Star gazing has never been fun like this! Constellations is basically a simple yet tricky mouse control game that takes you to an enchanting atmosphere of the outer space. Created by Cat Musgrove of Trouble Impact as a Jam entry for the recently held Ludum Dare 31. Whether you are familiar with constellations or not, this game will still bring you some fun! Your main objective in this game is simple and that is to find seven constellations from the sky. These constellations particularly belong to Cosmic Waters which merely involve sea creatures.

The concept, however is quite absurd but that exactly makes this game more distinctive and fun. Your task is to guide the fish to navigate the space and collect stars along the way. It actually feels like you are playing a connect the dots puzzle but in a hard and complicated way. Please keep in mind that it is not just about collecting stars but collecting those that are good. Take note that there are two groups of stars in this game, the good and the bad ones. The bad ones are meant to be avoided and you can easily identify them by looking at their faces. Their facial reaction are grumpy while the good ones remain smiling.

You can navigate the Fish using the A and D keys and it usually moves in a circular motion. What makes it more challenging is the fact that you cannot identify the star whether it is good or bad unless you move the magnifying glass over them. You can do so by hovering the mouse around the game screen. You lose a life for every bad stars you collect and you must keep in mind that you only have seven lives to spare. Losing them all will only end your game immediately. Controlling both the magnifying glass and the fish at the same time can be very challenging and it takes a lot of mastery before you can move smoothly. Overall, Constellations is a very impressive game, it is well polished, undeniably entertaining and absolutely worthy enough to spend your time with. Have fun!

Nick Kingdoms

We do love Nickelodeons including some of their famous cartoons such as Spongebob Squarepants, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Winx Club, Breadwinner, Sanjay and Craig and more. However, who would have thought that they are all living on the same universe? In fact, they all own their own kingdom and each kingdom has its own special relic. The kingdoms, however, are not in good terms and everybody is searching for a great power. This can only be done if all the six relics from all the six kingdoms were gathered. Your main goal for this game is help your chosen kingdom to conquer other territories and also to defend your kingdom from all the approaching invaders.

Nick Kingdoms is by far the best Nick-related browser game that I have played simply because you already have them all in one game. Nick Kingdoms is a simple yet fun and entertaining tower defense game that takes you to a series of challenging levels. The game begins by allowing you to pick one among four available kingdoms. You will be prompted to the map where you can select a level. Once accepted, you may now start defending the kingdom. You must prevent all the invaders from breaking through your defenses and this can be done by building towers and walls along the enemies path.

The game works the same way with those typical tower defense game that we used to play with. It offers an upgrade system which allows your tower to become more efficient. It is actually more ideal to upgrade your tower to its maximum level rather than focusing more to their quantity. Aside from the game’s solid gameplay it also offers a visually stunning graphics, Shopping system, Achievement chart and more. If you think you can become the strongest ruler of the Nick Kingdom, then feel free to explore this game and see how far your skills can take you.

The Impossible Quiz

Contrary to what the title of the game connotes, Impossible Quiz is not really impossible at all but considering how mind-twisting the questions are, you might actually feel that there is no possibility to finish this game without committing any mistakes. The Impossible Quiz is probably the best rated games created by Splapp-Me-Do and it even expanded to a much more challenging sequel the same year. Basically, your main objective is simple and that is to answer all the questions which could be logical, requires super fast reaction, multiple choices and sometimes a game of chance. All of the questions were delivered and presented in a very insane way which makes this quiz game extremely challenging.

Appearance wise, this game will actually feature some poorly drawn doodles but this will not really bother you at all because the game will make you focus more on the questions themselves. Generally, there are 110 challenging levels to explore and again, I am telling you that it has never been so easy and you might end up repeating the game over and over again until you managed to make it through. A level can be presented either in a form of a question or a task. Some levels will give you riddles, others will be a time trial task and more.

Please be mindful that you are only entitled to commit 3 mistakes and if you lose all these chances, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. Good thing, you will be dealing with the same set of questions so it would be easy for you to surpass them but repeating them multiple times could be very frustrating and that game is actually intended that way, to measure how long your temper can take you by answering this simple yet fiendishly challenging questions. It is also interesting to note that you will encounter and obtain the ability to Skip a question but is only applicable in selected levels. If you are up for a challenge, then feel free to explore this game and see how long your skills and knowledge can take you.

Flappy Bird is back…

Flappy Bird is back but it seems like his world has changed drastically. Something must went horribly wrong which makes his journey even tougher. This game is called “MLG Flappy Bird 420”, a flash game that is merely inspired from the original hit game. It is not created by Nguyen but developed and modified by EvgeniyT1. Although almost everything works the same way, MLG Flappy Bird 420 offers a lot of differences. It is more like an intense version of the real game.

Just like Flappy Bird, your main objective in this game is simple and that is nothing more but to get the highest score as possible and this can be done by passing through pipes as many as you possibly can. However, MLG Flappy Bird 420 is not just about passing through pipes because you will encounter various items which can either help or harm you along the way. These items are inspired from the popular “420 Blaze It meme” which is more like an expression which orders someone to smoke marijuana or weeds.

Items like Mountain Dew, a troll face and a marijuana can be collected. They will simply give you a speed boost in different ways. The game is basically a parody of different viral memes including Snoop Dogg’s popular Blingee meme and more. The game captures the same addictive approach of Flapy Bird but as far as the difficulty is concerned, MLG Flappy Bird 420 is notably more generous in giving higher score values due to the power items you can always collect along the way. It also features a scoreboard which makes it even more addicting.

Bugged Out

Ludum Dare 31 brought up so many great games from different independent game developers. Some of them are way too cool and some are way far beyond our imagination. With their recent theme, “Entire Game on One Screen”, developers put all their efforts to submit an eye-catching game entries. Bugged Out is one of the games that truly stands out. It is created by the so-called Infection Team which is build up by three members including Sebastian Lague (coding), Daniel Snd (art) and Thiago Adamo PxlDj (audio). Their combined efforts ended up in such a masterpiece.

Basically, your main objective for Bugged Out is simple and that is to get the highest score as possible by helping the spider kill as many bugs as you possibly can. Interestingly, the game begins with a classic Pong game and will eventually feature a spider coming out beneath the keyboard of an old-school computer. The battle between the spider and the overwhelming amount of bugs will start to take place on top of the pc. Graphics and audio were absolutely fantastic. The game features a visually stunning environment incorporated to good and catchy music but aside from these great features, the game itself is truly inviting. It is fairly simple yet surprisingly difficult and entertaining at the same time.

The spider can only navigate the upper most portion of the PC and if you fall, the game will come a quick end. Flies and bugs will start to arrive and there is only one thing to get rid of them and that is to catch them with your web. Movements here are done through the WASD keys while shooting web is done by clicking the left mouse button. Aiming and catching could be a very tricky job though and it takes a lot of time to master. Same thing goes with the dashing attack (right clicking) which is way more complicated to execute yet more powerful than the spider web. The game also features a highscore board that displays the top player on the chart. With the game’s impressive graphics, well-fitting sounds, commendable game play and very unique theme, Bugged Out is absolutely a great catch and I just can’t wait for its further developments!

The Invisible Cow

Have you heard the story about the invisible cow? Well, it turns out that they are actually real and this game will finally give you the opportunity to find where exactly they are hiding. I guess the title of the game is clear enough to tell us what to expect from this game. Find The Invisible Cow is a very simple game in nature but surprisingly mesmerizing and addictive. It is a game created by an independent web developer Michael Berman.The aim of the game is simple and that is nothing more but to find the missing invisible cow.

Interestingly, Find The Invisible Cow is actually a quick experiment using a Web Audio API. It was created on a lazy Saturday afternoon and this is also the first time that the developer used the software. Surprisingly, the game became a huge hit and went viral. The game’s overall simplicity is actually the game’s strongest point. Not to mention the comical approach that this game has to offer. All you need in this game is to hover your cursor around a blank screen. The screen is covered in white and the only thing that will vary is the loudness of the sound you can hear from the background. This is the reason why you have to turn your speaker on and listen to the sound carefully. The shot you can hear from the background will get louder as you get closer to the invisible cow. If the cursor changes, then you can click the screen to unveil the hidden cow. This is not a level by level basis but your score will be recorded to your browser.

This is a kind of game that you wouldn’t really mind playing over and over again. If you are aiming for a challenge, then you might consider playing the game in Expert Mode in which your cursor will not change every time you hover it on top of the cow. The game is undeniably a huge hit and in fact, as of this moment, there are over twelve millions cows have already found globally and still counting. You can also unlock the invisible fox by donating some cash. You also have the ability to share your score through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. Have fun!

StrikeForce Kitty 2

Deqaf Studio is bringing their sweet and adorable feline heroes back and this time, they are putting themselves in a much more engaging and more challenging journey. StrikeForce Kitty 2 is basically a wonderful side scrolling beat em up fighting game that takes you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. A vast of wonderful improvements were made from this game compare to its predecessor. This sequel follows a story that takes place after the events from the first game. After successfully saving the princess and bringing the kingdom back into peace, it seems like the wolves, found a huge reinforcement and breakthrough the kingdom’s defenses.

In return, the kitties were summoned again to come up with a new plan. They decided to march directly to the enemies’ territory without getting noticed. Game wise, StrikeForce Kitty 2 still works the same way. It is still done and played in a strict linear progression in which your four feline heroes will arrive from the far left side of the game screen and will travel all the way to the other end where the finish line is situated. You will encounter an overwhelming amount of enemies along the way and you just have to beat them all down and loot some valuable items from them along the way. To get an idea of how many there are, check out (a part of) this 4 hour video:

Combat and movements are both done automatically and the only thing that you can control from the kitties is their ability to jump from one platform to another or to hop over different obstacles. What really makes this game more fascinating is the highly customizable costumes or armors. These items can be looted from different enemies inspired from different fictional characters from movies, anime, cartoons, celebrities, high profile personalities and more. Completing an entire set of costume allows your character to earn special ability. In addition to these lovely features, StrikeForce Kitty 2, which you can play here, also added the Lottery system, the Fitness room, and of course the level by level system.