Have you ever played that mind twisting Sudoku Puzzles? How about those brain-draining Griddlers (Nanograms)? Well, if you enjoyed playing this game, why not play them both in one gaming platform? If you were able to master either the Sudoku or Griddlers alone, well you might consider taking it up to another level and challenge yourself by playing Rullo, a game that managed to combine both elements from these two challenging puzzles. The rules of Rullo are very simple yet it is surprisingly challenging which deeply requires a lot of analyzation in order to solve each mind boggling puzzles. The aim of the game is to solve all the puzzles by successfully identifying which numbers should be left and which one should be removed in order to match the numbers that can be found on the side of the grid much like how the classic nanogram puzzles are being played.

Unlike Nanogram, however, the game is not aiming to reveal hidden pictures since the grid are not filled with empty boxes but by random numbers and this is where the Sudoku elements come in. Therefore, the game will require you to perform basic mathematical operations in order to match the right numbers. Here’s how the game works. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the level selector where you can choose the difficulty you prefer. The levels will vary depending on the size of the grid and the amount of numbers involved. After selecting the puzzle, you will be prompted immediately to game grid. Each edge will showcase numbers which simply indicates the sum needed. The center grid on the other hand will feature random numbers. All you need it to tick or untick each number until you get the correct result. You must obtain the correct sum of numbers horizontally and vertically (much like how Sudoku puzzles are played).

The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. The bigger the grid the more complicated the game will become. As you can see, the mechanics are very simple yet finding the right solution takes a lot of analyzing and calculations. The player is strongly encouraged to visualize the puzzles carefully and try his best to come up with the most effective strategy in order to maximize his chances in winning. I personally think that it is very ideal to take those higher sums a priority than those smaller numbers. The game is not being scored nor being timed but since you can take the puzzles no matter how many times you want, it gives Rullo an impressive replay value. In addition to its classic and main campaign, you can also play the game in its Endless mode which offers a much unpredictable puzzles with seemingly challenging solutions. Good luck and have fun!

The Soul Stone Escape

If you have been following Esklavos games, then you can confidently tell that they never failed to give amusing escape games. They are the one behind some of those highly acclaimed point and click escape games like Big Totem series, The Ballad of Ketinetto, Inspector Kloo and a whole lot more. As an addition to this collection of amazing escape games, here comes a new game that will surely put your skills and your knowledge on a great test. The Soul Stone Escape is a point and click escape game that follows a story of a man whose soul is seemingly trapped on a block of stone. Your mission is to help him escape from such mysterious curse and you can only do so by finding the so-called Soul Stone. If you are up for another mystical adventure, then feel free to play the Soul Stone escape and see how far you can go!

The Soul Stone Escape, much like the rest of the Esklavos games share the same interesting graphics. It features an enigmatic yet magical atmosphere which is accompanied with well-fitting music. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted into a room that features an old man telling a story to a curly-haired girl lying on the bed. This is where your journey will begin. You will soon discover a block of stone which can be found on the book shelf who is surprisingly talking. It turned out, a soul is trapped inside the stone and he will beg for your help to find the magic soul stone to free him out. In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to collect various items, gather different clues and solve numerous logical puzzles along the way. The player is strongly encouraged to visualize the scenes carefully and pay attention to every detail to prevent himself from overlooking any valuable clues or items to collect.

All the interactions will be done via mouse clicks. You can always look for the hotspots to identify which items can be interacted or examined and which one to collect. All the items collected will be sent directly to your inventory located on the upper most portion of the screen. Some items can be used multiple times while others must be combined to another item in order for them to be functional. The difficulty of each puzzle will range from simple to mind boggling. Some puzzles are truly challenging and tricky yet it feels really rewarding once you find the right solution to it. Clues are scattered everywhere and you just have to observe very keenly. Overall, The Soul Stone Escape is just another interesting addition to Esklavos games. It is not connected to any of their series but it is still worth playing with! Have fun!

Robot Heist

Robot Heist is a simple yet surprisingly addictive puzzle game that allows you to explore a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. Robot Heist will surely bring you in such nostalgic gameplay as it features cool pixel art interface that will remind you of those classic 8Bits arcade game. It is even matched perfectly with 8Bit inspired music that makes the theme a lot more amusing. Generally, your main objective is to pass through all the levels by helping “Val” the robot to infiltrate the highly secured prison and reach her final destination without being caught nor being killed by the deadly mechanisms she will encounter along the way.

Robot Heist is a game developed by Ann Antrophy which follows a story of a robot named Valerie who goes by the alias “Vertibot” and her action packed mission to infiltrate a highly secured facility. Valerie is known as Vertibot for one main reason, she is only capable of pushing things vertically. As far as the gameplay is concerned, Robot Heist is merely inspired from the classic Sokoban but with some twist. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a maze-like field which is changing dynamically per level. The mission is to guide the robot all the way to the exit that will prompt you to the next level. Reaching this sport, however, is quite a big challenge as you need to pass through an overwhelming amount of obstacles and enemies along the way.

It is very interesting to note that you will soon be accompanied by another robot. Horibot will accompany you in your mission as you progress but unlike Vertibot, Horibot’s capabilities are exactly the opposite of Val because he can only move things horizontally, thus the name Horibot. You have the ability to switch from one robot to another by pressing designated keys. The rate of difficulty will increase drastically as you progress. Obstacles and other challenging mechanisms will soon appear which makes the puzzle a lot more difficult and thrilling at the same time. Luckily, you are no longer encouraged to collect items and there is no scoring system to base with. You also have no time limit to reach and your top most priority is nothing more but to complete all the levels as safe as possible. In case you got killed, you can simply restart the game (R key) and you’ll spawn back to the last level! Good luck and have fun!

Remember the time when the games are composed of a very simple interface yet they offer a very addictive and undeniably challenging gameplay? Think Tetris or Pacman or… If you do, then you are very lucky as you managed to experience those amazing era of gaming history. As much as we all want to appreciate those hardcore and visually remarkable graphics in video games, the complexity of their gameplay somehow became a downside as most people find it quite unplayable. Interestingly, some games today are trying to bring those classic games back into the mainstream but they added a modern touch to it which makes it a lot more entertaining. is just a perfect example of these new games that are merely inspired from classic and iconic video games. This will surely bring so much nostalgia especially to those who grew up loving games like Xonix, Pac-Xon and any game alike.

Generally, is a multiplayer online game that is solely based from Xonix or Qix game but it is done in an all new approach. It follows the same goal but this time, you are dealing with real online players and you are playing on the same field much like how and were presented. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the gamefield. It is a gridded arena where movements are done in linear progression. The main goal is nothing more but to survive and to conquer as much land as possible. Each player will have their own color which is randomly generated by the system. You can freely move to the field using the arrow keys but much like the classic Qix game, you have to be very cautious of your movement. To conquer a land, you must move away from your marked or colored base and create a trail back to your area. If you managed to go back to your area, those trails that you left behind will be marked as an additional land.

However, if you are not yet in your zone, the character is very vulnerable. If you got touched by another player, you will die. Same thing will happen if you hit your own trail. Please be mindful that even you already conquered new areas, the opponents can still take them back so you better keep an eye to whoever enters your territory. Sharing the game via social media will give you a chance to unlock the block customization. Another interesting features of the game aside from being a multiplayer game system is the leaderboards. These score chart will provide this game an impressive replay value as it displays the different top charting records for the day and for the entire week. Overall, I personally find the game’s simplicity as its strongest point. It is addictive and absolutely fun to play with!

Flip Diving

flip diving screenshot

While many of us are embracing the hype of Pokemon Go, some are looking for a change! Flip Diving is definitely a game that will grab your attention! It offers a simple yet surprisingly entertaining gameplay that will take you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. As what the title of the game suggests, Flip Diving is merely about diving exhibition but in a rag doll edition. You main objective is to get the highest score as possible and you can only do so by doing insane flips while collecting coins in the process. If you think you are skillful enough to master this game , then feel free to explore Flip Diving at CrazyGames and see how far your skills can take you.

The game generally has a very simple interface but it has so many things to offer including the stages that are dynamically changing and a huge character selection as well. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to your selected stage where your selected character will position himself into the cliff. You can simply hover the cursor of your mouse to adjust the trajectory and click the left mouse button to jump. Gold coins are randomly scattered on the stage and you are greatly encouraged to collect them in order to get a higher score in return. Collecting them is not necessary to make it through the next level though. As long as you managed to jump safely, then you will be prompted to the next stage unless it was an unsuccessful attempt. Hitting the cliff for an instance is considered as failure.

Collecting gold coins is not just done to earn points and higher ratings. The money you collected can also be used to purchase upgrades including the new tricks that your character can perform. New tricks will make your diver a lot more efficient in his stunts which also allow him to reach those unreachable areas. The simplicity of the gameplay is actually the strongest point of Flip Diving. The game has a very commendable replayability as there are too many areas a player can explore including the proper execution of each tricks or stunts. The kind of addictiveness that this game has to offer is very similar to the approach or impact left by games like Flappy Bird. Flip Diving can be played via PC or you can also download it either via Android or iOS Phone. Good luck and have fun!