Skeleton Garden

Skeleton Garden takes you on a very interesting adventure of a man that carries a scythe and the so-called seed of death which enables him to plant seeds and grow trees that are made up of skeletons. This also allows him to summon his very own minions and kill humans. The game features an old school inspired gameplay featuring some interesting pixel art graphics and is matched perfectly with 8bit sound which makes you feel like playing those classic beat em up games. The main objective for this game is to help your character kill as many humans as possible either through your trusty weapons or your strange and eerie ability.

It is also interesting to note that this indie game is developed by Kirill Nepomnyaschiy as part of his jam entry and therefore, this game is created within a very limited period of time. Despite of that limitation, we can confidently say that Skeleton Garden is very well executed. It runs pretty smooth and despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, you will be surprised how addictive this game can become. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted right away in a side scrolling screen. You can move the character using the Arrow keys or the WASD keys on your keyboard. There are four actions/attacks to use. You can attack enemies with your scythe (X), plant seed of death (C), plant a skeleton (down) and use your special Death Claw (Z). Take note that enemies will arrive on both sides and it is your goal to kill them all and prevent your character from sustaining too much damage, otherwise, the game is over.

Planting the seeds of death will allow you to grow a skeleton tree which plays a very crucial role to maximize your chances of surviving. The only way to earn seeds is through the trees so planting them is really necessary. Trees however will not last for long and it very important to protect them and you can do so by planting skeletons around it. Skeletons will act as your minions who will attack approaching enemies even without your command. The game will run as long as you still have enough health to spare. It doesn’t have a scoreboard but this game has an impressive replay value despite of its repetitive details. Definitely a game worth spending your time with! Enjoy it!.

Boxing Live 2

Let’s get ready to rumble!!! Boxing Live is back and its sequel features some wonderful improvements. Boxing Live 2 is created by Anjo Pascual of Tatay Games and can be played on CrazyGames. Boxing Live 2 is an impressive boxing simulation in which your main objective is to take control of your very own personalized boxer and your goal is to beat down all your computer generated opponent. You can do so by putting in the best of your fighting skills. You are empowered to do various actions in this game but you must be able to execute each attacks effectively, otherwise, you will end up giving your opponent a chance to knock you out.

Much like the first Boxing Live game, this one features the same mechanics and gameplay but with additional features to explore. You’ll start the game by creating your very own boxer. Interestingly, the options that you can apply for your character are merely based on real boxers including Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather and even those fictional characters like San Goku and more. Once done setting up the character, you can either proceed to the battle or undergo training to familiarize yourself with the controls. Apparently, the controls are one of the game’s most challenging features because each action has their own designated keys and you are strongly encouraged to master them all to maximize your chances in winning.

The mechanics are very simple yet the player is required to exert the best of his eye and hand coordination. You should know when is the right time to throw a straight punch, an uppercut, a jab or the time to block opponent punches. Take note that if you ran out of Health, chances are, you will be knock out and you will end up losing the battle (you can stand up from several KO during the battle though). The more opponents you beat, the higher the rating you can get. You also have access to Shop which allows you to customize your character. The game also features an overwhelming amount of unlockable achievements which also allows you to earn prizes in return. If you think you can make it through from being an amateur boxer to a professional and hall of famer, then feel free to explore this game at CrazyGames and see how far your boxing career can go! Enjoy!

Serious Business

Serious Business is an intergalactic delivery service simulation game that allows you to explore a series of challenging missions with varying range of difficulties. The game is a masterpiece of Landon Podbielski of SuperJoeBob. The aim of this game is to play the role of a guy who recently owned a Ship Core and eventually upgraded it to a fully functional cargo ship. Your goal is to clear out all your missions by successfully and safely delivering your cargoes without being wrecked or without making any delays. If you think you can become the best delivery guy in the universe, then feel free to explore this game and see how far your “serious business” will go!

What really makes this game more entertaining is the fact that it provides a retro feel in it. Graphics wise, Serious Business will take you to a retro-inspired environment and is matched perfectly with 8Bit sound which makes you feel you are actually playing a classic game except that you are using keyboard keys and mouse to gain control over your ship. The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable yet the player is still encouraged to establish the most effective strategy (especially when constructing your ship) to maximize your chances in winning and surviving. As soon as the game begins, somebody will call you via phone and he will soon give you missions to accept where you can earn money in return. Before setting yourself on a journey, you must build your ship first. You have $11,000 as your based money which can be spent to add spaceship parts.

You basically have five categories under the Build Option. You can add Build Structures to extend your ship core or to add a space to connect other parts. You can also add thrusters for fast delivery since you have a dead line to meet and failing to deliver your cargo on time will end your game immediately. You can also add weapons to protect your ship from intruders that you will encounter along the way. You can also add Capacitors to restore energy and of course the Cargo bay to carry whatever items you are required to deliver. You have a minimal control over your ship. It drives in a linear way and cannot be moved. The only thing you can do is to make repairs or upgrade the ship while driving. Overall, Serious Business is a simple yet cleverly executed game that is truly worth spending your time with!

Fleeing The Complex

Here’s a quick post about a game that just came out:
Fleeing The Complex

Fleeing The Complex is a new stick game in which you either escape or die. The game is made by Puffballs United, who we know from Infiltrating The Airship. Both are equally awesome, so you will have a lot of fun!


If you have ever been frustrated by the 2048 mobile games on your phones or your handheld consoles, then are you in for a wonderfully frustrating surprise, because now, you can get those brain juices running and angry for 2048 on your PC!

Most of the people who have smartphones will probably be familiar with the 2048 game, but if in case that you are not, 2048 is a puzzle game that involves numbers in a 4 by 4 grid. The game is controlled by the arrow keys. Pressing an arrow key will move all the numbered tiles to the direction that was pressed, so if you pressed the right arrow key, all numbered tiles will move to the right side of the grid. While move, if two tiles collide that have a similar value, the values will be combined and the two tiles will become one tile. Every time the tiles are moved, one numbered tile will appear on the grid which will also need to be combined with another tile. You keep doing this until you can get one tile to the 2048 by combining. The game starts you off easy with two numbered tiles, each with a 2. Combine these to get a 4, and while moving the board, you will get more tiles to form another 4, then combine those to get 8, and so on. It’s a very frustrating process, especially once you get too many low numbered tiles on the grid, but that’s where the “puzzle” part of the game comes in. You will have to think your way through the grid and make sure that you get that sweet 2048.


Remember the Season 4 of American Horror Story entitled “Freakshow?” Well, if you are an avid fan of the show, then you might consider playing this interesting yet creepy little game too! It is called the “Geminis“, a physics based puzzle game that follows an interesting yet enigmatic story about a Siamese twins and their challenges while working on a freakshow. The game was truly impressive in so many ways and is cleverly executed and you will be surprised to find out that it was only made within 72 hours as part of the Ludum Dare Challenge 33. The aim of the game is to help the twins to cheer the crowd by successfully completing the challenges and let me remind you that this has never been too easy!

The game welcomes you with a short clip showing the circus manager introducing one of the freaks, the Siamese twins performing their acts 30 feet from the ground. However, unlike any other siamese twins, this creature has a very unusual skill which is considerably awesome and creepy at the same time. The twins are capable of separating themselves in a very creepy way and they can also put themselves back. The mission for each challenge is to help the twins reach the upper most ladder. You will encounter several obstacles along the way but what really makes it even more challenging is the fact that both of them are not empowered to jump from one platform to another. This is also the mind-boggling part of the game because you have to find way on how to go from one place to another without ruining the puzzle.

Much like the Siamese twins in Freakshow, the twins in this game shares different personality, one is a snappy and the other one is quite pessimistic but despite the differences, both characters can be controlled in the same manner and they got no special skills or whatsoever. The mechanics are actually very easy yet surprisingly challenging and it requires the players to visualize the puzzle carefully and try to establish the most effective moves to win the game, otherwise, you might end up repeating the same level over and over again.

Aside from the cleverly executed gameplay, the game also follows a very interesting story. You will encounter cut-scenes in between each level showcasing a conversation between the two sisters before the show begins. Appearance wise, the game will take you to an old-school inspired graphics which makes you feel like playing those classic retrogames. Overall, Geminis is a very wonderful game and how we wish it has a commendable longevity but this game could actually grow bigger by adding more levels and a scoreboard. Other than that, this game is truly awesome!

Inspector Kloo 9

From the developer that brought some of the most engaging point and click adventure games that we used to love including the Ballad of Ketinetto series and Big Totem comes another interesting another interesting installment to their epic Inspector Kloo series. Yes, Inspector Kloo is back for another intriguing case that you need to solve. EsklavosInpector Kloo 9 is a point and click adventure game that will bring out your inner detective skills. You will be taken into a Sherlock Holmes inspired mission to solve the mystery behind the missing art pieces in Mr Miller’s house. Where are these expensive art pieces were taken? Who is behind this robbery? These are just few things that you need to discover.

Much like the game’s predecessors, Inpector Kloo 9 doesn’t offer much changes compare to the previous games. In fact, it seems like you will be taken to the same place yet with a different case to solve. Appearance wise, this series will take you to a very engaging environment and it doesn’t feature any enigmatic or horror element just like those common point and click adventure that we used to play with. The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable. All you have to do is to interact with the objects, search for clues, collect relevant items and solve numerous puzzles to solve the mystery behind the missing art pieces.

To clear the game much faster, it is very ideal to be very observant and always look for the hot spots or clickable areas. Hover the mouse on the object and once it is clickable, it means that the item is either something you can collect or something you can examine. All the items you collected will be transferred immediately to your inventory. These items can either be used repeatedly or can be combined to form a new item. To clear this game, you have to gather all the four evidences before you call the police to identify who the suspect is. Good luck and have fun!