StrikeForce Kitty: The Last Stand

After the victory over the foxes, the kingdom of kitty was able to achieve the kind of peace they have always wanted. But not for long, because the foxes found a new match for the kitties: a ferocious group of raccoons. StrikeForce Kitty: The Last Stand is the newest addition to Deqaf Studio’ StrikeForce Kitty series. The events in this game take place right after the defeat of the Fox kingdom. This time, they brought some reinforcement. You have to protect your kingdom from the raccoon invaders and prevent them from breaking through your defenses.

This game contains a vast number of improvements. If you have played any of its predecessors, the first thing that you will notice here is the drastic change of gameplay. Unlike the previous game (Strikeforce Kitty 2), StrikeForce Kitty: The Last Stand is no longer an endless running game but more of a defense/strategy where kitties are no longer running but positioning themselves in front of the kingdom to attack any approaching enemies. As soon as the enemies arrive, all you need to do is to click the attack button repeatedly. You have six kitties to defend the castle and as in the first games, the attack of these heroes will vary depending on the type of costume they are wearing.

Speaking of costumes, this element is definitely the most interesting highlights of the game. The game features a wide range of costumes that are inspired by different anime characters, movies, video game, celebrities, cartoon and more. Each costume has its own ability that you can take advantage of. You’ll get notified when a new clothes are unlocked and you can apply it right away to any of your cats. You can also upgrade the attributes to make you more efficient but if there is one thing you need to avoid, that is to let all your kitties be killed, otherwise, the game is over!

Zombies Eat My Stocking

Some people will seek for revenge if one of their family members or friends were killed or taken from them while some will be eager to risk everything if their properties were destroyed. However, the girl in this game has a very unusual reason. She gone mad after her stockings are being eaten by hungry zombies and because of this, blood will be shed! Zombies Eat My Stocking is a multidirectional shooting survival game in which your main objective is to survive each wave by killing all the approaching zombies either with your bare hands or by using weapons.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the battlefield immediately where zombies will arrive either on the left, on the right or both sides. You can move the character using the cursor keys and attack using either the space bar or the left mouse button. The default attack is melee and if you are lucky enough you can obtain either a rifle or a missile launcher. Their ammunition is limited though so better use them wisely.

The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. Stronger zombies will arrive soon and some of them has the ability to shoot you from afar. Interestingly, you will be prompted to the upgrade screen in between each stage. You can use the gold you earned (looted from enemies) to increase your character’s attributes such as Health and Punch Damage. You can also increase the weapon’s power and ammo to make you more efficient in the battle. Appearance wise, the game offers a lovely atmosphere and a well polished graphics!

Udom Nebdon

From Paul Lawitzki, the maker of “Detuned” comes another horror game that allows you to embark yourself in an eerie and enigmatic journey as you navigate a haunted dungeon to reach its inner sanctum. Udom Nebdon is a dungeon crawling horror game that is relatively short yet surprisingly engaging. The aim of the game is to guide a monk-like man to navigate the dungeon and to find your way out by solving some puzzles that you encounter along the way.

Udom Nebdon is inspired by the 90’s classic Alone in the Dark. However, instead of having a normal weapon, you are equipped with a magic mirror which you can use to defeat the enemies that you will encounter along the way. If there is one thing that make this game stands out, that is probably the game’s visually stunning atmosphere. It is even accompanied by well fitting eerie sounds which set the mood perfectly. Not to mention the fixed camera perspective which gives us a nice flashback to the classic Alone In The Dark Game.

I also like to note that monsters can only be killed by the light reflected by your mirror so if there is no source of light, the mirror will be useless. Although the game is short, it is frustratingly challenging and it might take you several trials before you can make it through. Take note that the game doesn’t have a checkpoint system so once you get killed, you have no choice but to go back from the very beginning but once you get used with the process, you can finish it in no time. Overall, Udom Nebdon is well-polished game, with solid gameplay, engaging graphics, and a perfect theme. You can confidently include it in your top game list!

Papa’s Cheeseria

Flipline Studios has never failed to amuse us with their time management and casual game series. Now, the famous Papa Louie is back to open his new restaurant, The Papa’s Cheeseria and it seems like he just found his new chef! Much like the rest of the early series, Papa’s Cheeseria shares the same format and gameplay but features a whole new set of products. The goal is to serve all the customers as fast as you can, get the highest satisfaction rating and be productive by earning tips from your delighted customers.

The game follows the story of a young musician who just lost all his music gear because it was stolen from his car. Now, he must come up with a plan to earn enough money to purchase new instruments. Luckily Papa Louie is always there to help and this is where your journey will start. Prior to the game, you will be asked to select your preferred character or better yet customize your own. You have three save slots to use which gives you a chance to play the same game but with different characters. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the restaurant and you’ll start serving the customers by taking their orders. Each order will be displayed via a ticket which indicates all the ingredients that the customer wants, how he / she wants the sandwich to be cooked and what are the side dishes he or she wants.

It’s going to be a one man job and therefore, no one will ever assist you other than yourself so it definitely requires solid time management skills to perform the tasks. You have four stations to deal with and they should be taken in proper order but if you are good enough, you can multitask and work on two or more stations at the same time. Time, quality, and presentation will play a crucial role for having a good satisfaction rating.

Occasionally, satisfied customers will give you tips which can be used later to purchase new items such as lobby decorations (to increase your restaurant’s appeal) and clothes. You will also receive tickets for Foodini’s mini game which can be taken or played in between each level/day.

There were just so many features that Papa’s Cheeseria has to offer aside from its entertaining and surprisingly addictive gameplay. There are 40 exciting recipes to explore, a wide range of characters to deal with, a bunch of items to decorate and a lot more. The game can also be played on Android and iOS phones! Have fun!

Seamus Gun

Embark yourself on a wild wild west adventure of an insane inventor and eliminate all the bandits you will encounter along the way with the help of your trusty “Seamus’ Gun“, an improbable matter gun that can throw random things towards enemies. Seamus’s Gun is a multidirectional top down shooter game by the Gagabu Team that takes you through a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. The aim is to eliminate all the enemies on the given field but in order to do so, you have to match the color of your bullet to the color of your enemies. That is the only way for them to be destroyed.

After being prompted to the battlefield, you can now start moving your character using the arrow keys. You can hover your mouse to aim while the corsair will follow the movement of your mouse to help you shoot more accurately. It’s also ideal to pay a close attention to the color of your gun to identify which enemy can be killed and which are not. The color on your back, on the other hand will indicate the next bullet so it’s more like the reserve.

Take note that wrong shots will be reflected. A white orb will come out which could possibly hurt you if you are not quick enough to evade it but you can also reflect bullets if they share the same color with your reserve. The game, unfortunately, has a low number of levels, but they do have a leaderboard which gives this game a nice replay value. With the game’s solid gameplay, visually stunning graphics and great sounds, Seamus’ Gun can easily top your game list!

Pain in Hell’s Creek

Pixelfan‘s Pain In Hell’s Creek brings you an eerie and thrilling adventure about a murderous monster who just returned from the dead (after 30 years!) to hunt for more victims! It looks like a hilarious parody to the classic horror movies like Friday The 13th and Halloween which merely involve bloody killing of innocent teenagers who happen to dropped by at the creepy Hell’s Creek. It is a point and click physics based puzzle game in which the goal is to kill your victims without being caught or killed by them.

Interestingly, the game is played on a scene by scene basis. An old guy narrating the story to a group of crazy teenagers who decided to spend their weekend at Hell’s Creek by getting drunk and do other silly things. Despite of his constant warnings, the teenagers choose to ignore him and what he did is nothing but to to narrate the bloody tragedy that occurred in the area, just 30 years ago. As soon as the game take place, you can control the monstrous killer and kill your victims using random weapons that you can obtain from the scene.

The game features gory scenes but this was blended with the right amount of humor so that it will surely make you laugh. The ending of the game leaves a cliffhanger which makes you eager to learn more about it. It is not scored nor being timed but despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, it is still a lot of fun to play!

Run 2

Joseph Cloutier’s Run is back and this time, it offers a lot of drastic yet wonderful changes compared to the first game. Run 2, available on, is a simple but fun and surprisingly challenging endless running game that will put your skills on a great test. The main objective is to help your character finish each level by running through a seemingly endless tunnel and by avoiding him to fall through any gap, otherwise, you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning over and over again until you manage to make it through.

The first improvement over the original Run that you will notice is the new character selection. You can now pick between the runner or the skater. Each has their own strength and weakness though. The runner can be controlled easily yet it cannot jump that far while Skater is harder to control but can jump farther. It is also noticeable that Adventure and Infinite Modes were no longer an option. The game follows a single campaign which is done and played on a level by level basis. The edit mode however is still accessible and it also gives you a chance to play other user-made levels.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, Run 2 works the same way as its predecessor. The default controls can still be changed prior to the game based on your very own preferences. If there is one drastic change made, that would be the tunnel itself. Compare to the first game, the tunnel here is presented in three dimensional which added a little more challenge to the game but other than that, it works the same way with the first Run game. Another interesting addition here is the bonus orb which you are encouraged but not required to collect. There is one orb per level which is hidden in a seemingly unreachable location and that requires a lot of trick. Overall, this game is a lot of fun!

Time Clickers

Idle games AKA clicker games are starting to become more and more popular these days. There is something about these games that is so addicting that it will hook gamers for a very long period of time. Cookie Clicker achieved a massive success and it is followed by an overwhelming amount of games that cloned its gameplay. Some however, developed their own idle game that shares the same principal ideas but with a different and much more engaging theme. Much like in Clicker Heroes which managed to combine elements of idle games and RPGs, Time Clickers impressively combined FPS gameplay with the idle game style!

This may sounds like impossible but Protonstudio‘s game managed to pull it off. What makes it even more engaging is the fact that the game was nicely and neatly presented in 3D. The main objective in this game is to get the highest score and unlock all the upgrades. The bigger the upgrades, the more money you need to purchase them and that means more time battling with enemies.

Speaking of which, enemies are just in form of blocks or cubes which will randomly spawn in the stage. They can be in various forms and all you need to do is to shoot them with your ray gun. Since this is an idle game, Time Clickers features DPS (or automatic Damage Per Second) which means they can automatically inflict damage to the enemies without you doing anything. You can buy bigger upgrades from the golden drops to make your DPS more efficient. You can also upgrade your Piston to add more damage per click and you can also activate their special skills. Take note that you will also encounter Boss every ten levels and the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress which makes the game more challenging and more exciting at the same time!

Earn To Die 2: Exodus

Earn To Die 2 Exodus takes you to a post apocalyptic event where the zombie infestation can no longer be controlled. The remaining survivors were asked to go to Exodus Military Base camp before the last evacuation ship departs. You, on the other hand, must start your journey towards the base before it is too late. Otherwise, you’ll end up being stuck in a highly infested city. The aim of the game is to make your way towards the base camp as quickly as you possibly can but unlike the typical zombie games, this requires no shooting. You will have your trusty vehicle to smash those brain eaters you will encounter along the way.

Earn To Die 2 Exodus is a zombie smashing game that requires physics and strategy to maximize your chances of winning. The game is played in a strict linear progression where your character will start to arrive from the far left side towards the other end. You will encounter obstacles and zombies along the way and all you need is to smash them down. However, the main challenge here is your fuel’s capacity. You only have limited amount of fuel to consume each day and if you run out of fuel, you have no choice but to start back from the very beginning.

You will be rewarded with cash depending on how long the distance you have reached and you will have access to the “garage” where you can buy upgrades for your vehicle and to make it more efficient. The more and more upgrades you get, the more satisfying the game becomes. Toffee Games, the creator behind this zombie slaughtering game, dubbed it as the best Earn To Die game yet and we couldn’t agree more. In addition to online, the game can also be downloaded in the App Store, Google Play Store!