The Fourth Wall

Short, simple yet fun and entertaining! This is how you can best describe “The Fourth Wall“. A game created by David Erosa as his entry for a recently game competition. The game may not have the action or longevity that you want but there is something here that will surely give you the enjoyment of playing. Basically, the game follows a story of a little snowman who was part of the Christmas game, thus, he is trapped inside the TV screen. This snowman, however, is eager to explore the outside world and you must help him escape from the TV.

The game follows a very simple set of mechanics and something every player can easily managed. All you need is to move the snowman inside the tv screen using the cursor keys. Your goal is to drop the tv on the floor and escape. In order to do so, you have to hit the edges of the screen as many times as possible. The greater the force you apply, the more shake you can create. However, what really makes the game more challenging is the fact that you only have a very limited time frame to consume.

The player only has 30 minutes to escape, otherwise, the game is over. Snowman will be trapped on the tv forever and we definitely don’t want that to happened. If you managed to drop the tv, that is the only time the snowman can escape. It will also offer a surprising hilarious ending but I am not going to spoil anything about it so better play the game at your own risk. Despite of the game’s short game span, it delivers a very comical approach which made it truly entertaining.

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Bad Eggs 2 – What a title!

Bad Eggs Online is back with a much more engaging and highly addictive features. Bad Eggs 2 is a free to play turn based combat platformer game that has a multiplayer interactive features. The aim of the game is simple and that is to become the greatest and most badass egg fighter of them all and this can only be done by defeating all your enemies using a wide range of weapons. The battle can either be a tag match or a single duel depending on the player’s preferences. Before the battle begins, you will be asked first to join a battle room or create one for yourself as long as you are already a Pro User.

The game requires the player to sign up for an account to create your very own profile and be granted with all the access in the game including the reward system, the ranking and other premium items in the shop. If you are not yet ready for a sign up, you can always play the game as a Guest but with limited features. You can still enter the battle and interact with other players though. Much like the first game, only the registered user can customize their own character, save their progress, access the shop and more which could be very advantageous.

Once you entered the battle, you can only shoot and move during your own turn and if not, the character stays in the same place and wait until all other players are done with their respective turns. A battle can have a maximum of six online real players and it also features a chat box that allows you to give a shoutout to other players. You can also make the game private through inclusive invites. There is also a bunch of terrains to choose from but only the room creator can pick them. The game is also regularly updated and sometimes features those new Egg skins and some holiday-inspired features for limited release only. Bad Vikings created a wonderful masterpiece in this fun and surprisingly addictive game. It is also playable through iOS and Android mobile devices!

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The Epic Boss Fighter is back!

The Epic Boss Fighter is back and this time the enemies became even more stronger which will put our hero’s skills on a great test. Epic Boss Fighter 2 is a sequel to the original game created by Entertainment Forge. The game is done and played the same way with its predecessor but with a bunch of notable improvements that makes this game even more playable and enjoying. The event in this game will take place right after the events that occurred from the first game. After celebrating the victory, the enemies gathered reinforcement and planned for a bigger attack. Your goal, on the other hand is to defeat all these enemies while preventing yourself from being killed.

As what the title of the game suggests, you are no longer dealing with minions or normal enemies but gigantic bosses with tremendous powers. Interestingly, Epic Boss Fighter 2 will give you a retro-inspired gameplay similar to those classic vertical shooting game like 1943: The Battle of Midway and Raiden but in a more stunning atmosphere. Game wise, nothing much was changed from the mechanics but it is very noticeable that enemies are much easy to defeat compare to its predecessor. Much like the first game, the player has the choice to pick whether the keyboard controls or the mouse (recommended). Character will shoot automatically and you just have to evade all the power thrown by enemies.

It is a survival game so you will progress continually as long as you have life points to spare. You cannot restore your health unless you got consumables in your inventory. Speaking of which, the shopping system has become more organized and the game added few more categories including the use of consumables and accessories that will increase your character’s attributes and make him more efficient in the battle. Interestingly, this game can now be played by two players but you have to figure out how to unlock or enable such feature (just navigate the screen and you’ll find out). Overall, Epic Boss Fighter 2 is a simple but surprisingly strategical and highly addictive flash game!

A Pretty Odd Bunny…

Grasses are for horses, bones are for doggies, fish are kitties and meats for bunnies? Yes, you heard it right, as what the title of the game connotes, this game will feature A Pretty Odd Bunny. This is not your typical bunny indeed because while other bunnies are busy munching their carrots, this bunny has a very unusual appetite because it aims to devour pigs and he just can’t really help himself. It turns out, the bunny has an allergy to carrot so that’s probably the reason why he decided to look for a new way to satisfy his craving.

This, however, is not accepted by other bunnies so your character should learn how to be stealthy in order to prevent himself from being caught. Generally, A Pretty Odd Bunny is an entertaining physics based platform game that allows you to explore a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. It is a masterpiece of AJ Ordaz of Otrora Games who is also behind other flash games like Taita: RebeliĆ³n de Los Pardos, I Think I Broke Something and more. Basically, your main objective in this game is simple and that is to help the bunny devour the pig while preventing himself from being caught.

The game is surprisingly tricky and the rate of complexity is drastically increasing as you progress. Despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, the player here is strongly encouraged to visualize the map carefully and try to establish the most effective strategy to maximize your chances in winning. If the bunny get caught or if it touches the carrots, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning until you managed to make it through. With its wonderful pixel presentation, comical and addictive approach and solid game-play, A Pretty Odd Bunny is definitely something worth playing

The Puppets go play Ice Hockey

Puppet Hockey is a simple yet entertaining sports game brought to us by Noxgames and available on CrazyGames which is also behind other Puppet sports game series (Puppet Soccer and Puppet Runner). The aim in this game is nothing more but to beat your opponent by setting the most number of goals within a minute. Game wise, Puppet Hockey will somehow remind us of Mousebreaker’s Sports Heads Soccer Championship. They both share the same mechanics, the same gameplay but different sports. Puppet Hockey notably offers a much more engaging and neater animation too which makes it even more fascinating to play with.

Basically, here’s how the game works. Puppet Hockey can be played either in a single mode (main campaign) or a two player mode. In the game’s main campaign, you’ll start off with a based money of 5,000 gold which can be spent to unlock a character from different teams and upgrade its respective attributes. Once you picked a team, you can no longer pick another one, otherwise, if you decided to change it, all your progress in the tournament will reset. You can, however, switch from one character to another as long as they belong to the same team. Controls are very simple and manageable and you just have to toss the puck towards the other end and shoot it in the goal to score.

Whoever got the most number of goals after 60 seconds will win the round and will advance to the next level of the tournament. You will also win gold after every round which enables you to buy more upgrade to make your character more efficient. Despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, it is surprisingly tricky which requires player to exert the best of his eye and hand coordination and impressive visual reflexes to win the game. The game also features 25 achievements and 66 characters to unlock! The game is also downloadable for free in iOS and Android phones! Have fun with the Ice Hockey version of the puppet sports game!

Memories of Seasons

For a Ludum Dare entry that is supposed to be created within 48 hours, there is actually nothing much to expect especially in terms of the storyline. Putting all the story together is probably one of the most complicated thing that a developer can deliver within a very limited time. Memories Of Seasons, however, is somehow an exception. It is a game created by Nicholas Cannasse as an entry for the recently held Ludum Dare 31 (with theme “entire game on a screen). Basically he defines this game as a story about loss, love, loneliness and growing up and these are exactly what you are about to deal with in this intriguing little game.

Everything in this game is very confusing but you will eventually learn what exactly is going on as you progress to new scenes. The game is not a hard core and it doesn’t really require any extensive skills or technical knowledge to win the game. You just have to follow the flow do the things that you are asked to and slowly unveil the mystery behind the identity of your character. You’ll start the game clueless since no further details were mentioned about your character but through interacting with other none playable characters, you will gradually discover who you are and who are the people around you.

The setting of the game will take place in a floating island. It has a four interchanging season from winter to summer. You can freely navigate the map and interact with the people. The dialogues , however, are notably repetitive (if dialogues are repeated, it means that the character is not yet useful in that phase or they are done with their roles. Your goal is to finish the story and this can be done by collecting all the icons that you need which will affect the progress of your story. Once all the icons were collected, that is the only time the game will come into conclusion. The ending for Memories of Seasons, however, is quite surprising and somehow depressing. I am not going to spoil anything so better play the game on your own risk and find out how this game will come to an end! It is a simple game indeed but surprising fun and something that will make you hook til the very end. Check it out:


Entomophobia, for all you know, is a term used to describe a fear to insects or bugs and if you got such kind of fear, then this game may not be suitable for you at some point. Entomophobia is basically a multi-directional shooter game created by Scott Slusher. It is retro-inspired game that will make you feel like playing a classic Gameboy. It takes you back to the classic 8bit sound effects and those pixel art graphics and I personally think that it is one of the game’s strongest points and something that makes it worthy enough to play with.

Generally, your main objective here is simple and that is to get the highest score as possible. The game takes you to a series of challenging waves and all you have to do is to survive and refrain your character from sustaining too much damages, otherwise, the game will come a quick end and you have no other option but to start it back from the very beginning. If there is one thing that makes this game so hard, it is probably the game controls. You can navigate the game screen using the WASD keys while the character shoots automatically and hits enemies based on the direction where the character is facing (except when you hit Arrow keys because if you did, it becomes manual and you have to use either the Arrow keys or the IJKL keys to shoot). Therefore, you cannot manipulate the character’s ability to shoot and it makes it so hard to aim specially if you are being cornered by a huge group of insects.

This is also the reason why you are not encouraged to stay idle. You must try your best to move around the screen as aggressive as you possibly can. This way, the enemies cannot overwhelmed your character. The game has no upgrades but you will occasionally obtain various items along the way. Some items can restore your health while others can increase your power rate. This could be very advantageous especially if you managed to reach the Boss level which is far way more challenging than any other waves. The complexity is noticeably increasing as you progress which makes the game more challenging and more exciting at the same time. Overall, Entomophobia is a fantastic game and I personally wouldn’t mind playing it over and over again.

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Wheely 4

Pegas Games‘ Wheely is back for another exciting and much more thrilling adventure. Wheely have gone so far and he has been though a lot of tough challenges. We have witnessed his adventure ever since he was created from a manufactory. He have proven himself worthy, he went on a journey for the sake of love in Wheely 2, solved the problem with the oil in his country in Wheely 3 and now, he is about to enter an all new adventure! Wheely decided to visit his friend to replace his broken wheels but something went wrong during the process. The wheels went really fast which takes him into the other side of the world. Now, your goal is to help him find his way back!

Like its predecessors, Wheely 4 is basically a simple yet fun and entertaining physics based puzzle game that allows the player to explore a series of challenging levels with varying range of complexity. The mechanics are very simple, you just have to use the mouse to interact with the objects to progress to the next scene. However, you must carefully visualize the scene, observe very keenly and pay attention to every single details to maximize your chances in winning. Usually the items should be interacted sequentially and most of the item it requires proper timing.

Game wise, nothing much was actually changed in the game except for the new rating system. Each level, the player is rated from one to three stars depending on the performance, the time and accuracy of your work. In addition to this, you are also encouraged to locate those hidden small wheely toys. They are randomly located in some unexpected areas so better keep your eye on them. The complexity of each level is dramatically increasing which makes Wheely 4 even more challenging and more exciting at the same time. I also like to note that there will be a surprise ending in this game but I am not going to spoil any of that so better play this game at your own risk to find out. All I can say is that this particular moment may give you a clue of what possibly the Wheely 5 will become!

Ricochet Hero – RPG

Ricochet Hero is not just your typical role playing game. It offers a new approach that perfectly combines the element of cuteness and trickiness at the same time. Ricochet Hero follows a story of a group of brave heroes who went on a journey to save the princesses that have been abducted by the evil creatures and locked inside a castle. The aim is to navigate from one stage to another until you have reach the right castle where the princesses are located. It does sound like a normal rpg but the game is actually done and played in a very unique way.

The game is created by Travis Chen and Roxanne Young. Pinball RPG! This is probably the best way to describe this creative masterpiece. It is a role playing game but it is played like a Pinball. As what the title of the game connotes, the only way to move the heroes is to ricochet them off from the castle. You can only control one hero at a time. Once they are released, the character will start to bounce from one item to another (like a pinball) until it interacts either with enemies or other castles.

Like a standard RPG, the heroes will have their own jobs which includes a warrior, a mage, a knight and more but other than the job description, these heroes seemingly shared the same attributes. Attack is done automatically right after the hero touches the enemies. Please be mindful that each of them will only have limited lives to spare and there is no other way to bring them back once they got killed. Although you may soon encounter “inns” that allows you to restore your health. Some houses will even allow you to recruit new members. Take note that there will be an overwhelming amount of enemies along the way including bosses so make sure to establish the most effective strategy to maximize your winnings. Good luck and have fun!