the fact that the temple guardian is constantly chasing you behind. Therefore, there is really not enough time for you to stay idle. You must move simultaneously while avoiding all obstacles ahead. Obstacles are not really fatal but they will greatly affect your speed as they will try to grab you which gives the guardian an opportunity to devour you. Rooms are changing dynamically every time you play which gives Mystic Temple a nice replay value! Appearance wise, the game will take you to a nice retro-inspired atmosphere that reminds you of those classic games like Prince of Persia and Pitfall! Feel free to explore this game and have fun!


Prepare yourself for another action packed wrestling game that you will definitely enjoy. Wrassling is one of the latest games by CrazyGames. It is generally a fighting game in which your main goal is to wrestle against other “wrasslers” and beat them all to unlock all the features. To make it short, your goal is to become the last “wrassler” standing but that is not going to be an easy peasy job as it requires an extensive skills, quick reflexes and an impressive eye and hand coordination in order to maximize your chances in winning. If you think you have what it takes to become the next “Wrassling” champion, then get your fingers ready and play this game to see how far your “wrassling” skills can take you.

This game actually reminds me of Oleg Skutt’s Drunken Wrestlers and Otto Ojala’s Wrestle Jump except for the fact that this game is made simpler and also made with pixelated graphics which somehow provides a nice retrogaming experience. It is even matched with a catchy 8bit sound which makes the game more enjoying. Before the game begins, you will have to choose your preferred game mode. These game modes are possibly one of the game’s interesting highlights which includes a Single Player campaign, Boss mode, Two Player Cooperative and Two Player Versus mode. In addition to that, you can also select or customize your own wrassler. They will only vary in terms of their colors and the type of hat they are wearing (if any). Once done setting up, you will be prompted immediately to the battle ring. Unlike your typical wrestling game, this one is not about knocking out the opponent (there is no life system here on the first place) but to bring or throw the opponent outside the ring to score points.

As far as the game controls are concerned, your wrassler’s movement is somehow limited. You can move on both side of the ring using the left and right key and rotate the arm using Z or X keys. Player 2 has a different set of keys. You may not have any special skills but you can improve your power by pressing the Z or X key a little longer. Another thing that makes this game a lot more engaging are the unlockable hats. Each hat has their own requirement before you can unlock them and you might either be required to beat certain amount of players or you must beat the boss. You can always customize your character in between each battle. This unlockable achievement provides a nice replay value to the game. Much like Drunken Wrestler and Wrestle Jump, watching these wrasslers going wild and insane on stage is pretty much amusing which makes this game a lot more enjoyable and fun to play with!

Disaster Theatre

Anything can go wrong in a live theater and when actors forget their scripts, it could be a disaster! Disaster Theatre is a simple yet challenging point and click game that allows you to play a role of a director who runs four plays all at the same time. The aim of the game is to prevent the plays from becoming a disaster and this can be done by throwing off the scripts towards the right actor to keep the play going and to keep the audiences amused.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the drama stage immediately. You can switch from one scene to another by clicking their respective icons below the screen. You can use the A and D keys to navigate the 2D screen on both sides and use the mouse click to throw the script. Take note that you cannot just randomly hit the script. You must refer your actions based on the lines displayed on the upper right corner of the game screen. The challenge here is to identify which actor should have such line, otherwise, providing wrong script will ruin the play and it will have a bad impact to your audience’ satisfaction meter.

The icon for each scenes comes with a satisfaction meter and it is your goal to prevent them from going down to zero, or else, the game is over. Disaster Theatre is a simple but fun game presented in a visually stunning environment and accompanied by beautiful music. It’s unique and catchy and absolutely something you can enjoy playing.

Combat 4

The big battle is not yet over! Engage yourself in another action packed mission and win over enemies in this newest Combat game! Combat 4 is the newest installment of the series that features an all new set of maps and weapons to explore. Much like its predecessors, Combat 4 (available on is basically a first person shooter game that takes you to a breathtaking mission. Your main objective is to take control of your character, navigate the highly engaging 3d map, arm yourself with the most effective weapon, cooperate with your team and win by knocking down opponents!

Game wise, Combat 4 will surely remind you of those highly acclaimed First Person Shooter games like Counter Strike but in a more convenient yet simplified way. The game starts by allowing you to select your preferred server. You also have the option to create your profile or personal account or just play the game as the guest. Registered members, however has a lot more advantage since they can earn virtual money from the game and use them to purchase powerful starter weapons which gives them more chances in winning. After selecting the preferred server, you may now select or join your preferred room. Each room has their own rules as established by the room creator. Interestingly, you can also create your own server room as well and pick the settings you like from the kind of map to the amount of players you want to be involved.

Speaking of which, a server room can accommodate a maximum amount of 24 players (12 in each team). It can also be played in six different game modes. As soon as you enter the battlefield, you can move the character using the WASD keys and shoot and aim using the mouse! The maneuverability wasn’t that smooth yet still manageable. Once a team reaches out the required point, they will be declared a winner and you will be prompted back to another round unless you leave the room and find another one. For FPS lovers, Combat 4 is definitely something that will not disappoint!


I guess the title of the game is good and clear enough for us to know the details. Higher is a game created by an independent developer named Peter Lauris who is also the same guy behind the Color Picker game. Generally, as what the title of the game connotes, your main objective in this game is nothing more but to get the highest score as possible and this can be done by reaching the highest platform as you possibly can. It is a very simple game to be honest but it is surprisingly tricky and absolutely fun to play with!

Are you aware of the hit Facebook Game “Icy Tower“? Well, the gameplay is actually very similar to it except for the fact that Higher is presented in a very engaging and visually stunning 3D first person perspective. This made this game even more challenging. You can move the character on a very limited platform using the arrow keys and you can start jumping by pressing the spacebar. However, please be mindful that once you jump, the platform beneath you will vanish and therefore, you really need to come up with an effective strategy to prevent your character from falling, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end.

You can, by the way, change the view of the camera by hovering the mouse around the screen, In this way, you know where is the next platform. I also learned that bouncing repeatedly on the same platform will make you drop and it will only end your journey. Reaching the pedestal may be a tough job but in is undeniably addictive. What I like most about this game is the leaderboard system. it displays the top 100 players and their respective scores. The incentive of outranking someone from the board is truly rewarding and it actually makes you eager to play more. Simplicity is best described in this game but it is insanely addictive and something that will keep you away from getting bored! Try it now.


Entomophobia, for all you know, is a term used to describe a fear to insects or bugs and if you got such kind of fear, then this game may not be suitable for you at some point. Entomophobia is basically a multi-directional shooter game created by Scott Slusher. It is retro-inspired game that will make you feel like playing a classic Gameboy. It takes you back to the classic 8bit sound effects and those pixel art graphics and I personally think that it is one of the game’s strongest points and something that makes it worthy enough to play with.

Generally, your main objective here is simple and that is to get the highest score as possible. The game takes you to a series of challenging waves and all you have to do is to survive and refrain your character from sustaining too much damages, otherwise, the game will come a quick end and you have no other option but to start it back from the very beginning. If there is one thing that makes this game so hard, it is probably the game controls. You can navigate the game screen using the WASD keys while the character shoots automatically and hits enemies based on the direction where the character is facing (except when you hit Arrow keys because if you did, it becomes manual and you have to use either the Arrow keys or the IJKL keys to shoot). Therefore, you cannot manipulate the character’s ability to shoot and it makes it so hard to aim specially if you are being cornered by a huge group of insects.

This is also the reason why you are not encouraged to stay idle. You must try your best to move around the screen as aggressive as you possibly can. This way, the enemies cannot overwhelmed your character. The game has no upgrades but you will occasionally obtain various items along the way. Some items can restore your health while others can increase your power rate. This could be very advantageous especially if you managed to reach the Boss level which is far way more challenging than any other waves. The complexity is noticeably increasing as you progress which makes the game more challenging and more exciting at the same time. Overall, Entomophobia is a fantastic game and I personally wouldn’t mind playing it over and over again.

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