Skill 3D Parking: Radioactive Rumble

Skill 3D Parking Radioactive Rumble is probably the best parking game I have ever played so far and I have so many great words to say for this highly impressive flash game. The game is generally simple yet it offers a bunch of wonderful features that are probably way far beyond your expectations. Basically, your main objective in this game is simple and that is get the highest score as possible and this can be done by parking the truck on their predefined space on the parking lot without crashing or bumping through obstacles.

The game’s visually stunning graphics is basically its strongest point. We have seen so many car parking games before but we haven’t seen one that is done and played in 3D and that makes this Transylgamia’s creation more distinctive above the rest. It offers a highly realistic environment and is also adorned with well fitting sound effects and music, making Skill 3D Parking Radioactive Rumble a great deal. Allow me to list down all the wonderful features that this game has.

Huge variety of Vehicles
Interestingly, the game allows you to pick one among wide range of trucks to choose from. You can select any truck you want and they will only vary in terms of their sizes and appearance. It could be a cargo truck, a monster truck, construction tractors and more. You can even change a vehicle before each level begins.

Wide Map
It is very interesting to note that you will be dealing with the same settings for the entire game but the predefined parking space will change dynamically per level. The map features a typical construction site scenario which is filled with random heavy machines, oil barrels, and a whole lot more. Although you have to keep in mind that everything around you should be avoided because hitting them will cost you a life point instantly.

Adjustable camera and basic controls
You adjust the view by clicking the screen and dragging to any view you want. You can also zoom in or zoom out based on your own preferences. As far as the game controls are concerned, you can navigate the map using the arrow keys and stop by pressing the space bar.

Generally, the game has 36 levels divided into three packs (with varying range of difficulties) and the rate of complexity will noticeably increase as you progress which makes Skill 3D Parking Radioactive Rumble more challenging and more exciting at the same time.

You can play the game on many different websites!

Gravitee 2

Nothing can be more thrilling than playing golf in space! Yes! You heard it right, an intergalactic sports like you have never seen before and Gravitee 2 will give you this epic physics based puzzle adventure! The game will take you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. Your main objective is simple and that is to unlock all the levels and earn the biggest score as possible. FunkyPear‘s Gravitee 2 interestingly offers a bunch of impressive features that are probably way far beyond your expectations. It includes different game styles, level editor features, an overwhelming amount of achievements and awards to unlock and more.

As what the title of the game connotes, this game will involve gravitational pull which could either help or harm the player depending on the given golf course and where exactly you want the ball to land. This is basically a mouse control game that will put your skills and knowledge on the great test. To strike or hit the ball, simply hover the mouse first to set your preferred angle, click and drag it away to set the power and release the mouse to shoot. You can always use the trajectory lines as your guide but you can eventually disable them if you are looking for a greater challenge. Please take note, that you only have limited number of strokes to make so try to make the most out of it.

It is also interesting to mention that there are four different game styles to deal with. Hoops allow you shoot the ball and make it pass through all the hoops on the map while Pick Up allows you to collect the most number of pick-ups using the limited amount of strokes. Points, on the other hand, encouraged player to get the highest score as possible while Competition is a game that is done and played like a typical golf competition where the least number of strokes made, the better. With so many levels to explore, tons of achievements to unlock, plenty of rewards to earn and not to mention the interactive level editor mode, Gravitee 2 is absolutely a great game and something that will hook you up for a long time!

New Snail Bob Game!

Snail Bob series managed to solidify itself as one of the most enjoying physics based puzzle games we have today either in flash or mobile platforms. The game impressively expanded to eight different installments and we are probably waiting for more soon. Snail Bob 8 is their most recent offering which brought our favorite snail buddy to an all new adventure. If you are an avid follower of this child-friendly puzzle game, then Snail Bob 8 should definitely be on your list!

Snail Bob 8 is a simple yet fun and delightful physics based puzzle game that allows you to explore a series of challenging and mind twisting levels with varying range of complexity. Your main objective is to help Snail Bob to pass through from one end of the screen to another without falling into traps or being killed by any of the obstacles you will encounter along the way. It is generally a point and click game so all you need is to use your mouse in order to interact. Snail Bob will move automatically and the only thing you can manipulate is his ability to stop moving (hide inside his shell), speed up, and reciprocate.

If you have been following the series from the very beginning, the ability to reciprocate was firstly introduced in Snail Bob 5. As far as the atmosphere is concerned, if you enjoyed the fantasy and winter-inspired environment from the previous installments, then this game will take you to an island-inspired atmosphere which added some Indiana Jones-esque approach to the game. Aside from reaching the exit, you are also encouraged to collect stars that are hidden randomly on the map to get additional bonuses. Generally, there are 25 levels waiting to be explored and the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress which makes the game even more challenging and more thrilling at the same time. Now, I wonder where will Andrey Kovalishin will take us to the next installment of Snail Bob. That’s definitely something to look forward to!


Kuja : One Night In Kajaani is a simple yet fun and amusing beat em up game that features a nice 3D environment. Basically, your main objective in this game is to take control of a drunk guy who put himself in a brutal fight on a street in Kajaani. It is a riot between drunk people and your goal is to be the last one standing and to get the highest score as possible and this can be done by knocking off as many enemies as possible. It is a very simple and a straightforward game with no special items to collect, no achievement boards and no complicated rules and mechanics at all.

Despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, it has some unique features to offer which allows you to experience the game to the fullest. The game’s strongest point is the two player mode system which can either be a Co-Op or a Versus Mode. Co-Op is a tagged battle where both players will try their best to knock as many enemies as they possibly can while preventing themselves from being knocked out. Versus mode, on the other hand, is more like a Death Match battle in which the last player standing wins the battle.

The characters featured in Kuja : One Night In Kajaani are notable for their over-sized rag-dolls with unusual movements similar to someone who is drunk. Movements are done using the Arrow keys or the WASD keys. Interestingly, each mode has their own score boards which are displayed via flashing banner below the game screen. By the way, the guy behind Kuja : One Night In Kajaani is Ville Siuruainen who is also the same developer behind other games like BeaverKarts, Zombie Swipe, KillSpace and a whole lot more. Generally, Kuja is one simple game which has enough cool features for you to enjoy. Absolutely worth playing!


For those who grew up in the 90’s, you probably remember the classic Lights Out game. It is basically a mind twisting puzzle game in which your main objective is to switch all the lights off with the fewest click as possible. Interestingly, Lights Out finally got its online counterpart through William Ganucheau‘s Lights. It is a very simple yet fun and surprisingly strategical puzzle game that will surely put your skills and knowledge on a great test! Like the classic game, your main objective for “Lights” is to turn on all the lights on the grid with the least number of clicks as possible.

Generally, the mechanics and rules for Lights are simple and easily manageable yet the player is strongly encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully and try his best to establish the most effective strategy to maximize his chances in winning. You have no time limit in this game and that is something you can take advantage with. However, the number of clicks you can do per puzzle is limited which makes the game even more challenging and more exciting at the same time.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a standard 5 x 5 grid. Your goal is to remove the shaded portion and clear the level by turning all the lights on. What makes Lights more distinctive is the fact that some lights only control the adjacent lights in certain directions, denoted by arrows. This particular features makes the game even trickier. The game also records your personal best which encourages you to play the game over and over again. If I am looking for some improvements in the future, I guess it would be lovely to have the ability to share your scores either through a leaderboard system or some social networking sites. Nonetheless, it is a great game!