Super Mario 63

Let’s go back to the game that started it all! Super Mario 63 will bring our favorite hero back into action into an all new adventure. Super Mario 63 is a fan-made flash game that is merely inspired from the classic Super Mario 64 game yet the content is almost ripped from the Super Mario World 2. Despite from being inspired from the real Mario games, the developers also created their own original content that makes Super Mario 63 more distinctive above the rest. Please be mindful that this is nothing more but a fan made game and is not, in any way, affiliated to the real Mario franchise.

What really makes Super Mario 63 more engaging is the detailed storyline and those wonderful cinematic presentation. It also features a visually stunning environment and accompanied by a well-fitting music. Like any Mario games, your main objective in this game is to help Mario navigate from one level to another while surpassing all those tricky challenges you will encounter along the way. Aside from his normal skills and movements, this game will now allow you to do other attack such as spinning, double jumping and more. You can also interact with the level and talk to Toads.

It’s not going to be a Mario game without its classic Mario mobs like Goombas and more but what makes this game more surprising is the fact that you can actually play it as Luigi. In addition to that, the game also features a Level Designer mode. This will give players a chance to customize their own level, submit your work online and let others play it. You can also pick a level made by other players and play it. The game might have some bug issues but that’s just a minor flaw at all. Generally, Super Mario 63 is game that will bring so much nostalgia to our classic gamers and we cannot help ourselves but to love it!

The Trollface Quest Series

Trollface Quest is a popular game series created by PPLLAAYY. It is a simple but surprisingly mind blowing physics based point and click puzzle game that will put your knowledge to a great test. The popular game series has expanded to 6 installment, each with different theme but following the same goal. Unlike your typical point and click adventure games, Trollface Quest features puzzles that can be solved in very unexpected ways.

Trollface Quest 4 for example follows a sport related theme. It features an Olympics-inspired adventure that allows the player to explore a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. Trollface Quest 4 centers around the journey of a trollface seeking for revenge after being bullied by another trollface who is clearly more athletic than him. In order to do so, he urges himself to try one kind of sport to another but it seems like things don’t go well as he planned. The mechanics are very simple yet you have to figure put which item to interact with, otherwise, you’ll end up repeating the same level over and over again.

Trollface Quest 4 is followed by another hilarious installment. Trollface Quest 5 is also a sport related physics based puzzle game but unlike the previous game, this one will take place in World Cup in Brazil. Your goal is still to clear all levels by solving each scene. Interestingly, despite of the complexity of the game, all levels are guaranteed solvable but you might have to think the possible silliest way to complete each scene. You can easily identify if an object is interactive or not by simply looking for the hotspots or areas that are clickable by your mouse. Take note that your score will mainly rely on the amount of click you made for the entire game. The fewer clicks the better.

Trollface Quest 13 or simply known as Unlucky (in reference with 13 considered as unlucky number) is the latest addition to the series. This one features random scenes in which your goal is to help the annoying trolls to get what they deserve. Since this is a twisted adventure, you are looking for the most unconventional result or ending for each scene. This actually made the Trollface series somehow unpredictable. Much like the previous games, Trollface Quest 13 is also downloadable game on Appstore or Google Play Store where you’ll get a chance to explore additional levels.

If you are into slapstick humor and you find those troll memes hilarious, you will love the Trollface Quest series. I wonder where will the next Trollface game will take us? That’s definitely something to look forward to!

Uphill Rush 7: Water Park

Who would have thought that riding a waterslide with your float ring can turn into a breathtaking adventure? Uphill Rush is back for another exciting journey! Uphill Rush 7 is the latest addition to the series and your main objective is nothing more but to reach the finish line as quick as possible. It works the same way with its predecessor except for the fact that you will be taken into a completely new environment. As what the title of the game suggests, the entire game will take place on a waterslide on a huge hill.

Unlike Uphill Rush 6 and previous versions, you can now pick a player or select your preferred vehicle as long as you have enough money to afford it. You also have the choice to visit the waterpark during the daytime or night time. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the stage immediately. It is done and played in a strict linear progression in which your character will arrive from the far left side and will travel all the way to the other end where the finish line is situated. You can track your progress through the distance meter shown below the game screen.

What really makes the game more challenging is that you can never proceed to the next level unless you have reached the goal. Please be mindful to that you also have to refrain your character from falling as it will cost you a life point. Every time you fall, you have to go back from the very beginning unless you have reached a checkpoint but if you lose all your spare lives, the game is over. Money can be earned from the items you collected along the way and you can also earn bonuses by hitting other swimmers or by performing tricks on air. Good luck with Uphill Rush 7!

Helmet Heroes

Helmet Heroes is a MMO adventure game that takes you to an exciting journey as you navigate a huge world and interact with an overwhelming amount of players all over the world. With tons of features to explore, Helmet Heroes is a browser game that will keep you entertained. Your mission is to make your selected character the ultimate helmet hero by going through a series of quests and fighting a large amount of enemies along the way.

Players are strongly encouraged to establish their own accounts. You can sign up using Facebook or using other options. No verification is needed so you can play the game right away. Prior to your actual journey, the game begins by allowing you to create or personalize your own character based on your very own preferences. You can choose any of the available classes from warrior, archer, mage and cowboy. You can also pick your desired gender and customize their appearance.

Much like your average MMORPG, Helmet Heroes will mainly rely on quests or missions that any valid player can accept to earn rewards and experience points in return. Rewards can be in form of money or other items while exp points can be earned to gain new level. Navigation is probably one of the challenging experience in this game. You will encounter random portals that will teleport you to different places which could be mildly confusing. Combat system is simple and each class will have their own specialties in terms of their skills and weapons. You got primary and secondary weapons to equip.

As far as the interactive features are concerned, you will be playing this game along with other online players. You can use their chat system to broadcast your message. They also feature Friend system where you can invite or add random players on your list and communicate with them privately. Trading is also one of the most common interactions you will encounter in this game. The most rewarding part here is when you see the drastic improvement from your character. The longer you spend in Helmet Heroes, the more addictive it becomes! Good luck and have fun!


To grow means to eat something in order to implement its nutrients into yourself, making you bigger, stronger and fatter, of course. Agario is a game that captured the basic principle of growth and turned it into a constant battle of survival. The game was made by a 4chan user.

As mentioned above, is an ever-growing game. You start as a small, colored blob on a grid filled with colorful, juicy balls. Each time you hover over one of those balls you grow a bit. The smallest ones are generated all the time and with a bit of skill and a lot of luck, you can grow considerably in a short amount of time. However, just like in life, there is always someone better than you, and bigger blobs can eat small ones. If you are unlucky and get eaten, the game is over and you have to start again. I have orbited one of the biggest blobs I’ve ever seen and it felt like comparing the sizes of the Moon and the Sun. Of course I got eaten, but it was amazing how huge a blob can grow. It is worth mentioning that the smaller you are, the more mobile and agile you are. When you gain some mass, and are chased by an even bigger blob, there are ways to sacrifice a piece of yourself in order to survive. For example, pressing space will divide yourself into two halves, propelling one of them to the location of your mouse cursor. That is an effective way of catching blobs that are more than half your size. The other option is to dispose of a part of your mass by pressing W. By doing that you become smaller but more agile and more likely to escape from the clutches of a giant blob.

Agario is an addictive game with a great interface; equal parts enjoyable and frustrating but nonetheless incredibly fun.


A great spy or secret agent requires an item that is powerful but not suspicious to prevent the enemies from blowing up his covers. Randomsmith, a new indie game by Michele Pirovano from Bergamo, Italy, will not let you become a spy but will let you play a much more interesting role. Namely, you will play as a Randomsmith, the genius behind those powerful yet weird and unconventional gadgets that nobody will ever suspect dangerous.

Randomsmith is a craft making game made in a more hilarious way. The objective is to get a score as high as possible by successfully clearing all the levels. In order to do so, you have to combine random items given from each level until you formed a new weapon. These items are not, in any way, relevant to each other, thus, the results are truly outrageous. Along with the items are the blueprints which gives you possible combinations that you can use as guides.

All interactions are done with your mouse, you move items with left click and rotate them with right click and much like a jigsaw puzzle, once you get the right spot, the items will connect immediately. The longer you progress, the more items will arrive which makes the game even more challenging. You are scored based on the amount of items you used, the amount of blueprints you patterned your design with and the amount of time you spent. The faster you make weapons, the more money you earn. Go ahead and test your crafting skills and see if you really have the creative genius that it takes to be the next Randomsmith!

Billy McMath Solves Problems

Are you good at Math? Can you answer mathematical questions in no time regardless of what kind of operation it requires? If you can confidently say Yes, then this game is absolutely for you. Feel free to measure your math skills with this indie game called Billy McMath Solves Problems, made by Alex Mankin. The objective is to help the poor Billy to solve all the problems he will encounter along the way and you can do so by answering all the math questions correctly.

Billy McMath Solves Problems is simple but surprisingly challenging and entertaining at the same time. The drawings are not fancy, but the simplicity of the game is one of its strong points. As soon as it begins, you will start to follow Billy McMath. You will be taken from one scene to another and in each scene comes a surprising Math question that you have to answer right away.

The time given for each equation will vary and some should be solved within 5 seconds, otherwise, you fail. The ending of the game will also vary depending on your progress. As far as the replay value is concerned, the game features the same sequence yet the questions will vary which will put your knowledge on great test! You can adjust the difficulty from easy to hard too. Overall, Billy McMath Solves Problems is a very entertaining game that is undeniably educational and humorous at the same time!


When the General tracked the Earth’s satellite on his radar, he instantly thought that your spaceship is under attack and so he sent Submolok to destroy the satellite pod but what happened next is something he didn’t expect at all. Submolok’s spaceship crash landed on earth and now, he must fix it and gather all the materials he need to find his way back home and this is where Submolok’s journey will begin. Submolok: Explorer of the Unknown is a simple yet surprisingly mind twisting Metroidvania game that takes you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties.

Submolok: Explorer of the Unknown is a game created by Nitrome studios who’s also behind other hit games like IceBreaker, Skywire and more. One thing we like about this game is the friendly graphics that Nitrome is known for. The game will take place entirely underwater where you are encouraged to collect different items that are randomly scattered on the map. What really makes the game more distinctive above the others is the unique control system that requires the player some serious coordination. Your character, Submolok is an alien-like creatures encased in square-shaped ship which can only be moved using the four thrusters located on each corner.

Instead of the cursor or the WASD keys, you can move the ship using the E,I,X and M keys. Hitting E or the Upper left thruster for an instance allows you to push the character on the opposite direction (the lower left) but you can combine it with other keys to drag the ship into a new direction. It requires a lot of getting used to though. Along the way, you will encounter different obstacles and you must avoid them at all cost. You will soon acquire new tools that allows you to do other things beyond your capability. Players’ scores are based on the percentage completion of all areas minus the number of times they die. The game also features a scoreboard that allows you to compete with other players online! Have fun!

Last Invader

Last Invader, published by Crazy Games, will take you to a post apocalyptic universe where you will take control of a robot and fight against an overwhelming amount of enemies and all you need is nothing more but to survive. Last Invader is a multi-directional shooter game that takes you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. Your mission is to clear all the upcoming waves and survive the battle.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the battlefield immediately. You can navigate the screen using the cursor keys or the WASD keys. Aiming is done by hovering the mouse with a small cursor following its movement for better and much more accurate shooting. You can also switch from one weapon to another by pressing the Q key. Interestingly, ammunition here is infinite and that is something the players can take advantage with.

The player is strongly encouraged to exert the best of his visual reflexes and to show off his impressive eye and hand coordination in order to maximize his chances of surviving. Moving aggressively on the field is actually ideal to prevent yourself from being trapped or cornered. Upgrades in between each level is also very useful to repair damages and to make your machine more efficient in the battle. If you think you have the guts to win this epic post apocalyptic battle, then feel free to play this game and enjoy!

Disaster Theatre

Anything can go wrong in a live theater and when actors forget their scripts, it could be a disaster! Disaster Theatre is a simple yet challenging point and click game that allows you to play a role of a director who runs four plays all at the same time. The aim of the game is to prevent the plays from becoming a disaster and this can be done by throwing off the scripts towards the right actor to keep the play going and to keep the audiences amused.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the drama stage immediately. You can switch from one scene to another by clicking their respective icons below the screen. You can use the A and D keys to navigate the 2D screen on both sides and use the mouse click to throw the script. Take note that you cannot just randomly hit the script. You must refer your actions based on the lines displayed on the upper right corner of the game screen. The challenge here is to identify which actor should have such line, otherwise, providing wrong script will ruin the play and it will have a bad impact to your audience’ satisfaction meter.

The icon for each scenes comes with a satisfaction meter and it is your goal to prevent them from going down to zero, or else, the game is over. Disaster Theatre is a simple but fun game presented in a visually stunning environment and accompanied by beautiful music. It’s unique and catchy and absolutely something you can enjoy playing.