Running Fred

With its highly appealing 3D environment, surprisingly addictive gameplay and highly unpredictable rate of difficulty, you can confidently say that Running Fred is indeed a good game! Running Fred is an endless running game in which your main objective is to get the highest score as possible by simply running as far as you possibly can without being killed by the obstacles that you will encounter along the way. The game is more like a simplified version of Temple Run with a Crash Bandicoot approach on it. It is generally a very simple game but it features a frustratingly challenging obstacles that made this game a lot more entertaining.

Running Fred is an endless running game which works the same way with Temple Run and other games that fall in the same category. As soon as the game begins, your character Fred will start running autonomously and the only actions you can manipulate is his ability to run on both sides of the given screen and his ability to jump over the obstacles. Based on how the game looks, it is seemingly an unfinished project but it actually shows a lot of potential that this could be a big game and it can be a successful mobile application if developers decided to improve it and add more options into it. Nevertheless, this game is undeniably worth playing.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to an endless platform that features an overwhelming amount of deadly obstacles. These obstacles may be in form of spikes, pits, circular saws, hammers and all kinds of brutal obstacles that you can imagine! Your character has no special abilities and in order to survive, all you need to do is to skillfully evade these obstacles. Some obstacles will just knock you down a bit but will still inflict damage but once you sustained a lot, an evil armed with scepter will chase you from behind and will try to kill you. What really makes the game more challenging is the fact that stage will change dynamically every time you repeat the game. This particular feature do not just provide a nice replay value but it also make the game more unpredictable as a whole!

Soccer Legends 2016

From the makers of some epic flash games including the Moto X3M and Nutty game series, MadPuffers came up with a very engaging sports game that you will definitely enjoy! Soccer Legends 2016 is a highly entertaining soccer game that features a parodied versions of your favorite soccer teams that were all gathered for this one entertaining flash game. Much like the typical online soccer games, your main objective here is to win over your opponent by setting the most number of goals within the given set of time frame. Soccer Legends 2016 has so many wonderful and unique features to offer that no other soccer games could provide and if you think you can be the next Soccer Legend, then feel free to explore this sports game at Crazy Games and see how far your skills can take you.

It is very interesting to note that Soccer Legends can be played in many different modes. You can play the game in its main campaign (single player) or you can play the game through its Two Player mode. You can also play it via Quick Match. Once the main campaign is chosen, you can pick between the Tournament or Random Matches. Tournament is done in a level by level basis but the only way to progress to the finals is by outscoring and winning over your opponent because if you lose, you have no choice but to go back from the very beginning. Prior to the actual game, you will be prompted first to the team selection page. It features a parodied version of your favorite Soccer teams. Each team is only composed of two players which will vary in terms of their special ability. One has this so-called Supershot technique while the other one has the ability to teleport.

You also have the option to choose whether you want a 1:1 match or a Tag Match (both players can be controlled) or if you are brave enough, you can play the 1:2 battle where you will be opposing against two players. Gameplay wise, Soccer Legends 20416 somehow reminds me of the Soccer Heads series but in a modified way. The controls are very responsive and the characters are very easy to maneuver which makes this game even more enjoyable. Not to mention the game’s visually stunning environment and comical approach! In addition to that, the game also features unlockable Achievements and interactive leaderboard system which adds great replay value to it! Overall, Soccer Legends 2016 is a very entertaining and surprisingly addictive game that even non-soccer fan will greatly enjoy! Have fun!

Brick Smash

A group of brick games inside a break game? Is that even possible? Brick Smash is probably one of the most unique Breakout-inspired game that you will ever encounter. Generally, the game works the same with the classic Breakout game but with one big twist! Each block has a small breakout game inside and the only way to break them is when the bricks inside those blocks were cleared! It is simple yet surprisingly tricky and challenging and that makes this game really special! Your main objective here is to clear all the blocks on the screen as quick as possible in order to get a satisfying rating in return! If you are an avid fan of Breakout, then this game is absolutely made for you!

If you have mastered the breakout game, then this one will surely give you a new challenge. Here’s how it works, as soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a screen where there are 16 colorful blocks to break. Much like the original brick game, you will have a movable paddle and a ball. Once the ball starts bouncing, you must move the paddle on left and right (by hovering the mouse) in order to catch it. You must prevent the ball from falling into borderline, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the same game back from the very beginning. What really makes it more interesting is that each black has its own paddle too which moves the same way you move the bigger paddle.

Once the ball touches a block, a small ball inside that block will appear. A block will only be destroyed if all the small blocks were cleared within. Once a block is crashed, it will produce another bouncing ball which gives you a lot more advantage in clearing other blocks. Appearance wise, Brick Smash is presented in a very simple manner yet it is accompanied with a very engaging music which changes dynamically depending on the movements done by the bouncing balls. The game is generally simple yet surprisingly addictive! Your score will be based on the amount of time you have spent (the lesser the better) and also the amount of remaining bouncing balls on the screen! Have fun!

Pixel Warfare 4

The war isn’t over yet! Pixel Warfare is back for another action packed shooting adventure! Much like its predecessors, Pixel Warfare 4 is a multiplayer shooting game in which your main objective is to win over your opponents by shooting and killing your enemies and by preventing yourself from being killed! If you are an avid fan of multiplayer first person shooting games like Counter Strike or Modern Warfare, then this game will surely fits you well. The game works the same way with Modern Warfare but will take you to a world that is merely inspired from Mojang’s Minecraft! It was indeed an unusual combination yet the unique concept turned out pretty impressive and surprisingly addictive! If you think you have what it takes to win this battle, then feel free to explore this game and see how far your shooting skills can take you.

As far as the mechanics and gameplay are concerned, nothing much was changed to the game except for the new maps to explore. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the Room Selection page which allows you to pick your preferred room. Each room is created by a player and will vary in terms on many things including the amount of online players allotted per room, the map chosen, the type of battle and the type and amount of weapons each player can use. Please keep in mind that you can also create your own room and customize the battle based on your very own preferences. Once accepted in the room, you will have the option to pick between the good or the bad guys.

Once you have your group, you will be prompted to the battlefield and you can start to wander. Weapons can be changed by hitting the designated numbers. You can navigate the stage anywhere you want but you just have to be cautious to prevent the enemies from killing you, otherwise, a point will be given to the opposing team and you will spawn randomly on an unexpected area in the battlefield. The team who got the most number of kills or the first one to reach the target number of kills will win the game. Overall, this edition of Pixel Warfare is truly an addictive FPS that you can confidently add on top of your game list!

Cupcake Snake

Remember those days when smartphones and laptops are not yet in the mainstream? Yes, people are more engaged with their mobile phones and if they want to have fun, then will simply go to their mobile game setting and play one of the most iconic game in history, the classic Snake! Unfortunately, with all the hardcore games we got today, Snake’s popularity started to decline. Snake is probably not as hardcore compare to the games we have today but we cannot deny the fact that it is a kind of game that is so hard to forget. Interestingly, many indie game developers are adopting the classic concept of snake and create an interesting version of their own much like this game called Cupcake Snake. A snake game with a nice twist! If you managed to score high in your mobile phone, then you might want to test your skills in this game and see how far you can go.

As what the title of the game connotes, you will play a snake who is seemingly obsessed with cupcakes. Your goal is to make it through all the challenging levels and reach the exit without killing yourself. Much like your typical Snake game, you must prevent the head from hitting any walls or other obstacles along the way. Hitting the tail, however, could be an exemption. Hitting the tail will not kill you but your length will be decreased which could affect your progress in this game. Instead of pellets, you will encounter cupcakes along the way and each level will feature a limited amount of them (they do not reappear once consumed). Once consumed, the length of the snake will increase and the longer your length is, the easier for you to unlock the exit.

Unlocking the exit is what makes the game more challenging. The exit is usually blocked by two doors with two varying colors. In order to unlock them, you must slither around predefined platforms and stay there until your head reaches the exit. Therefore, you must visualize the stage carefully and try to establish the most effective strategy to maximize you winnings. Otherwise, you might find yourself playing the same level over and over again. The game control could be very tricky too. You can only move or slither by pressing the left and right keys and you’re not following any grids as well which requires you to analyze your movement to prevent you from heading to improper direction and hit the walls or obstacles along the way. Overall, Cupcake Snake is a sweet homage to the iconic game and absolutely fun to play with!