Legends of Honor

From the intelligent minds behind some of our favorite MMORPG today including the Empire series, the Shadow Kings and Big Farm comes another breathtaking MMO game that you will definitely enjoy playing with. Legends of Honor is the newest addition to GoodGame Studio’s game list that will take you to a medieval inspired journey where your goal is to build a stronghold by expanding your kingdom, recruiting the strongest units, gathering abundant resources and winning numerous battle against your enemies though its wonderful PvP system. The game managed to combined tactical combat, strategic building and unit management system that will surely put the player’s skills and knowledge on a great test! If you think that you have what it takes to become the Legend of honor, then go ahead and embark yourself in a graceful journey and see how far your strategic skills can take you.

Gameplay wise, Legends of Honor follows the same mechanics with those typical MMO strategy games that we used to play with but despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, the game has a lot of things to offer and there’s just to many things to explore! Much like any other game that falls under the same category, the journey begins by establishing all the basic buildings on your territory. These buildings will become the source of different resources which are very necessary on the game. You will be asked to build farms, houses, mills, barracks and more. Of course, these were not done based on the user’s preferences but through quests or missions which are given one after another. Completing each quest will provide you rewards in form of additional resources, coins, gems and experience.

Another interesting key features of this game is the hero system. Through barracks, you can start recruiting heroes or units to strengthen your kingdom’s defense and offense system. If you have enough resources, you can unlock and hire heroes and let them move across the map to initiate battles. To make your journey even more entertaining, you can also engage yourself in PvP battles or better yet join other factions, establish your own flag and have some discussion with members through their chat system. Graphics wise, Legends of Honor offers a very appealing atmosphere. It is well polished but surprisingly, it doesn’t come up with a music but hey that’s probably a bug on my end. Nevertheless, this game is satisfyingly enjoying!


Embark yourself in a mystical and enchanting journey of a little earthly creature as he navigate the magic forest to find his way home! Enliven is an adventure game that takes you to a series of simple yet surprisingly mind blowing levels in which your main objective is to take control of a small little creature and guide all the way to the exit in order to progress to the next level. It is not just your typical platformer game because you have to analyze each situation carefully and learn how to use the seeds properly in order to complete each level. With its very engaging atmosphere and solid gameplay, Enliven is definitely a game you can easily add on your game list!

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the main scene. You can start moving the character using the left and right arrow keys. Jumping can be performed by pressing the Z key while the X key allows you to plant the current seed you are holding (if any). The main aim of the game to clear each level is to reach the next log which serves as the exit. Interestingly, you will encounter floating seeds along the way. Once acquired, you can make it grow at anytime and any place you want. Seeds will vary depending on their special ability. Some allows you to reach higher platforms while other allow you to destroy boulders and walls. This might sound so easy but the player is actually required to visualize the scene carefully and try to establish the most effective strategy to win, otherwise, you might find yourself playing the same level over and over again.

The game is not being scored nor being timed and even those these features could have made the game more engaging, it is pretty much understandable considering that this game is just a part of the recent Ludum Dare Challenge, thus it is created within a very short period of time. Despite of that, the game was able to deliver an entertaining gameplay, clever mechanics and a very amusing graphics that will somehow remind you of those classic GBA games. Overall, Eliven is a great game and I would love to see a full version of it in the near future! Kudos!

The Everything Building

You probably haven’t seen a building that almost has everything! In this game, you will be prompted to a not-so typical place, a building that has everything. The Everything Building is a time trial game where your main objective is to play as an elevator operator and your job is to transport people from one floor to another. This might sound so easy at first but you will be surprised how challenging the game becomes when you progress. If there is one thing that you have to refrain from happening, that is to overcrowd any of the floors. This game requires an extensive skill and if you think you have what it takes to become the greatest elevator operator alive, then feel free to explore this game and see how far your skills can take you.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the main interface where you can find a six-story building. You will be empowered to maneuver the elevator that will allow you to transport people from one floor to another. Simply using the Up and Down Arrow keys to manipulate the elevator’s movement. There are three types of customers in this game and they will vary only in terms of their sizes (small, medium and large). The elevator can only accommodate three small customers or its equivalent (1 medium 1 small ; 1 large). The customer will start to arrive in random and unexpected floor so you just have to come up with a great strategy of handling them all while prevent the floors from being overcrowded, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end.

What makes the game really interesting is the fact that you will soon encounter customers with special abilities and behaviors. Those with heart signs are looking for their respective partners before they will decide to move out! Same thing is applied to those customers with music signs. Ghosts and zombies has special effects too as they can scare all the customers away (which can be very beneficial when almost all floors are already crowded). The mechanics of the game are apparently very simple yet the player is still encouraged to apply the most effective strategy and exert the best of his eye and hand coordination in order to maximize the number of winnings. Overall, this game is simple yet undeniably fun and entertaining.

Whack The Burglars

From the makers of Whack Your Neighbor, Brutal Studio, comes another oddly satisfying murder game! Whack the Burglars is a physics based puzzle game in which your main objective is to prevent the burglars from stealing your money by finding all the possible ways of killing them using the random items in your room. We do hate burglars but and in this game, we finally have the chance to teach them a lesson and give them what exactly they deserve! Well, we can simply say that these burglars, unfortunately hit the wrong house! If you are up for more bloody whacking, then feel free to play this game at CrazyGames and see how far you can go.

Much like any of the previous Whack It games, Whack The Burglars has no limit. You can play the game without any time pressure at all. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a scene where you can start interacting with the objects. Simply hover your mouse on top of each item and once highlighted in red, it means that you can use this item for killing. Click the item and just wait for the scenes to take place. Please be mindful that the game involves bloody scenes and merely about violence so it may not be advisable for young players. Nevertheless, the game is undeniably fun and enjoyable and considering that there is an overwhelming amount of ways to kill the burglars, this game will definitely keep you away from getting bored.

Interestingly, aside from the single items that you can instantly use, you will encounter items that should be combined with another item to make them functional. However, please be mindful that luck will not always be on your way especially when you encounter a three-item combo. Here, you must carefully guess the third item, otherwise, your character will be killed. Take note that there are three burglars in your house and you must deal with them one after another. Once you unlocked all the kill combos on the living room, you will soon earn an access to the Kitchen where the other burglar is hiding. Completing the kitchen kills will unlock the “Savage the Burglar” mode where you can control your dog and allow him to brutally kill the last burglar! Overall, Whack The Burglar is simple yet surprisingly entertaining physics based game. Have fun!