An Apple A Day

They said that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” and it seems like it’s true and this game will prove you so. An Apple A Day is a very simple yet fun and entertaining survival game that takes you to a series of challenging levels. The aim of the game is get the highest score as possible by knocking down enemies as many as you can. Here, you play the role of a patient trying to keep the doctors and surgeons away and this can only be done by smashing them with your weapon, apples!

An Apple A Day is basically an entry for a game competition created by Omar Shehata and Ajay Karat. It offers a very simple mechanics that everybody can easily manage. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a side scrolling screen where enemies will arrive either on both sides. You can navigate the screen using the cursor or WASD keys and you can toss apples by clicking the left mouse button. Ammunition however is limited but you can always refill ammo by picking up the apples dropping from a tree located on the center of the battlefield.

Please take note that your own apples can ricochet back to you and can inflict damage to your lifepoint so better be careful and try to come up with an effective strategy to avoid them. Enemies will become stronger and more powerful as you progress. Some of them can toss syringes and scalpels to you while others can even fly. Take note that you only have three lives to spare and if you lose them all, then the game is over. Generally, it is a simple yet surprisingly entertaining game that you will surely enjoy playing with over and over again!

Raze 3

Embark yourself on an action pack post apocalyptic journey as the human started to face their extinction and they need to fight for their own survival! Raze is back for a new installment! Raze 3 follows the event that occurs after the previous game. It is set ten years after the alien invasion took place in our planet. The earth suffers from such major damage which forces humans to build their own civilization though their spaceships while the ground is still in repair. In addition to that, they also trained humans as part of their Express Training Programs to protect them from any future invasion. The aim is simple: to become a part of their training program and fight against an overwhelming amount of enemies including zombies and aliens.

You will be accompanied by three other soldiers with different specialties. These are non playable characters during the main campaign but you can later use them if you prefer. Your mission as a team is to win over your opponents by killing the most number of enemies in every stage. The game has Online save features and also Local saves which will depend on your browser’s cookies. As soon as the battle begin, you can freely explore the 2D battlefield and fight with enemies with your trusty weapons. You can also obtain other weapons which will randomly appear on each stage. Lives are limited yet each death will be counted and the score will be on your opponent.

Aside from the human campaign, Raze 3 is also playable in other interesting campaigns which can be unlocked if you completed the main campaign. This includes the Alien Campaign in which you will be playing the opposing side, the Quick Match, Premium campaign and Daily Challenge. The game is accompanied by a highly commendable sound effects and music, solid yet easily manageable gameplay, impressive graphics which are changing dynamically in each stages and more. Additional features include Kill Bonuses and Achievements. There are just to many features to explore in this game which will surely hook you up for a long time! Have fun!

Strike Back

Strike Back is a simple first person shooter game that embarks you to an action packed adventure. Your main objective is simple and that is to accomplish your mission by clearing all the enemies while preventing your character from sustaining too much damages. Unlike those typical first person shooter games that we have today, Strike Back is not really as lavish as them. You cannot explore the place and the only thing you can do is to aim for your target and shoot them from the exact same location. It is more like a Target shooting game because enemies will appear on the same spots and you just have to be quick enough to hit them.

In this game, you play the role of a soldier who was assigned to infiltrate the base of the enemy and you must clear the stage out by eliminating all the terrorist using your trusty weapons. You got three default weapons to use, the desert eagle with infinite ammo, the M4 and the Sniper Rifle. Each weapon will vary depending on their capacity and accuracy. Head shots will give you higher score too. Simply hover the mouse to aim for your target and shoot by clicking the left mouse button. A corsair will follow the movement of your mouse to help you shoot more accurately.

All weapons have limited capacity and you must reload them from time to time but make sure to do it quick, otherwise, enemies will have opportunity to hit you. Interestingly, Strike Back can be played in three modes including Rookie, Veteran and Hard Core. Each mode allows you to explore three stages with varying range of difficulty. The stage is changing dynamically as you progress as well. In between each level, you’ll gain access with the shop which allows you to restock ammo and buy flash bangs which stuns enemies for a short period of time. It may not be as hard and as ambitious as other first person shooter game, Strike Back is still good enough to give you a satisfying shooting game experience!

Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows – Checkmate

From being a mystery solving detective, Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows – Checkmate will turn Sherlock Holmes and his buddy Dr John Watson into an action packed duo fighting against an overwhelming amount of enemies under the criminal mastermind Professor James Moriarty. Basically, this game is entirely based on the 2011 film Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows ( a sequel to the 2009 film) starring Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock and Jude Law as Dr Watson. Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows – Checkmate will capture all the notable scenes from the movie. It is not a fan made and is actually distributed by Warner Brothers Picture.

It is indeed affiliated with the franchise so it is not really surprising to see how well they capture the characters! The game features a very strong and impressive graphics which somehow reminds you of those highly acclaimed console games. It is basically done and played in a third person perspective in which your goal is to guide either Sherlock and Dr Watson and navigate the 3D map and kill all the waves of enemies you will encounter along the way. One of the most interesting feature of this game aside from its highly commendable graphics is the ability of the player to switch from one character to another during the game. Each character has their own life attributes and they both got two weapons which you can switch freely during the game.

You can either choose to fight melee or use the gun with limited ammunition. Each of them also has special ability that you can take advantage with. The battle is done wave after wave. Once a wave is cleared, you may now proceed to the next wave which is on the other part of the 3D map. Speaking of which, the game is playable in two different locations, the forest and the streets in London. But overall, what makes this game even more interesting is the fact that it is free to play. Who would have thought that you can have such high quality game on your browser that can be played free of charge and with no in-game purchases. It also features a leaderboard which allows you to compete with other players online!



Turn-Undead is a turn based platformer game in which your main objective is to take control of a gun-wielding hero and your mission is to slay down all the undead that you will encounter along the way while keeping your character safe at the same time. It is created by Nitrome Games and the graphics will surely remind you of their previous games such as Canary, Cave Chaos and more. Turn-Undead is not just your typical platformer game, you might be endowed with a gun with infinite ammunition but you still need an effective strategy because every action you do will make a difference.

Every time the character moves, the enemies will do the same. Therefore, you have to visualize the scene carefully and establish the most effective strategy before making a move because careless action will only kill your character. Your bullets will also move per action and the enemies can only be killed once they collide. Enemies will vary from vampires to werewolves and the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as well which makes the game even more challenging and more thrilling at the same time.

In order to clear the level, you must be able to reach the portal which will prompt you immediately to the next level. You are also encouraged (yet not necessarily required) to look for the golden cross for additional bonus score. Overall, Turn-Undead is absolutely a wonderful flash game that is worth playing for. It was able to capture a retro inspired atmosphere while delivering an awesome and solid gameplay at the same time which puts your skills and knowledge on a test!

The return of a Mighty Knight…

The world is in the midst of great danger and you, as the chosen one, should rise up and protect your land from the evil forces. Mighty Knight is back and this time with a bunch of wonderful improvements. Mighty Knight 2 is a masterpiece of Firebeast Studios! The first game was highly acclaimed and received a lot of recognition since they took brawler game into an all new level. Mighty Knight 2, on the other hand, will not disappoint us at all as if offers the same amount of excitement brought to us by its predecessor! Generally, the aim of this game is to guide your hero all the way to the last stage by fighting over and surviving from an overwhelming amount of enemies along the way.

One of the most interesting addition for this game is the online save features. You can register an account and you can now use any of the three online save slots. This will give the player the capability to play the game from one device to another. The game is still open for local save options too! Appearance wise, the game still got the same interface and you can still see the Kingdom Rush-like atmosphere in this game. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the battlefield in which the overwhelming amount of enemies will arrive either on both sides of the screen and you must actively use your character and fight against these monsters until everything is clear which will qualify you for the the next level.

Before doing so, you will be prompted first in upgrade screen. Here, you can view the map and the current stage you are in, you can also have the access to the character stats which allows you to increase their attributes based on the number of XP you earned from each battle. Interestingly, one of the newest features of the game is the 2PMode and Auto Mode. 2PMode allows you to play the game along with other player with your preferred character. You can soon unlock new characters in this game but I would highly suggest to play the game in Single Player mode because that is the only way to unlock others. The game also features unlockable Challenge Mode and a whole lot more! Definitely a great game to be added on your favorite list!

Lost & Found

Lost & Found
is a simple yet surprisingly tricky stealth game created by an independent developer Andre Rodrigues. The main objective in this game is to guide the old man to reach the exit by surpassing all the challenges along his way. You must prevent the character from being caught either by the surveillance robot or by the lasers, otherwise the game is over.

Simple yet tricky and strategical! This is how this game can be best describe. The mechanics of the game are very simple yet the player is strongly encouraged to visualize the map carefully and try his best to establish the most effective strategy to maximize his chances in winning. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to eight tv screens. It feels like you are watching over monitoring screen via security cameras. The character can be moved using the WASD keys and you just have to navigate the place.

Navigation is one of the most challenging parts because you cannot really get an overall view of the stage. The only visible here are those areas covered by the camera. Some cameras are moving back and forth while others are steady. There is one surveillance robot roaming around but in pattern, you have to prevent him at all cost. The exit door, on the other hand is protected by laser beams which turns off and on in fixed time interval. Overall, the game is well polished and it really has a huge potential. This can be expanded by the developer and it will surely become a hit!

Combat 4

The big battle is not yet over! Engage yourself in another action packed mission and win over enemies in this newest Combat game! Combat 4 is the newest installment of the series that features an all new set of maps and weapons to explore. Much like its predecessors, Combat 4 (available on is basically a first person shooter game that takes you to a breathtaking mission. Your main objective is to take control of your character, navigate the highly engaging 3d map, arm yourself with the most effective weapon, cooperate with your team and win by knocking down opponents!

Game wise, Combat 4 will surely remind you of those highly acclaimed First Person Shooter games like Counter Strike but in a more convenient yet simplified way. The game starts by allowing you to select your preferred server. You also have the option to create your profile or personal account or just play the game as the guest. Registered members, however has a lot more advantage since they can earn virtual money from the game and use them to purchase powerful starter weapons which gives them more chances in winning. After selecting the preferred server, you may now select or join your preferred room. Each room has their own rules as established by the room creator. Interestingly, you can also create your own server room as well and pick the settings you like from the kind of map to the amount of players you want to be involved.

Speaking of which, a server room can accommodate a maximum amount of 24 players (12 in each team). It can also be played in six different game modes. As soon as you enter the battlefield, you can move the character using the WASD keys and shoot and aim using the mouse! The maneuverability wasn’t that smooth yet still manageable. Once a team reaches out the required point, they will be declared a winner and you will be prompted back to another round unless you leave the room and find another one. For FPS lovers, Combat 4 is definitely something that will not disappoint!