London Rex – More havoc!

The hungry T-rex is back to wreak more havoc and to search more victims! After terrorizing the Los Angeles and crashing New York, it seems like the T-Rex found a new place to conquer and that is the busy streets of London! London Rex is the latest addition to GameTornado‘s masterpiece. This game will certainly give you that wonderful Jurassic Park feel but playing on a villain part. This action packed smashing game has so many impressive things to offer that are probably way far beyond your expectations. The aim of this game is to take control of the angry Tyrannosaurus Rex, explore the streets, hunt for victims and eat them, crash cars, houses and even helicopters and earn stars in return.

London Rex is a side scrolling game yet presented in a nice CGI environment. It features an engaging atmosphere and a highly interactive stage which makes this game even more satisfying. On top of that, there were some notable changes made from this game. Unlike L.A. Rex, it seems like you are taking control of a new dinosaur. The T-Rex in this game has spikes on his back! It is also interesting to note that you can now upgrade the dinosaur. Using the amount of stars you collected, you can buy new dinosaur with bigger attributes such as Health, Speed and Jump power.

One thing I love about this game is to see those highly realistic reactions of the people. Some of them will run away when you came near while others will hide as if they are really terrified. However, even though you are way powerful than humans, you will eventually encounter officers that are armed with weapons and they can inflict direct damage to your dinosaur. Kindly prevent the dinosaur from sustaining too much damage, otherwise, the game is over. Generally, there are sixteen levels waiting to be explored and the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. Objectives will become more and more challenging and difficult to accomplish which makes this game even more fascinating to play with.


Sphinx is back for another mind boggling escape and puzzle adventure. The game will take you to an Ancient Egypt atmosphere in which your main objective is nothing more but to escape the pyramid and this can be done by solving numerous puzzles and unveiling the mystery within. No further details were mentioned about your character except for the game description stating that you find yourself trapped in a mystical place. Despite of those missing details which could have made this game even more captivating, I personally find Sphinx a well polished escape game that will give you a satisfying game experience.

This game is created by Kotorinosu and it is very interesting to note that this is not a new game but a revised version. The first Sphinx game was released 3 years ago and is recently revisited but presented with an all new puzzles and graphics. Appearance wise, I must say that the first version’s 3D perspective is way better but this new version is more polished and much neater. It is even accompanied by some great music which makes you feel like you are playing those console games. The inventory system is somehow improved as well.

Generally, the game follows the same rules and mechanics and you also have the same objective. The game also features items with multiple uses which is one of the most defining features of this newly revised game. What really makes this game more distinctive above any typical escape game is the fact that it has no hotspots. Therefore, the cursor of the mouse will not change when being hovered on top of any item. This means that you have to follow your instinct and you have to take out the best of your detective skills in order to win the game and solved the mystery. Generally, this game managed to combined both fun and challenge at the same time!

Ludum Dare 32 is finally here! The heat is on as indie game developers will try to match their games with the given team. Ludum Dare 32 follows a theme of Unconventional weapon and expect to see a lot of Compo and jam entries to arrive! For the mean time, here comes one of the submitted compo entry entitled Kitty Wings. It is basically a simple endless running platformer game that features an adorable kitten taking one great adventure. Your aim is to help the kitty navigate the side scrolling map, tame or evade the enemies (crocodiles) you will encounter along the way, avoid falling into pits and collect as many stars as you possibly can!

Kitty Wings is basically a game created by Kevin Boase of Buko-Studios. Following the given team, this game features an unconventional hero with an unconventional weapon. The kitty uses milk bottles to throw against enemies not to knock them down but to pacify and tame them. This game defines simplicity at its best. It’s just a very simple game but surprisingly addictive and frustratingly challenging at the same time. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the course. Kitty Wings is done and played in a strict linear progression in which the character arrives from the far left side and will travel endlessly to towards the other side.

The kitty is moving automatically and you just have to use the cursor keys to make her jump but what makes it more interesting is the fact that player is encouraged to maintain certain speed in order to gain the ability to fly which can be very advantageous in many occasion. Ammunition is also infinite which is something the players can take advantage with. You are given with three lives to spent and are not restorable. You will meet certain checkpoints (based on the distance reached in course) but you can only respawn back to the last saving point as long as you still have lives to spent. If you lose all your lives, you have no option but to start the game back from the very beginning. Good luck and have fun!

The Cube Chambers

Abandoned : The Cube Chambers is a spinoff game for Krutovig’s Abandoned game. This is an escape game that will somehow remind you Mateusz Skutnik’s Submachine series which I am personally a big fan of. Abandoned is more like a homage to the Submachine game and even though most gamers criticizing it for copying the theme, this game was actually approved by Skutnik himself. Unlike the first Abandoned game, Abandoned : The Cube Chambers is more of an escape puzzle. You no longer need to collect objects and your goal is nothing but to escape the chambers.

This game will surely put your skills and knowledge on a great test. It is undeniably hard to finish and you might even end up being stuck in the game. It takes you to a series of identical chambers and will leave you no clues at all. The mechanics are very simple yet the player is strongly encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully and pay attention to every single details to maximize your chances of escaping, otherwise, it will be a rollercoaster ride for you searching for any relevant clues!

Story wise, this spin off game is affiliated but not so relevant from the first game. The story was not as deep as the first game but this will give you a cliffhanger for the upcoming Abandoned 2 which will be done this year, following the success of the first game. Although the game will give you the Submachine-like experience, it is still one satisfying escape game that will measure the best of your knowledge and puzzle solving skills. It is fiendishly challenging yet something that will make you hooked for a long period of time!

Pixel Warfare 2

What do you think will happen when you combine Modern Warfare and Minecraft in one game? Angel Hrisimov re-imagined this two games in one universe and he eventually came up with the Pixel Warfare. It is a game with Modern Warfare gameplay that is taken to the Minecraft universe. It is a real time strategy and an interactive multiplayer team based battle where your goal is to win over your opponent and by helping your team to outscore the opposing team. Pixel Warfare 2 is a sequel to its highly successful predecessor which follows the same rules and mechanics.

Not that much was changed in this new installment except for the fact that the game introduces several new stages to choose from and additional weapons as well. The availability of the weapons, however, will depend on the creator of the room that you just joined in. Interestingly, before you proceed to an actual battle, you have the option to select the any of the available rooms or you can create one for yourself. When creating a room, you will be empowered to set how many round time you want the game to last and how many players you want to be in. You are also encouraged to select your preferred map and the list of weapons you want to become available in the game from pistol to rocket launcher. You can also set the game whether you want it to be a team match or a death-match battle.

Or better yet, you can select any available rooms created by other players. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the actual battle where you must navigate and establish your very own strategy to maximize your chances of winning. You can switch from one weapon to another as long as they are available and ammunition is also infinite and that is something every player can take advantage with. The weapons will only vary depending on their reload time, damage rate and accuracy! Overall, this game is absolutely fantastic in so many ways. It is also undeniably addictive!


I guess the title of the game is good and clear enough for us to know the details. Higher is a game created by an independent developer named Peter Lauris who is also the same guy behind the Color Picker game. Generally, as what the title of the game connotes, your main objective in this game is nothing more but to get the highest score as possible and this can be done by reaching the highest platform as you possibly can. It is a very simple game to be honest but it is surprisingly tricky and absolutely fun to play with!

Are you aware of the hit Facebook Game “Icy Tower“? Well, the gameplay is actually very similar to it except for the fact that Higher is presented in a very engaging and visually stunning 3D first person perspective. This made this game even more challenging. You can move the character on a very limited platform using the arrow keys and you can start jumping by pressing the spacebar. However, please be mindful that once you jump, the platform beneath you will vanish and therefore, you really need to come up with an effective strategy to prevent your character from falling, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end.

You can, by the way, change the view of the camera by hovering the mouse around the screen, In this way, you know where is the next platform. I also learned that bouncing repeatedly on the same platform will make you drop and it will only end your journey. Reaching the pedestal may be a tough job but in is undeniably addictive. What I like most about this game is the leaderboard system. it displays the top 100 players and their respective scores. The incentive of outranking someone from the board is truly rewarding and it actually makes you eager to play more. Simplicity is best described in this game but it is insanely addictive and something that will keep you away from getting bored! Try it now.

Money Movers 2

Money Movers are back and this time for a much more action packed adventure. Looking back to the original game, the two prisoner brothers managed to escape the prison and get a lot of money in return. Well, it turns out that their father is also in the same prison and is now asking for their help! The two brothers will go back to the prison once again to save their father and help him escape the prison much like what they did on the first game. Nothing much was changed in Money Movers 2 compared to its predecessor but there are notable improvements were made.

Money Movers 2 is a physics based puzzle game created by Meowbeast. The aim in this game is simple and that is to help both brothers reach the exit door without being harmed or detected by the roaming guard. Each character can be controlled by different set of hot keys and therefore, this game can be played by two players in a cooperative gameplay. Game wise, Money Movers 2 will definitely remind you of the Fireboy and Watergirl series by Oslo Albet but in a more realistic setting rather than being fantasy.

In each level, you are encouraged to collect the money bags. There are 3 money bags per level which are randomly scattered on the map. It is also interesting to note that each character has different specialty whereas the big brother can lift and throw things while the smaller brother can pass through small spaces and has a higher jump rate. Each has their own advantage and disadvantages and you just have to figure out how to use their ability wisely. Generally, there are 20 levels to be explored and the rate of complexity will drastically increase as you progress., The game also offers a bonus level which can only be unlocked if you have all the 60 money bags from all the 20 levels!