Soccer Physics: A two button soccer game

From the creator of the hit game Wrestle Jump, here comes another game that you will surely become addicted with. Soccer Physics is a simple yet fun and truly entertaining soccer inspired physics based game in which your main objective is to win over your opponent by being the first team to score five goals. The game is defined by many as the funniest soccer game ever created and I couldn’t agree more. The perfect mixture of the game’s simplicity and comical approach makes Soccer Physics a wonderful game and perfect game for players of all ages.

Otto Ojala came up with this kind of gameplay where players can only use one or two keys to move or control his entire team. It is the same rules and mechanics applied in Wrestle Jump and Tug The Table and we actually love it that way since that makes their game more distinctive above the rest. The game’s simplicity is actually the game’s strongest point and it made me realized that you do not need any visually stunning graphics just for you to enjoy a game. As long as it offers a unique and fun gameplay, it is enough to give you a satisfying gaming experience and that is exactly what Soccer Physics has to offer.

Interestingly, the game can be played either in Single Player or Two Player mode and each of them will use a pair of keys to move their respective team members (although you can set the game in a One Button command which is way trickier than the basic two-button system). Each team will have two members, one kicker and one goalkeeper but they can perform same actions. As soon as the ball is tossed, both team will try their best to shoot the ball into the goal and earn score in return. However, please be mindful that their movements can go beyond your control which makes this game even more challenging. The first team to score 5 will win the battle. It is also interesting to note that the scenes are changing dynamically in each round. You might encounter slippery floors, headless players, a beach ball, a rugby and a whole lot more. I also personally find this game more appealing and enjoying when you play it with a friend so go ahead and invite one and prepare yourself to be amused.

Sniper Team

Xform Games’ Sniper Team, which can be found on CrazyGames, will take you into an action packed and fun filled shooting adventure. This game will surely give you a first person shooting game experience like you have never experienced before. As what the title of the game connotes, Sniper Team will give you the opportunity to control not just one but the entire team of snipers. Your main objective for this game is to defend your base by stopping waves of enemies. It actually feels like you are playing a 3D version of tower defense game with a touch of first person shooting gameplay. What makes the game even more interesting is the fact that enemies will arrive in random and unexpected location and you should be quick enough to kill them, otherwise, you’ll lose your mission.

Generally, there are four snipers in the field and they were all assigned in different position. Keep in mind that you can only control one sniper at a time but you can freely switch from one character to another using the number keys. Initially, each sniper will use different weapons which vary depending on their given attributes such as damage , ammo and reload but you can later buy upgrades to make them more efficient. The shop is only accessible in between each level so make sure you get all the upgrades you need before you start the next mission. The mechanics are pretty simple and it actually works the same way with your typical first person shooter games in which you can aim for your target by hovering the mouse around, zoom with spacebar and shoot by clicking the left mouse button. Ammunition is infinite and that is something the players can take advantage with but since the reload is limited, you still need to visualize the game and use your ammo wisely.

The game’s difficulty will increase drastically as you progress which makes the game even more challenging and more engaging at the same time. Apart from the game’s amazing gameplay, Sniper Team also features a visually stunning 3D atmosphere. Not to mention the game’s impressive day and night cycle. It is very interactive and in fact, you can even view some of your team members from afar. Overall, Sniper Team is indeed a wonderful flash game that you can confidently consider on top of you flash shooter game list!

East London Street Art: Jonesy and Bicicleta Sem Freio

Graphic design is an important part of game development, and one that is much more an art than a skill. As someone who appreciates great graphic design, both in and out of games, I was very impressed by the street art in East London that I was recently able to visit.

Jonesy, of who you can see some work here, in particular was very inspiring.

Another discovery was Bicicleta Sem Freio, a very colorful Brazilian collective which makes awesome murals.

I would highly recommend everyone to go and take a look at the street art for yourself!

My Friend Pedro: Arena

What if one day, a floating magical banana approached you and asked you to go on a mission? What if he asks you to kill a gangster and become a badass hero? Who are you to refuse an opportunity like that, right? Well, this game will make you wish that you also have a friend like Pedro, a floating talking banana who takes his newly found friend into an action packed and breathtaking shooting adventure! My Friend Pedro or simply known as MFP is a game created by Deadtoast Entertainment. My Friend Pedro Arena, is a sequel of the original game which is more like a survival challenge rather than a level by level system.

The game is basically a side scrolling shooting game that is seemingly inspired from the hit Matrix movie considering that your character also has the ability to slow down the time which allows you to create your own badass moments in this game. Unlike the original game, My Friend Pedro: Arena features a small area to explore but you will find an overwhelming and seemingly interminable number of enemies to arrive in random locations. You will need to prepare yourself and kill them immediately with your weapon.

The game measures multiple levels of altitude allowing your character to do various skills and stunts along his way. You can perform wall jump or roll over to small passages and more. Generally, this game will certainly put your skills on a great test. Interestingly, the game follows very simple mechanics yet the player is still encouraged to exert the best of his visual reflexes and his impressive eye and hand coordination to maximize his chances in winning. Eventually, you will have a chance to pick up stronger weapons and you can also earn credits every time you kill an enemy. These credits can be used later to buy additional ammo or better yet to unlock new stages. The game also features an achievement board which makes it even more addictive. Overall, with its wonderful concept and impressive atmosphere, My Friend Pedro: Arena is a great game that is definitely worth spending your time playing.


QWOPSKI is a very simple yet fun and entertaining ragdoll based stunt game. An easy yet hard to master game, this is how you can perfectly describe QWOPSKI. A game created by an independent developer , Andrew Nakas. Basically, your main objective in this game is simple and that is to get the highest score as possible and this can be done not by reaching the farthest distance but by doing as many tricks as possible.

I also like to note that QWOPSKI is a game that is done and played in a progressive manner. It is an endless running game but the score will reset back to zero if you stumble. Generally, the game is more like a combination of both Ski Stunt Simulator game and Foddy’s QWOP but in a much simpler way. Appearance wise, QWOPSKI might fall beyond any gamer’s standard. You will end up dealing with a static background and an endless terrain. The character is also poorly illustrated and the body is seemingly dividing into half every action he makes. Since the game is just on it’s first phase of development, I might take this as a consideration but I am hoping for further improvements soon.

As far as the game controls are concerned, you can control the character’s knees using the [Q] and [W] keys while the hips can be moved using the [O] and [P] keys. The game might look simple at first but mastering the controls is absolutely a great challenge. It might take you some time before you can master how to do a Flip trick. Flipping is the only way to earn a score in this game and if you stumble, the score will go back to zero. The terrains could also be a challenge because if you lose the proper momentum, you might end up being stuck. To experience this game to the fullest, it is more ideal to invite someone to play it with you and challenge him in a turn based battle.