Ice Story

Meet Nya Koori, a friendly Ice Mage who is living harmoniously inside the enchanted tree until a group of dinosaurs infested the town and wreck havoc nearby which ruined her peaceful life. Now, to end this craziness, she went to stop these dinosaurs and put them back from where they actually came from and this is where your journey will take place. Ice Story is an indie game created by CastPixel as part of their entry for a game jam competition. Your main objective in this game is to get the highest score possible by reaching the highest level you can.

Ice Story, at some points, will remind you of those classic acade games like Snow Bros and Bubble Bobble which follows almost the same gameplay. However, what really makes Ice Story more distinctive is the complexity of the game itself. In order to eliminate the dinosaurs, there are processes to be follows. Using your Ice Magic, you have to freeze the dinosaur completely and after doing so, you have to break the ice by dashing through them. While being unstable (will last of only few seconds), you must carry the dinosaur and throw them in the portal. Only when all the dinosaurs were thrown to the portal will clear the game.

This game requires a lot of great timing and a lot of getting used to. In addition to that, you are encouraged to do it faster because if you spend too much time on a stage, huge blocks of stone will start to fall. Another thing that makes this game more challenging is the fact that you only have three lives to spare all through out the game and there is no other way to restore them. Therefore, you must be very clever and must come up with a strategy to keep you in the game. Appearance wise, Ice Story is presented wonderfully with its pixel art environment and accompanied with great sounds and music. The game can sometimes be very buggy though but not in a way that it ruins everything. Overall, this game is wonderful and easy play!


Prepare yourself to a highly addictive balloon popping adventure with Bloons. It is a simple yet surprisingly addictive game from NinjaKiwi in which your main goal is to clear all the levels by popping the required amount of balloons. You must help the monkey to pop these overwhelming colorful balloons using his trusty darts that are provided per level. If popping the bubble wrappers is your thing, then this game will give you such rewarding opportunity. With its simplistic presentation and tricky gameplay, Bloons is certainly a kind of game that you should never miss playing with.

Appearance wise, Bloons has nothing special to offer. You will be taken to a very simple interface with repetitive details. The monkey will be placed randomly on each stage while the opposite side is filled with an overwhelming amount of balloons along with other obstacles you will encounter in the process. The objective is to clear the stage by popping the required amount of balloons or better yet exceed the amount needed to get bigger points. In order to shoot darts, you have to click and hold the left moue button to adjust the power and angle. Once you are satisfied with the position, simply release the mouse to release the dart as well. Take note that you can only hit one dart at a time.

What really makes the game more challenging is the limited amount of darts that you can consume per level. You have to reach your target amount of balloon using the number of darts provided. If you managed to reach the goal, you’ll get the percentage of completion at the end but if you fail, you have no choice but to repeat the same level until you managed to make it through. Interestingly, this game offers a total of 50 levels waiting to be explored and on top of that, you can also get the opportunity to create or customize your own levels. The rate of difficulty in this game is drastically increasing which requires the player to visualize the puzzle carefully to maximize your winnings!

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Mafia Battle

Prepare yourself in an endless action and fun with the Mafia Battle. Get a chance to become one of the most powerful Mafia leaders by building up a strong group, committing numerous crimes, stealing a lot of money and proving everybody who the real boss is! Mafia Battle is an interactive browser game that will take you to an action packed journey. Much like any Mafia leader would do, you are responsible for doing a lot of things and most of them are related to crimes including robbing a bank, producing meths, hiring goons, killing a lot of targets and a whole lot more. Generally with all these activities involved, the concept of Mafia Battle is not really suitable for young gamers but apart from the age restriction that should be implemented in this game, Mafia Battle brings an absolute fan.

The game has so many addictive features to explore from the overwhelming amount of jobs (quests) to some online events you can participate. But before anything else, since Mafia Battle is a browser game, you can play it in any place and any time you want as long as you were able to establish your very own login details. You can also use your Facebook account to sign in. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to a map filled with few notable buildings that you can interact. You job list will be given right away and you can start taking them one after another until the completion. Each completed job allows you to earn diamonds, golds or even Meths in return.

Criminal Activities.
A Mafia will not be called as such without any crimes involved and in this game, you will have a chance to do them a lot and even turn them into a daily routine. Some of the criminal activities you are entitled to do include robbing and stealing, carnapping, attacking other players, bank robbery (along with other players), freeing prisoners and more. Each time you succeed, you’ll earn rewards in return.

Shopping and Gambling.
If there is no crime, Mafia leaders spent their time in shopping or gambling. You can buy an overwhelming amount of upgrades from shops including the treasure, troops, timers, shield and other equipment. Items can be purchased either by gold (normal currency) or diamonds (semi-premium). If you are feeling lucky, you might as well want to play any of their casino games including the Wheel of Fortune, Roulette, Blackjack and Slot Machine.

Family, Events and Rankings.
What really makes this game more interesting is some of its interactive features that allows you to connect yourself with other players. One of the ways to do so is by creating or joining a family. Having a family will bring so many benefits including the ability to produce meth (done by mixing your preferred ingredients) and more. You can also access the game’s interactive chat system which allows you to broadcast a message with your family or send a private message to any of the members. You can also participate in some events and give yourself a chance to win great prizes. The more you participate nd interact with the game, the higher your ranking will move. Make sure to visit the game daily to collect or claim the daily prizes.

Overall, Mafia Battle is a great game. It has simple yet surprisingly addictive features that every gamer can enjoy. Much like any browser games, Mafia Battle also features some in-game purchases which you can take advantage with. So if you are a big fan of Godfather films or even Breaking Bad, then this is the right game for you!

Whack Your Neighbor

How do you deal with an annoying neighbor? Have you ever had a neighbor who used to approach you in a very aggressive way and complains almost everything? If sorry is not enough and you cannot please them with your words, then you might consider taking it up to the next level and it is done in a brutal way much like the main character in this game did! Like what the title of the game suggests, Whack Your Neighbor is one brutal game that will give the player a chance to kill the neighbor in the most gory way but only in the virtual world.

Since the game merely involves brutality and violence, the game is not really recommended for gamers below 16. To set some expectation, Whack Your Neighbor is about a murderous guy who will attempt to kill his neighbor in so many different ways! It’s gory and absolutely brutal so if you are not into such genre, then you better not dare to play such game at all. The aim of this game is to kill the neighbor and in order to do so, you have to interact with any of the objects shown on the screen. Simply hover the mouse and observe the cursor. If the item is clickable, it means that you can use it as a weapon.

Clicking an item will prompt you to an unskippable cut scene showing how you brutally kill the poor neighbor using the random weapon you have chosen. Interestingly, you will also find some hidden weapons. These are the items that you need to combine in order to be used. The game is not being scored nor being timed so you can spend most of your time seeking for random ways to kill your target. You can also share your achievements through Facebook or Twitter if you want to!


Have you ever wonder how it feels like to be a part of a letter service company? With the modern technology that we have today, most of these processes are now automated but in ACME, this form letters are being processed manually and you are lucky enough to be a part of this very interesting company. Unsolicited is a very unusual yet surprisingly addictive game in which your aim is to make ACME company stand out as the premier form letter mailing service in the world and this has never been so easy because you have to do your job correctly and on time, otherwise the business will be greatly affected and your company might soon lose its clients.

Unsolicited is a game created by Lucas Pope as part of his entry for the currently ongoing Ludum Dare 33. The game was interestingly developed within 48 hours. Generally, the main objective is to play the role of one of the newest employee of ACME, a form letter mailing service company. Your job is to send wide range of forms to their respective recipients and you must finish all the forms in time. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the game’s standard interface which is composed of three panels. The left panel is the alert board where you can view all the incoming alerts from the clients. The right most panel contains all the forms (sorted by their codes and colors) while the center panel is where the forms are being signed, sealed and delivered.

In each form, you’ll have to fill all the blanks. Simply point and click each black and a drop down menu will show up. Pick the correct answer as shown on the alert board. Once everything has been filled, click on the sign followed by sealed and then deliver. You will be notified whether you made a mistake and if you do, you have no other option but to repeat the same process. What really makes the game more challenging is the time. If the time runs out, the round is over and the progress will depend on how well you did. If you did it right, then chances are, you’ll earn new clients but if not then it’s the other way around. The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. The more clients you have, the more confusing the game becomes which makes your job even more challenging and more exciting at the same time. If you think you can be the best ACME employee of the year, then feel free to play this game and see how far can you go!