Trouble In Monsterland

Oh No! A vicious monster attacking the village! It is better to send off your strongest unit of warriors before this monster breakthrough your defenses! If you are playing a typical role playing game, this is probably one of the most common scenarios that you will encounter. However, this is always not the case much like what you are about to experience in this wonderful flash game. Trouble In Monsterland is a role playing adventure game and as what the title suggests, you will be taken to a land that is inhabited by monsters yet the greedy humans are attempting to invade your land. To prevent them from causing chaos, you must take and action and kill these non-scary human invaders for good.

Trouble In Monsterland takes you to a very huge map to explore. It offers an interesting pixel art graphics presented in an isometric top view third person perspective that will remind you of those classic game that we used to play with. The aim of this game is to take control of the orange monster and protect their land against the evil non scary humans. Apart from protecting your own land, the princess of Monsterland was also kidnapped which forces you to take some action, in a most aggressive way. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the map where you can freely explore. You can navigate the screen using the cursor keys. As a monster, you have no special skills other than your claws. You can aim by hovering the mouse to any direction you wish and attack by clicking the left mouse button. Since this is a melee attack, it is important to position your character near the enemies to inflict damage. Killing enemies allows you to earn gold in return, The gold will serve as your score.

One of the things I personally like about this game is the map that changes dynamically. The map is procedurally generated allowing players to explore different locations through out the game. Take note that enemies will arrive in waves and they also attack in groups. To keep your character safe, it is very ideal to move aggressively on the field and evade huge crowd as much as possible. In case the character was killed, you will spawn back to the last raised flag (act as checkpoint). It is also interesting to note that your health regenerates automatically and your character will become more efficient every time you gain a new level (from the experience you earned from the battle). If there is something missing in this game, it would be the sound which could have made this game even more immersive. Other than that, this game was pretty well executed and definitely worth playing! Good luck and have fun!

Swords & Souls

The makers of the Rogue Soul series (SoulGame Studio) have just released a new game on CrazyGames that players will surely love. Swords & Souls will take us to a unique medieval adventure that follows a story of a warrior and his journey to become the greatest fighter/gladiator of all. The game perfectly combined the element of RPG with an incremental twist on it. Not to mention the fun minigames that makes this game even more engaging. Generally, the main objective in this game is to clear all the levels in the arena and you can only do so by improving your character’s skills and major attributes and also by gaining experiences in many different ways. Interestingly, Swords & Souls has so many things to offer! There are so many features to explore and you might need an ample time to complete this game.

The game will begin by creating your very own soul (avatar). Here, you can customize your character by giving him the hairstyles and hair color that you desire. After doing so, you will now be welcomed by a scarecrow dummy which will accompany you in your entire journey. You will be prompted on a map that features different buildings. Each building has their own purpose. The Arena for example is the venue where the battle will take place. The battle is done in a level by level basis and is interestingly played autonomously. Your character will be engaged in a one on one battle but even though the combat works automatically, you can still interact with the battle by applying your special skills, talents or to use special items that will help your character become more efficient and to maximize your survival. To clear a level, you must defeat the boss. Winning a battle allows you to win bronze coins (standard currency), special items and experiences in return.

The coins can be used to interact with other buildings on the map. The “upgradable” training area allows you to increase your attributes (strength, defense, accuracy, and critical hit). Each training (more like minigames) has different objectives to follow and each has progressive missions to take. Every time you gain a new level, you also earn stat, skill and talent points. These points can be distributed to any areas you wish to improve to make your character more efficient in the battle. There is also buildings that allows you to build your own home and earn exp points for each improvement and also areas to shop for new weapons, armors and special items that you can equip and use during the battle.

Museum is also an interesting part of the game. This area will display all the trophies you unlocked, a gallery that displays all the enemies you encountered, an armory section that showcases all your available weapons and armors and an area that displays your award statues. On top of that, you will also encounter a mushroom that eats clover leafs and give you extra bonuses in return. It also features a banking system that works even if you are offline. Speaking of which, since the game has a tremendous longevity, it allows the player to save their progress (local and online save were both applicable). Overall, Swords & Souls is a very great game that is truly worth spending your time with!

The Devil’s Daughter

What do you expect from the Devil’s Daughter? This little brat will do everything to get what she wanted even if her father is against it. The Devil’s Daughter is an entertaining yet surprisingly challenging and trick platformer adventure game that will take you to a series of gnarly levels with varying range of difficulties. As what the title of the game suggests, it follows a story of a naughty and brat devil’s daughter who will explore the upper world to gather enough souls so she can buy her own a shoe. Your mission is to kill as many people as possible and collect their souls in return and also to reach the exit point safely.

The Devil’s Daughter features a visually appealing environment and is matched perfectly with fun animation and graphics. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the first level. Take note that the game is done and played in a strict linear progression in which the character will arrive from the far left side and will travel all the way to the other end where the exit portal is situated. Movements are done using the WASD keys. Interestingly, the Devil’s daughter is equipped with a pistol by default with an infinite ammunition. Simply hover the mouse around the screen to move the corsair and click the left mouse button to shoot. As soon as the people were killed, you can collect their souls immediately. The more souls you collected the better the score you will get.

However, please keep in mind that the people will soon be armed with weapons that you must evade. It is also very important to monitor the temperature through the gauge meter because this is where your life depends upon. Staying outside the rain for so long could be very fatal to your character and if it is running out, you better find a fire to regain your strength, otherwise it is over and you have to start the same level back from the very beginning. The game has no upgrade system but you will occasionally obtain powerful weapons but with limited ammo so better take advantage of them while you can. Overall, The Devil’s Daughter is a great and entertaining platformer game that will surely put your skills to the test. It has some lagging issues though but it is very minimal but other than that, this game deserves a thumbs up!

Pixel Warfare 3

Our favorite first person shooter game is back with a much more engaging gameplay to offer. Pixel Warfare 3 is finally here and this time it will feature not just two combined games in one platform (Minecraft and Modern Warfare) but also two different group based on two famous YouTube personalities, Vegetta777 and PewdiePie. They are probably two of the most notable game commentators in YouTube and it is nice to see their Minecraft characters in an epic first person shooting battle. The game follows the same mechanics with its predecessors in which your aim is to win over your opponents by killing as many foes as possible using your trusty weapons.

Paco Games’ Pixel Warfare series has come a long way and even though it shares the same gameplay and mechanics, each installment will take you to different themes and maps. Pixel Warfare 3 in particular will feature new maps for the players to explore. Before being prompted to the actual battle, you will be asked first to join your preferred room or better yet create your own room with your own rules. Each room can accommodate as many as 20 different online players which can also last for a maximum of 20 rounds. As a Room creator, you are empowered to set your own game mode and you can pick either a Deathmatch or a Team Deathmatch. In addition to this, you can also select weapons that you want the players to use. Once done, you will be prompted to the battlefield in which you will be asked to choose between Vegetta777 or PewDiePie group.

The game map is commendably huge and there are so many areas the player can explore but if there’s one thing we would like to see from this game, it is probably the character’s variation. It could have been more engaging if players are allowed to customize their own character but other than that, everything works perfectly fine. Navigation or movements are done with the arrow keys, jump with the spacebar and switch from one weapon to another using their designated number keys. The team with the most number of kills will win the game. With the game’s solid gameplay, easy mechanics and impressive replay value, Pixel Warfare 3 is definitely a First Person Shooting game that you will play for a while and enjoy thoroughly!


Simple, fun and addictive! That’s how you can describe Cubefield, an avoider game on YoArcade that will surely challenge you in many ways! In Cubefield, your aim is to get the highest score as possible and this can be done by reaching the farthest distance as you can. You can do so by avoiding all the approaching cubes that you will encounter along the way. You are not armed with weapon or anything alike and the only thing you can do is nothing but to evade the cubes. Hitting any cubes will end the game immediately and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning.

This mechanics of the game may sound too easy but the player is actually strongly encouraged to visualize the game carefully and exert the best of his eye and hand coordination in order to maximize your chances of surviving. What really makes the game even more challenging is the tricky game control system. Your ship will progress automatically and you can freely move the ship on both ends using the left and right arrow keys. However, the challenging part here is that the background also move based on the direction you are moving. Therefore, it is truly challenging to evade the cubes. The speed also increases as you progress which makes Cubefield even more challenging and more engaging at the same time.

The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. The formation of cubes are very unpredictable and you have to prepare yourself all the time. Take note that you do not have any lives to spare so any mistake will simply end your game. Interestingly, the top score is being recorded so even without a multiplayer option, the game still has a nice replay value because it encourages the gamer to beat his own score or better yet, you can invite your friends to play this game with you and challenge them to beat your score and vice versa. A simple game indeed yet fun and worthy enough to play!

MOnster Destroy Things

I think the title of this game is good and clear enough for us to know the details and what exactly we need to expect from this game. MOnster Destroy Things is an indie game created by Cory Martin as part of his entry for Ludum Dare Challenge #33. It is a very simple game with very simple mechanics that everyone can easily managed. The aim for this game is nothing more but to get the highest score as possible and this can only achieve by doing what your character is best at and that is to destroy things. Yes, you can literally destroy anything that you will encounter along the way.

The game doesn’t follow any plot line and we do not have any details on what kind of monster your character is but despite of the missing story which could have made this game even more engaging, Monster Destroy Things is surprisingly entertaining. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted right away to a top down map with a colorful pixel art interface. You can start moving using either the cursor keys or the WASD keys. In order to destroy things, you have to roll over then items by pressing the space key along with the direction keys. You can freely explore the huge map and destroy everything you can encounter except for the walls. Generally, the more items you destroy, the higher the score you will get.

Interestingly, what makes this game more challenging is the limited time that is allotted to the player. Each player is given 130 seconds to spend in destroying things and you simply have to make the most out of the limited time. Once the time runs out, your score will be displayed and your personal best will be recorded which gives this game a commendable replay value because you need to do better every time you play the game and outscore yourself. Keep in mind that you will be dealing with the same map over and over again so it would be ideal to come up with a strategy to maximize your winnings. Good luck and have fun!

The Original StrikeForce Kitty

From the maker of Furtive Dao comes another interesting game that will mix both action and fun at the same time. Deqaf Studio came up with StrikeForce Kitty, an epic game that will take your classic Beat Em Up adventure to an all new level! We have previously discussed StrikeForce Kitty The Last Stand and StrikeForce Kitty 2, but hadn’t discussed the original. This post sets that straight!

The game follows a story of four brave feline heroes that put themselves in a challenging journey to save the princess that has been kidnapped by the foxes. Interestingly, this is not your typical damsel-in-distress kind of game. It is not a Mario-esque platformer game and offers a very unique mechanics that are less challenging yet super entertaining and surprisingly addictive.
StrikeForce Kitty is done and played in a strict linear progression in which your characters will move autonomously from the far left side of the game screen. Yes, you read it right! The game involves four different characters and you control them all at the same time. The four kitties will start moving towards the other end and the only movement you can manipulate is their ability to jump. Using the designated key, you can allow the kitties to jump from one platform to another. Please take note that you will encounter foxes along the way. These foxes are wearing random costumes inspired from different famous characters in movies, cartoons, games, anime and more. As far as the combat system is concerned, the battle is done automatically once the kitties and foxes collide. Each character has their own lives and whoever loses it all will die but the journey will still continue as long as you still have a character to use.

Every time an enemy is killed, there is a big chance to loot some drops. These drops will vary depending on the type of costumes they wear. You can collect those items and once all your kitties died, you will be given another chance to start back from the very beginning. Prior to it, you can apply upgrades by wearing the looted items to your kitties. If you were able to complete a set, you will gain a special ability in return which you can take advantage with. These abilities will make your characters more efficient and maximize their chances of surviving. The game also features boss battles, unlockable achievements, secret items and whole lot more!