Bike Rivals

As an avid flash gamer, I have seen so many games that share the same gameplay with another as if they were cloned. It is a typical scenario in gaming industry and the only challenge for the developers is to try something new that will make their games more distinctive above the rest. Motorcycle driving games for instance, are a very common game category and almost all flash games that will fall on the same genre are done and played the same way. The new game Bike Rivals is just another freemium game that we can add on this overwhelming list of motorcycle games. Basically, your main objective here is to maneuver the motorbike and reach the terminal point as fast as you can in order to get a highly satisfying score in return.

Game wise, I have to admit that the game is not really different from other driving games at all. You will explore a 2D screen and you will encounter challenging terrains and obstacles along the way. You also have to prevent the bike from stumbling, otherwise, you have to start the same level back from the very beginning until you managed to make it through. Despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, the amount of levels you can explore in this game is pretty impressive though. The mechanics are very simple. You control the bike using the arrow keys, use the boost using spacebar and do some cool tricks while in the mid air to charge you booster and to earn more points.

Compare to other games, Bike Rivals is seemingly more polished. The game is adorned with lavishly illustrated details and in higher definition which makes it even more fascinating. The atmosphere is changing dynamically as well and kindly expect to encounter several surprises along the way including some unexpected obstacles and other mechanisms you need to interact with. To experience the game to the fullest, you can download it via iOS or Google App Store. The app allows you to explore over 100 levels and other customizable features including the ability to choose your biker and also to buy other premium and in-app items on the game. Same thing goes with the interactive achievement and score boards and so as the Halloween special feature. Have fun!

Portal – Flash version

Seven years ago, there was a game known as Portal which has become a huge success, earning praises from different critics. It is an intelligent physics based puzzle presented in a stunning first person 3D environment. Portal is created by Valve Productions who are the same creators behind critically acclaimed games like Half Life and Left4Dead. Interestingly, flash game lovers will now have the opportunity to play Portal in a flash game platform. Portal : The Flash Version is basically a game that is merely inspired from the original video game but is not associated or affiliated with any of the Portal franchise.
Portal : The Flash Version managed to capture the same concept of Portal except for the fact that it is presented in a very simple manner. Graphics wise, the game is no longer in 3D or in a first person shooting format but in a nice 2D environment. Basically, your main objective for this game is to help your character who is being referred as Subject Number 15837 to escape the laboratory using your ASHPD or the Apperture Science Handheld Portal Device which enables you to travel from one dimension to another. I like to note that you are not being scored nor being timed in this game and your top most priority is nothing more but to unlock all the 40 challenging and mind twisting levels.
Even though it sounds like you are nearly immortal and invincible, the game actually features several obstacles along the way which will put you skills and knowledge in a great test. The obstacles were highly inspired from the real game and that what makes this flash version truly captivating and fun to deal with. The mechanics are simple indeed but the player is still encouraged to visualize the scene carefully and also to establish the most effective strategy , otherwise, you’ll find yourself being stuck or playing the same level over and over again. Generally, I personally find the game highly addictive and something that will surely keep you out of boredom! Have fun!

Shadow Kings

Most of the games featured on this blog are simple flash games. Today, I want to talk about a game that is slightly more complicated. In Shadow Kings, by the German developer GoodGame Studios, you build up a city and army, and you fight wars against others. It is a simulation game like Age of Empires, way back. The cool thing is that nowadays everything is online, and so you can play against online players online in real-time, in your browser. This genre of browser MMOs has really moved from being for hardcore gamers to more mainstream players. And indeed, Shadow Kings is a lot of fun, even for non hardcore gamers like myself. Give it a try, and let me know what you think! If you don’t like it, try Goodgame Empire, another awesome game from Goodgame Studios!