PickledBrain‘s Shifty will take you to a very unique adventure. In this stealth game, your mission is to steal money from the people while preventing yourself from being caught. The concept of the game may not be suitable for children but despite of its negative influence, Shifty is surprisingly entertaining and fun. The game doesn’t follow any plot which could have made it even more engaging but despite of the missing details, Shifty offers a lot of wonderful features that players will surely enjoy.

One of the game’s most interesting highlights of this game is the visually stunning graphics. It is presented in a well-polished 3D atmosphere with engaging boxhead-inspired interactive avatars (simple people images taken from Unity Asset Store). As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to an enclosed space. The settings will take place on a crowded park where you’ll find random people walking around. Each of them is provided with limited field of vision that you must be cautious of (just think of the stealth mode in Metal Gear Solid game). If you go near an avatar, a pop up box will appear which will offer you two option. You can pick between Pickpocket or Shift.

As what the term suggests, Pickpocket allows you to steal money from people. It takes 5 seconds before you can earn the money but you have to make sure that no one caught you during the process, otherwise, the alarm will be triggered and the cops will start to chase you. This is where the Shift will become handy. Once the alarm is triggered, the Wanted poster will be shown on the screen showing your physical appearance. Shift allows you to replicate the person’s suit, preventing you from being caught. If there are things needed to be improved in this game, it is most likely the addition of sound or music and also an interactive leaderboard system. Other than that, Shifty is an impressive game that you can confidently include on your game list!

Rogue Soul 2

Deadpool is not the only cool Anti-hero in red! Meet Borin Hood, your unlikely hero who went on a mission not to save people but to gather money and loots from pesky goons. The character is basically a parody to classic Robin Hood but presented in a very interesting twist. Rogue Soul 2 is a sequel to the original game but offers a vast of wonderful changes which makes this game a lot more engaging. Your mission is to guide your character, flee across the streets, fight against an overwhelming amount of enemies you will encounter along the way and collect as many gold coins (which is better known in this game as “soulons”) as possible to earn high score and earn money to buy necessary upgrades in return.

Unlike its predecessor, Rouge Soul 2 doesn’t follow any plot but the gameplay is notably more polished than the first one. From a highly progressive running game, Rouge Soul 2 is now played in a level by level basis but you can retake the levels as many times as you want to earn more money and also to unlock achievements. Interestingly, the game is done and played in a strict linear progression in which your character will be coming from the far left side of the screen. In the entire course of this game, all you do is to run, jump, slide, glide, stomp, slash, and gather more loots. In addition to that, you are also encouraged to free hostages along the way to earn Star points.

Appearance wise, Rouge Soul 2 offers a visually stunning interface matched with hilarious animation for the players to enjoy, much like the other games by Soul Studio. In addition to that, the game offers a lot of engaging features including a lot of unlockable achievements, a bunch of upgradable items and customizable options. Every time you complete a level, you will be prompted back to the map screen which will also give you access to to Shop, Skin and Soul Book. Shop allows you to buy various upgrades, power ups and additional special moves. Skins , on the other hand , allows you to customize your character’s appearance by changing its costume, weapon, projectiles and parachute and they can only be purchased using the Stars earned per level instead of the Soulons.

Since the levels can be played again, it gives the game a great replay value which is really important to prevent players from getting bored. Overall, Rogue Soul 2 is a perfect game that will capture the best of player’s interest. With its solid gameplay, impressive animation, commendable replay value and longevity, Rouge Soul 2 is a kind of game that you can confidently include on top of your game list! Have fun!

Temple Shifters

Temple Shifters will take your classic Sokoban game into an all new level!
This tile-based puzzle game will take you to an eerie yet mind twisting puzzle game that will put your skills and knowledge on a great test. Much like a classic Sokoban, your goal in this game is to move your characters (instead of boxes) to their designated slots on the given maze. However, unlike the typical Sokoban, Temple Shifters offers challenging twists because the characters can have the ability to transform into an Ogre, a serpent or a phantom and the player must figure out how to use each skills effectively to complete the puzzle.

Temple Shifters is a compo entry submitted by “sftrabbit” for the on going Ludum Dare challenge. Interestingly, this game will take you to a series of challenging and mind twisting levels. The mechanics are very simple yet the player is strongly encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully in order to maximize your chances in winning, otherwise, you might end up repeating the same level over and over again until you managed to make it through. Luckily, each level has no time limit and the moves are not being counted either.

The rate of difficulty for this game is drastically increasing as you progress. Please me mindful that the characters can transform in four different personalities. The warriors are the most basic form has the ability to move statues. Ogres (green) has the ability to pull statues while Serpents (Red) are resistant to fire. Phantoms (blue) on the other hand can teleport from one place to another. Graphic wise, Temple Shifter is presented in a simple yet neat pixel-art environment and adorned with eerie and very appropriate music. With its well polished gameplay, nostalgic visuals, and tricky puzzles, Temple Shifters is truly worth playing with.

Gramp’s Ride

Just because you are old doesn’t mean you can no longer put yourself in an adventure! In this game, we will follow a story of a grandfather who just wanted to spend time with hi grandson but unfortunately, he got swallowed by a video game. Now, he must find his way out of this Mario-esque platformer. Gramp’s Ride is an entertaining platformer game that will take you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. If you enjoyed Mario Game, then Gramp’s Ride will take you to a very identical atmosphere but in a very simplistic approach.

It is undeniable that Gramp’s Ride is merely inspired from Mario game. Your goal is to make your way to the exit by jumping from one platform to another while preventing yourself from being killed by the Goomba-like creatures that you will encounter along the way. Aside from passing through all the challenges, you are also encouraged to collect poker chips along the way in order to earn Gold for each level. Like any other platformer game, you can move the character using the cursor keys. You can stomp over the Goomba-like enemies and even though they all look different, most of them can be killed by one hit except for the boss.

Please be mindful that you are only given with 300 seconds per level and failing to complete it on time will put your game on a quick end and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning. Same thing will happen if you lose all your life points. It is also interesting to note that you can always buy boosters every time you pause the game which includes items like Jetpack, magnet, super pills and shield. Interestingly, players can also unlock bonus levels only if they completed all the stages and earn Gold.

Overall, Gramp’s Ride is just a wonderful homage to the classic Mario game. It is presented in a visually stunning and neat graphics and is accompanied by a wonderful music. It may lack on originality in terms of the gameplay and it may not have any other special features to offer but this game is entertaining enough for the players to enjoy! After all, it is not everyday we see a cool grampa in such insanely wonderful adventure right?

A game doesn’t need a hardcore mechanics or a visually stunning atmosphere for the players to enjoy. Sometimes, simplicity is great enough to make a game so addicting much like what Slitherio has to offer. Slitherio is a game that is merely inspired from two other popular games, Snake and Agario. It shares the same mechanics with where your task is to enter a huge wasteland and grow your size by either collecting glowing orbs or by consuming other players. The whole theme , however is inspired from the classic Snake game but delivered in a more interesting approach.

The mechanics for this game are very simple and easily manageable yet the player is strongly encouraged to establish an effective strategy to maximize his chances in winning. Your task is to take control of your snake and make it grow as long as possible by collecting orbs along the way! Please keep in mind that this is not going to be an easy challenge because you will be dealing with real online players in one stage. Each of them has the ability to consume players that are smaller in size and therefore, you must refrain yourself from being entrapped or eaten by bigger players. Interestingly, prior to the actual game and much like the game, you will be entitled to customize your slither’s skin based on your own preferences. Once done, you will now be prompted to the wasteland where the battle for survival will take place.

The game can actually be played in two different platforms, you can either play it on mobile or on PC. Personally, I prefer the game to be played in PC as it offers a wider visibility, allowing you to track nearby enemies. I also like to note that players can take advantage of the map which allows you to check which place is densely populated or not. As far as the game controls are concerned, you can move the slither by simply hovering your mouse. The slither will follow the movement of your cursor. When in danger, you can also do sprints by clicking and holding the left mouse button. Generally, the more orbs you consumed, the greater the size you will get. You can also increase your wait dramatically by consuming other players, only if you are bigger than their size. Once a slither is killed, they will leave an ample amount of orbs which could also be a great advantage! Much like, this game offers a highly addictive approach that will keep you wanting more! Good luck and have fun!