Oh no! Our planet is facing probably the most critical challenge that can end up humanity instantly. Nope, this is not a war between nations but a war between humans and those pesky aliens trying to invade our planet. Unfortunately, humans are no longer capable of protecting the planet but that doesn’t mean we are going to be vulnerable because we still have our last hope. Interestingly, the fate of our planet is no longer in the hands of humans but by nature! You can never tell how powerful the nature can be when it decided to revenge and this is what Greenvenge is all about! It is a survival defense game in which your mission is to protect the art against the overwhelming and seemingly interminable number of invaders!

The mechanics of Greenvenge are very simple yet surprisingly challenging and tricky which requires the player to exert the best of his eye and hand coordination to prevent the planet from sustaining too much damages from the alien spaceships. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a screen that shows our beloved planet. The center of our planet lies the core which will act as your health bar. The core is surrounded by green arrows which serve as you tool to keep the enemies away. The aliens will arrive in random and unexpected location and you must be alert all the time because once they hit the earth’s surface, a damage will be inflicted.

In order to protect the planet, you must manually click the arrows so it can grow trees. The tree will prevent the aliens from passing through but make sure to hit the right arrow at the right time, otherwise it will be a failure. If you hit enough enemies, you will eventually earn a bonus. The mother nature will notify you if the bonus is already available. Once activated (by hitting the green button on the core), all trees from all directions will grow instantly. The game will end once the core’s health turned zero. It doesn’t have a scoreboard though but you can always play the game and try to beat your personal best!

StrikeForce Kitty is back!

Our beloved kitties are back! StrikeForce Kitty League is the third and the newest addition to the series and this time, the game offers a vast of interesting changes. Compared to its predecessors, StrikeForce Kitty 3 is no longer an endless running game. You no longer need to save the princess or anything alike but the heroes will be taken into a battle arena and engage themselves into a gladiator fight. The main objective in this game is nothing more but to win over a series of battle. You can train and upgrade the kitties attributes to maximize their chances in winning.

Much like the previous StrikeForce Kitty games, this one merely works incrementally. The kittens will attack autonomously and all you need to do is nothing but to watch until all of them got retired. If there’s no longer kitties available to fight on your end, the game is over and you will be prompted back to your base where you can start training the four kitties individually. There are three types of training and each has their own area to improve. You can use these training to improve their attribute such as strength, stamina and speed. This will also help the heroes to become more efficient in the battle and maximize their chances of survival.

Please take note that one you engaged yourself in the battle, you can not do anything to your characters other than to wait for their enemies to knock them down. You cannot restore their health but you can activate their special skills. These skills will vary depending on the kind of costume they are wearing. Much like the first games, these costumes are merely inspired from different characters from anime to movies. Generally, StrikeForce Kitty: League is a very simple game yet surprisingly addictive. The more you play with it, the more time you want to spend with it


Arcuz is a very impressive role playing that takes you to a magical journey as you will try to save your kingdom from the hands of the enemies. Much like your typical RPG, your goal in this game is to play as the hero and set yourself in a journey where you need to navigate and explore various places, battle with an overwhelming and seemingly interminable number of enemies along the way, discover villages and accept numerous quest and missions as you progress. The game follows a story of a young hero who engaged himself in a mission to save the small village of Arcuz which was recently attacked by the devil of the Abyss known as Ssyba. Your mission is to bring your town back to its peaceful and harmonious state by defeating the evil.

Appearance wise, Arcuz offers a highly commendable graphics which will reminds you of those classic Role playing games in higher gaming platforms like Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy to name a few. Arcuz has so many engaging features to offer including a huge map to explore. You will be asked to explore the entire land of Sakara in which Arcuz is just a part of. As you travel, you will encounter an overwhelming amount of enemies along the way and using your trusty weapon, you have to fight for your very own survival while trying to prevent your character from dying, otherwise, you have to go back from the very beginning. Another thing I love about this game are the quests that you can accept from NPCs in order to gain money and experiences in return.

Interestingly, aside from the game’s visually stunning interface, it also offers 25 quests to accomplish, 18 huge maps to explore, 21 skills to learn and 100 weapons to collect. These weapons will give you an unlimited possibility of composition (you are empowered to combined mystic gems to your weapons to make them more effective and efficient). Every time you earn a level, you also earn skill points which can be distributed to your character’s given attributes. The farther you explore, the harder the challenges you will encounter which makes this game even more enticing. Overall, Arcuz is a superb rpg with tremendous longevity, well polished gameplay and impressive plot that is absolutely worth playing with. If you are into RPG, this game is definitely made for you!