The Aberration Inside

When it comes to escape games genre, Psionic Games never failed to deliver a high quality game. They have brought some of the greatest point and click escape games in 3D including those highly acclaimed series like Being One and Killer Escape. Both series are known for their enigmatic atmosphere and mind boggling puzzles that will test the player’s skills and knowledge up to their edge. Aliens, blood and eerie atmosphere are the trademark of Psionic Games and these are exactly what we are about to expect from their newest escape games: The Aberration Inside. Be prepared to embark yourself in one creepy adventure as you enter a place that is seemingly inhabited by unearthly creatures like you have never seen before! If you are brave enough to explore this place, then feel free to play this game and see how far you can last!

The Aberration Inside follows a story of a man who is mysteriously drawn by an unknown force to a place that is seemingly inhabited by alien-like creatures. Whoever or whatever brought you to that place remains a mystery. Your main objective is to unveil the mystery behind this creepy place on earth and also to find your way out. Much like any of Psionic Games, The Aberration Inside is a point and click escape game. In the entire course of the game, the player is encouraged to collect items, gather clues and solve numerous mind twisting puzzles. You are encouraged to exert the best of your visual reflexes and also to observe very keenly to prevent overlooking important items or clues. You can easily identify if the item is interactable or not by hovering your cursor on top of them. If an item is clickable, then it means that you can either collect or examine such object.

All the items you collected will be sent to your inventory but I would love to note that you are armed with four tools by default including rope & grappling hook, lockpicks, ice axe and a knife. Each has their own function and can be used infinitely throughout the game. Aside from the goal to escape out of the creepy dungeon, you are also required to collect all the 9 tablets. Take note that the amount of tablets you collected will dictate your fate! The game offers different endings depending on how you completed your quest. In addition to this, you are also encouraged to collect special items like Snake fangs and gems which also offer a great impact to your ending. Appearance wise, this game will surely not disappoint at all. The Aberration Inside offers a visually stunning yet highly enigmatic atmosphere which is accompanied by eerie music and sounds which makes your adventure a lot more thrilling. Enjoy and Good luck! took you in a microscopic world while brought you to a creepy and unfair world of crawlers where only the best and the strongest have the chance to survive. This time, another game will take you to an action packed adventure where only the fittest wins! is not a game about birds but a survival challenge that is related with planes (aircrafts to be specific). Much like the other .io games I have mentioned above, follows the same format but in a different perspective. Your goal is to take control of your selected aircraft and battle against your opponent and destroy as many planes as you can. It is going to be a multi directional shooter game with limitless possibilities. If you think you can be the last fighter standing, then feel free to explore this game and see how far your shooting skills can take you.

Simple yet surprisingly addictive! This is how you can perfectly describe It offers a very simplistic game interface featuring simple and seemingly identical animation yet the game’s multiplayer feature makes more engaging and addictive. Before sending you to the airfield, you are empowered to customize your plane including the type of decal and color you want your plane to look like. Once done, you are now prompted to the battle where you can move freely by using your mouse. Simply hover the cursor of your mouse to the direction you want your plane to move. Shooting, on the other hand, is done by hitting the spacebar simultaneously. Overall, the mechanics are very simple yet the player is strongly encouraged to exert the best of their visual reflexes and to show off the best of their eye and hand coordination to maximize your chances of survival.

Please keep in mind that you are not dealing with computer-generated enemies but real time online players (each got their own strategy to win). To make your aircraft more efficient in the battle, it is very ideal to take advantage with the power ups which are dropping from the sky from time to time. These “power ups” carried by parachutes include the ability to drop bombs, wider fire projectiles, longer fire range and a whole lot more. These abilities however will only last for a limited time so better take advantage of it. Once a warship sustained too much damage, your game will come to a quick end but you are entitled to continue as many times as you want. On the top left corner lies a leaderboard chart that displays the top ten players which makes this game a lot more engaging and addictive!

Pixel Warfare 5

Pixel Warfare 5 screenshot

The war is not yet over! Pixel Warfare is back with a vast number of interesting improvements. Pixel Warfare 5 is the newest addition to the series which offers the same mechanics but in a well polished gameplay, more visually stunning environment and new maps to explore. Much like its predecessors, Pixel Warfare 5 is more likely to be considered as a parody game. It is a first person shooting game that is greatly inspired from two of the biggest games today. Appearance wise, the animation were merely taken from Mojang’s Minecraft yet the overall gameplay were inspired from the Modern Warfare, thus the game is aptly named as Pixel Warfare. Although inspired from two big games, Pixel Warfare is not affiliated with any of the two big franchise. Your goal here is similar to a typical Modern Warfare game, you will join a team and your mission is to kill as many enemies as possible and also by refraining your character from being shot and killed.

What really makes this series more special is the fact that it is not just a typical first person shooter game. Aside from its overwhelming cuteness considering that you are taking control of a Minecraft-Inspired avatar, the game is generally a multiplayer real time strategy team-based battle. This means that you are not competing against computer generated opponents but real online players. Prior to the battle, you will b asked to choose a server. These servers are created by players with settings and rules that they personally customized. You can also create your own room and establish your own rules. After selecting a room, you now have the option to pick your desired team. Once done, you are now ready to battle and explore the selected battlefield.

Interestingly, the weapons’ availability will depend on the settings set by the room creator. Knife is the most basic weapon available but you can switch from one weapon to another if they are available. Weapons have infinite ammunition but they will vary in terms of their fire rate, damage, range and magazine capacity. You can navigate the stage anywhere you want but you just have to be cautious to prevent the enemies from killing you, otherwise, a point will be given to the opposing team and you will spawn randomly on an unexpected area in the battlefield, making you quite vulnerable. The game will only end if a team managed to reach the required number of kills. This means that no matter how effective you are , the victory will still depend on the team work. To make your team more efficient, it is very ideal to take advantage of the game’s chatting system which allows you to communicate with other players. Overall, the game, much like its predecessors, is a great one that is truly addictive and fun.