Banana Nana

Banana Nana will take you back in the retrogaming era! This game will embark you in a NES inspired atmosphere that will surely reminds you of those classic games like Zelda and Final Fantasy but in a simpler and less-complicated form. Banana Nana is an adventure game that follows a story of a monkey named Nana who is aiming to bring her land back to its harmonious state. In order to do so, she has to find the three golden bananas that are randomly scattered on her land. These bananas will give her more power and will make her eligible to become the queen. Your goal is to help Nana navigate her land ans seek for the three golden bananas.

Her mission, however, is not going to be easy as she has to pass through a series of challenging obstacles along the way. She will encounter an overwhelming amount of enemies and you must fight with them using your ultimate weapon, your bananarang ( a boomerang banana). Enemies will have different behavior. Some are hostile while others will do nothing unless provoked. One thing that makes this game challenging is the navigation. You have no map to guide you so you might end up losing your way. Take note that enemies will bring back to life when you go back to the same map. The golden Bananas are often situated inside the temple and is often guarded by powerful enemies so please be cautious when dealing with them and try to establish an effective strategy to maximize your chances of survival.

Take note that you only have four lives to spare and if you lose them all, you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. Appearance wise, Banana Nana perfectly captured the 8bit inspired environment. The atmosphere will surely bring so much nostalgia from those classic console games. It is even accompanied by an 8Bit sound which makes your retro experience complete. The gameplay was well polished and even those noticable bugs are surprisingly advantageous as bananarangs can wrap around screen edges allowing players to reach areas that should not be accessible yet. Other than that, Banana Nana is a very commendable NES game!

3D Rookie Cop

3D Rookie Cop is a great 3D driving game. It follows the story of a rookie cop who just went to a police academy and started taking driving classes. Today is your first time hitting the real road and you must do your best to impress your superiors and prove that you really have what it takes to be a good cop and good driver. 3D Rookie Cop is a typical driving game. It works in the same way as those classic upscrolling driving game but is presented in a much nicer environment.

Even though we are talking about a police car, this is not a high speed pursuit game. It is just a simple car driving in which your main objective is nothing more than to reach the finish line with as little damage as possible and as fast as possible. As soon as the game begins, you can now start driving. You can use the cursor keys to navigate the screen (Up to accelerate, Down to reverse and Left and Right to move from one lane to another). What really makes the game challenging are the obstacles that you will encounter along the way. These include different stable items like tires, barrels, oil spills, hurdles and a whole lot more. You must avoid them at all cost to prevent them from inflicting too much damage on your car.

You are also encouraged to collect money along the way which can be of great use afterwards. After reaching the finish line, you will be prompted to the upgrade screen which allows you to improve your car’s performance. You can upgrade the acceleration, top speed, handling and braking to make your police car more efficient. The difficulty of the game is gradually increasing as you progress to the next level. However, if there is one thing we could ask from this game, that is probably the time limit to make the game more exciting. Time has never been an issue in this game since you can drive or pause as long as you want without being pressured at all. Other than that, everything in this game is absolutely enjoyable.

Crump Rush

Are you brave and skillful enough to enter a place that is filled with seemingly inescapable obstacles? If you do, then Crump Rush is just right for you! Crump Rush is a physic based action puzzle game that will take you to a mind twisting and extremely challenging obstacles that will put both your skills and knowledge on a great test. The aim of the game is to guide a man who is equipped with a weapon that can serve in two different purposes. One of it is to magnetize yourself to the green orbs that enables you to swing from one place to another and the other one allows you to shoot blocks and propel yourself to the opposite direction. Using your trusty gun, you have to make your way out of the life risking obstacles that you will encounter along the way.

Extremely challenging yet undeniably entertaining! I guess that is the best way to describe this game in general. It doesn’t have the most appealing graphics and you might encounter repetitive details in the process but it doesn’t really matter at all because the challenges themselves are good enough to entertain the players. It is a tricky game and you might end up failing to solve the puzzle numerous times. The player here is strongly encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully and try himself to establish the most effective strategy to maximize his chances in winning. Obstacles may be in form of deadly spikes or enormous rotating saws and you must evade them at all cost, otherwise, you have to start the same level back from the very beginning over and over again until you managed to make it through.

There were no upgrades, no achievements and no items to collect in this game but you are still being scored based on your time of completion. Therefore, the fastest you clear the level, the higher the score you will get. This also gives this game a nice replay value that despite of having only 10 levels to explore, you are still entitled to repeat each level and try your best to break your previous record. To make it even more entertaining, you can also invite your friends to play this game with you and challenge them to beat your own score. With its unique game mechanics, well executed physics and simplistic graphics and music, Crump Rush is definitely a game worth playing with!


Crayon Poke

Crayon Poke is a cute and entertaining platformer game. It follows a story a little Chinese girl who went to a challenging adventure with a mission to find a way to the very top. In order to do so, you have to help her in navigating one level to another, surpass all the challenges ahead and reach the top most level. This game is created through the combined effort of two independent game developers Raiyumi and Potato-Tan within a 72 hours time frame. Crayon Poke will surely take you to a retro-inspired atmosphere that will somehow remind you of those games you have played in early Nintendo consoles.

The main character here is equipped with no other weapon other than the crayons which she will soon obtain. Crayon Poke actually works the same way with your typical platformer game. You can move and navigate the side-scrolling screen using the arrow keys, you can jump from one platform to another by pressing S and shoot crayons by hitting the D keys. You will encounter enemies along the way including the raging pig but there is no other way to kill them other than evading these enemies. Crayons are merely used to create a ladder that will take you to those unreachable platforms. It is also interesting to note that you will soon obtain other skills along the way including the ability to double jump and more.

Please keep in mind too that the amount of crayons you carry is limited so it would be ideal to visualize the puzzle first before consuming any crayons. Some platforms and puzzles can be very tricky too and you might end up repeating the process over and over again. Lives are infinite but if you get killed, you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning or from the very last checkpoint. The game also offers some secret items hidden in random areas so you must observe very keenly to find them. Overall, with the game’s solid gameplay, atmospheric environment and well-fitting music, Crayon Poke is definitely worth playing with!

Hero Simulator

What do you usually expect from a role playing game? Don’t you think it is very common to see a hero setting himself in one exciting journey where in you have to navigate different places, fight against an overwhelming amount of enemies, complete numerous quest, crawling one dungeon to another and find some great loots? Well, that is how a typical RPG is being played but in this game called Hero Simulator. It is considered as a role playing game yet done and played in a very unusual way. It is simple yet surprisingly entertaining and addictive at the same time.

Hero Simulator is a clicker game (like Time Clickers) but with a twist. It follows a story of a young and inexperienced hero named Folcard who will soon inherit his father’s role as a hero. His father Cedric has been through a lot of journeys and it is now time for him to retire and he is expecting his son to take his place. In order for Folcard to be worthy, he must undergo a series of training before setting himself in a journey. Interestingly, even though it sounds one complicated adventure, all you need to do in this game is to wait for the progress and do a little interactions. Like any idle game, Hero Simulator can work with a little amount of supervision since most features will work automatically. Each interaction will cost gold and hero star and if you earned enough, you can start upgrading your tools and become more efficient.

The game is simple yet there are so many areas worthy to explore especially when it comes to the upgrades. Aside from the tools you use, you can also hire workers to enable the game’s automatic function and you can also buy pets to make yourself more productive. In addition to these engaging features, Hero simulator also allows you to create a Party and join a Guild. The longer you progress, the more exciting the game becomes. The worth of each upgrade is exponentially increasing too which makes the game more exciting.