Don’t Make A Box

I guess the straight-forward title of this game by Jim Miles is good and clear enough to tell you what exactly you should NOT do while playing this game! The instruction is very clear “DO Not MAKE A Box!” Generally, this is considered as a grid game that will take your classic “Tic Tac Toe” into an all new level! Your goal in this game is to win over your computer generated opponent and that is by refraining yourself to make a box (when you make four adjacent blocks connected 2×2). Whoever creates a box will lose the game and the game will also come to a quick end! If you are an avid fan of “Tic Tac Toe” or “XOX”, then this game fits you well!

Don’t Make A Box might work the same way with the classic Tic Tac Toe but it offers an entirely different approach. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a standard 5 x 5 grid. You have the choice whether to go first or second. Simply click any of the black box on the screen to make your move. The clicked block will turn red to signify that it is already occupied and the opponent must pick another block. It is going to be a turn-based battle and will last until a box was created either by you or by your computer generated opponent.

It is very ideal to visualize the puzzle carefully before making any moves and try to establish the most effective strategy to maximize your chances in winning. Interestingly, you have no time limit in this game so you can think as long as you want. Take note that you are dealing with a computer generated opponent so chances are, the mistakes could be minimal. If there is one thing that could make this game even more engaging, it would be a two player system which allows you to play with your friends using the same keyboard in the same turn-based system or better yet a multiplayer online feature with a scoreboard system. A level by level campaign could be an ideal addition to this game too. Nevertheless, Don’t Make A Box is a simple yet entertaining puzzle game that you should definitely give a try! Have fun!

The Uncertainty Principle

The Uncertainty Principle by Radmar will take you to an eerie intergalactic adventure of a man who found himself trapped in an infested spaceship. The Uncertainty Principle is generally a decision making game where all you need is to decide between the two given option in order to progress to the next scene. There will be a minimal interaction in this game and you just have to press either the left of right arrow key. What really makes the game more interesting is the fact that you can come up with different ending depending on what choice you make. You could either escape the infested shuttle or you might get eaten alive by the aliens.

Appearance wise, this game actually reminds me of Mateusz Skutnik’s Submachine series in terms of how enigmatic the environment is. It is also accompanied by eerie music which makes your adventure even more satisfying. Unfortunately, no further details were mentioned about your character and how you end up in such creepy situation but despite of the missing feature which could have made the game flow more exciting, the gameplay itself is good enough to give you a thrilling experience. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted into an eerie room that is seemingly destroyed by an unknown creature.

Interestingly, you can also choose both direction (by hitting both keys at the same time) and enter a split timeline. This is where two screens will be projected and you will be transferred from one scene to another. If you choose a split timeline and you failed to the first screen, you can still continue with the remaining screen. Please be mindful that you will also encounter different creature which looks can be very deceiving. You will have option either to free, shoot or just leave them behind. Take note that your fate will depend on your decisions but the fact that this is more of a “game of chances”, you cannot really predict what will happened right after a decision was made which makes the game more thrilling. Feel free to play this game and see what kind of fate awaits you!

Mystic Temple

Although it sounds really fascinating, we cannot deny the fact that every time we are talking about ancient temples, we are also talking about the possible dangers ahead. In Mystic Temple, we will be taken into a journey of a tourist who just find himself in a breathtaking adventure after entering an enchanting ancient temple. Instead of finding a treasure, he found himself in great danger as the temple is inhabited by a monstrous plant-like creature. Now, you must find your way out of the temple and try not to be caught by the monster’s deadly tentacles, otherwise your journey will come to a quick end.

Mystic Temple is just a simple endless running game but it is surprisingly challenging. Your main objective here is to get the highest score as possible and in order to do so, you must reach the farthest distance while avoiding all the obstacles you will encounter along the way. The game features a two button system where all you can do to deal with obstacles is either to jump or to slide under them. You can also use the Up and Down keys to move from one platform to another and also you can press them repeatedly (when prompted) to escape from obstacles. Your eye and hand coordination is very crucial in this game in order to maximize your survival.

What really makes the game more challenging is the fact that the temple guardian is constantly chasing you behind. Therefore, there is really not enough time for you to stay idle. You must move simultaneously while avoiding all obstacles ahead. Obstacles are not really fatal but they will greatly affect your speed as they will try to grab you which gives the guardian an opportunity to devour you. Rooms are changing dynamically every time you play which gives Mystic Temple a nice replay value! Appearance wise, the game will take you to a nice retro-inspired atmosphere that reminds you of those classic games like Prince of Persia and Pitfall! Feel free to explore this game and have fun!


Prepare yourself for another action packed wrestling game that you will definitely enjoy. Wrassling is one of the latest games by CrazyGames. It is generally a fighting game in which your main goal is to wrestle against other “wrasslers” and beat them all to unlock all the features. To make it short, your goal is to become the last “wrassler” standing but that is not going to be an easy peasy job as it requires an extensive skills, quick reflexes and an impressive eye and hand coordination in order to maximize your chances in winning. If you think you have what it takes to become the next “Wrassling” champion, then get your fingers ready and play this game to see how far your “wrassling” skills can take you.

This game actually reminds me of Oleg Skutt’s Drunken Wrestlers and Otto Ojala’s Wrestle Jump except for the fact that this game is made simpler and also made with pixelated graphics which somehow provides a nice retrogaming experience. It is even matched with a catchy 8bit sound which makes the game more enjoying. Before the game begins, you will have to choose your preferred game mode. These game modes are possibly one of the game’s interesting highlights which includes a Single Player campaign, Boss mode, Two Player Cooperative and Two Player Versus mode. In addition to that, you can also select or customize your own wrassler. They will only vary in terms of their colors and the type of hat they are wearing (if any). Once done setting up, you will be prompted immediately to the battle ring. Unlike your typical wrestling game, this one is not about knocking out the opponent (there is no life system here on the first place) but to bring or throw the opponent outside the ring to score points.

As far as the game controls are concerned, your wrassler’s movement is somehow limited. You can move on both side of the ring using the left and right key and rotate the arm using Z or X keys. Player 2 has a different set of keys. You may not have any special skills but you can improve your power by pressing the Z or X key a little longer. Another thing that makes this game a lot more engaging are the unlockable hats. Each hat has their own requirement before you can unlock them and you might either be required to beat certain amount of players or you must beat the boss. You can always customize your character in between each battle. This unlockable achievement provides a nice replay value to the game. Much like Drunken Wrestler and Wrestle Jump, watching these wrasslers going wild and insane on stage is pretty much amusing which makes this game a lot more enjoyable and fun to play with!