What will you do if you got stuck in a place that is filled with puzzles and mystery? Will you ever find your way out? Are you skillful and knowledgeable enough to surpass all those mind twisting and brain-draining puzzles? Well, if you think you are brave and skillful enough, then you might consider playing this game and see how far you can go. Passage is a simple yet surprisingly challenging puzzle game that will take you to a series of levels with varying range of difficulties that will surely put your skills and knowledge on a great test. As what the title of the game suggests, your main objective in this game is to open up the passages in order to proceed to the next level. In order to do so, you have to solve each puzzle by figuring out which items or mechanisms to interact with.

Passage is a short puzzle game created by LesBroufe for Ludum Dare. It is indeed a very short game with few levels to explore but despite of being short, the levels cannot be solved in an instant. The difficulty even at early levels is really overwhelming that it takes several attempts before someone can figure out the solution. Passage is not your typical platformer game. First of all, it offers a very engaging and neat visuals. The illustrations were kind of eerie which reminds me of Mateusz Skutnik’s game creations (Submachine and Gnomes to name a few). The enigmatic music and the well-fitting sound effects were both perfectly incorporated with the theme. Again, the main objective is to open the huge passage and you can do so by interacting with various mechanisms that are randomly scattered in each level.

You can move the character using the left and right arrow keys and jump from one platform to another using the space bar. Each level is merely filled with gears with various shapes and sizes. These gears are the mechanisms that you should activate in order to open the gates. Levers are scattered randomly and you just have to press the CTRL key to perform necessary actions (it only works when the character is located near the levers. The downside of the game however is the fact that there are only few levels to explore and since it offers one solution for each puzzle, it great affects the game’s replay value. Despite of these flaws, the game has so much potential and I can’t wait to see more of its future game developments!

Scrap GL

Race Cars, Loops and obstacles? With all these elements present in a game, you are probably expecting for an action packed race? Well, Scrap GL may look like one but it actually offers a very different approach that no other game from the same category has to offer. Scrap GL is interestingly a creative combination of a customizing and a stunt game. It is the newest addition to the Scrap Metal series but it offers a vast of impressive improvements for the player’s own delight. Your main objective in this game is to create your very own obstacle course using the items provided to you by default, lay them out based on your own preferences and pick among the luxury sports cars and drive them to see if you are skillful enough to win those obstacles you just made or not.

Scrap GL is generally considered as a freestyle game which means, the player is empowered to do anything with no rules or limitations applied. The game will begin by allowing the player to customize the field based on his very own preferences. The single player campaign will start off plotting the obstacles. The player can select among any of the given obstacle course like giant loops and various ramps. You can place these obstacles to any areas you preferred. You can rotate their position if you want to. After placing all the obstacles, you may now select to any of the three playable luxury sports cars. You can navigate the wide area and drive the cars as fast as you can. You can also switch from one car to another during the game.

The controls are notably manageable which allows the player to create their own stunts smoothly. Another interesting addition to this fourth sequel is the inclusion of the multiplayer mode. Yes, it is indeed a drastic change compare to its predecessors because you can finally interact with other online players in this game. The game also features an unlockable car. Please be mindful that this game is not being scored nor being timed and your top most priority here is nothing more but to execute all your stunts in a very impressive way as possible. Appearance wise, Scrap GL is presented in a visually stunning 3D graphics. It offers a well polished interface and well fitting sound effects to increase the player’s gaming experience. Scrap GL is an absolute wonderful game that is good enough to provide the right action and challenge that the player needs!

Miami Rex

The terror is seemingly not yet over! The treacherous t-rex is still alive and has become unstoppable threat not just in London and Los Angeles but to different parts of the world. Now, it is time for this hungry predator to conquer the seaport city of Miami! Well, you have nothing to be afraid of because on the first place, this game allows you to play not the victim but the predator itself. Miami Rex is a beat-em-up game (or should we more appropriately name it as Eat-Em-Up) where your goal is to destroy everything along your way. As a T-Rex, your job is to terrorize Miami, devour all the humans and destroy everything as possible. Aside from wrecking havoc, you will also have to face random enemies along the way. These enemies are mostly armed with weapon and can inflict direct damage to your character so you must be very cautious with them and prevent your t-rex from being killed.

If you have played the previous T-Rex games by Game Tornado, then you should know how exactly Miami Rex works but if not, allow me to give you brief information. Miami Rex actually follows the same mechanics from its predecessors. The game will be played in a strict linear progression where your character will start from the far left side and will travel all the way to the other end where the exit is located. Please be mindful that not because you reached the exit, the game is already over. You are actually required to eat every human in the game in order to finish the level. The movements and the controls are very manageable. You can move on both sides of the screen using the left and right keys and jump by pressing the Up key. While running, you can move the t-rex head by hovering the cursor of your mouse. You must aim for all the moving humans to consume them. This can also be applied to random objects such as cars, crates and barrels.

Non-living objects can be destroyed in the process and they will give you bonus points in return. The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. Policemen and their artilleries will soon dominate the area and their weapons can inflict damage to your dinosaur. Pay attention to your health bar located on the upper left corner of the game screen. If your character sustained too much damage, it will be killed and that will give you no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. Each level is rated from one to three star and it will all vary depending how well you performed. This includes the time of completion, amount of stamina left and amount of bonuses you acquired. Appearance wise, Miami Rex is not really different from the early games. It features the same visually stunning graphics and accompanied by well fitting music and sound effects. Have fun terrorizing the city!

Voxel of Evil

This game is actually as eerie as what the title sounds. Voxel of Evil is a very short yet worth playing game created by Eniimal as part of their entry for the Ludum Dare Challenge. In Voxel of Evil, your main objective is very simple yet surprisingly challenging. Your main goal is to navigate the eerie hall and exterminate the monsters that you will encounter along the way. With your trusty weapon, you must be able to survive this terror and find your way out. It is very interesting to note that the game is only done for 2 days or 48 hours but despite of the limited time, I personally think that the game was executed convincingly. With the stunning visuals, enigmatic atmosphere, well fitting effects and difficulty, Voxel of Evil will surely have lots of potential in its future developments.

The mechanics of the game are very simple and as what I have mentioned, you just have to navigate the small set of rooms and kill all the enemies you will meet along the way. However, despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, the challenge comes in when you start navigating the room. One of the most challenging parts of the game is the controls. You can move the character using the arrow keys you must accurately aim for the direction he is heading. Up key allows him to move forward, Down key to move backwards and the left and right to move on both sides. It takes a lot of practice to master the control and to allow yourself to navigate the rooms smoothly. If you are not familiar with the controls, it would be hard for you to evade the approaching monsters and might end up being killed. The process of shooting is also hard to execute as you need to aim (by positioning your character accurately to the enemy) and by Holding CTRL button while pressing the space to shoot.

Another challenging part of the game is the limited ammunition. You will be provided with limited amount of bullets to consume and you must make the most out of it, otherwise, you will get stuck in the game and you have no other option but to replay it and to go back from start. (Note: You will also encounter extra ammo in your starting point). Please be cautious as well that once you got spotted by an enemy, they will move continuously to chase you. The most engaging and probably the highlight of this simple game is the visually stunning graphics. The old film inspired interface made the game a lot more atmospheric. Generally, Voxel of Evil, despite of its downside in terms of longevity, is actually a great game and is absolutely worth playing with!

Smash Bash: Sukhov Vs Zombies

Embark yourself in an action packed horror survival shooting adventure with Smash Bash’s Sukhov Vs Zombies! The game follows a story of an untold journey of a Red Army hero named Fedor Sukhov who went on a fearless adventure to rescue his town from such huge catastrophe. The town was invaded by seemingly interminable number of zombies and it seems like the root of all this terror comes from an ancient machine. Your mission now is to unveil the secret of this mysterious machine and free your humble town from such nightmare. This journey , however, is not going to be easy especially that you are dealing with it alone and you are about to fight against an overwhelming amount of zombies. Are you skillful enough to win this battle? Are you brave enough to face the horror? If you think you can survive this catastrophe, then feel free to explore this game and see how far your skills can take you.

Sukhov Vs Zombies is a multidirectional shooter game with a touch of some elements of RPG. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the game field. Appearance wise, Sukhov Vs Zombies offers a visually stunning and somehow nostalgic interface. It has a pixilated environment which will absolutely reminds you of those classic RPG games. Not to mention the well-fitting music incorporated to it. The controls are very much manageable yet somehow require improvements. You can move around the screen using the WASD keys and you can shoot by hovering the mouse button ( to aim) and clicking the left mouse button to shoot. As soon as your journey begins, the zombies will start to approach you and they will come in random and unexpected places and therefore, you must be alert and cautious to prevent them from reaching you, otherwise, they can inflict damage to your character.

One thing that you must avoid in this battle is to be trapped and overwhelmed by the horde of flesh eating zombies. In order to prevent this from happening, it is very ideal for you to move aggressively so you can avoid these zombies more effectively. Please be mindful that your mission is not just about eliminating zombies but also solving mysteries behind their existence and also to fix the ancient machine (you’ll find the machine somewhere) and end this zombie infestation to save your town and bring it back to its former glory and harmony. Interestingly, you will be endowed with infinite ammunition but the gun must be reloaded from time to time. The longer you stay in the game, the more challenging it becomes. The zombies frequency will drastically increase and you need to be fast enough to survive, otherwise, you will get killed and it will give you no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. Overall, Smash Bash : Sukhov Vs Zombies is a very entertaining game and I just can’t wait for the possible sequel! Something to look forward to indeed!

Another Pretentious Game

Would you ever consider playing a game that proclaims itself as Pretentious? Well, if you have played Keybol’s Pretentious game trilogy, then you will definitely not hesitate to play this so-called Another Pretentious Game as this game will surprisingly put your skills and knowledge on a great test. The game’s simplicity is actually the game’s highest point. Your goal is to draw a line that will start to move automatically once the mouse button was released. The line must pop all the colored circles in order to clear the level. It may sound so simple which is true but the game is surprisingly mind twisting. In fact, you might find yourself playing the same level over and over just to find out the right solution for each puzzle.

Another Pretentious Game is game that is cleverly executed. It offers a very simple and mostly unexciting graphics yet the gameplay will took most of your attention and before you knew it, you are already spending hours playing the game. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a white screen with colored circles that are randomly located per level. To start, you have to draw a line by holding the left mouse button and by dragging the cursor to your preferred direction. Once done, simply release the mouse button and the line will start to move. The line usually moves on a wavy pattern in a repetitive motion. Once the line started to move, you can no longer manipulate its movement and you just have to wait whether it can manage to hit all the circles or not. If all the circles were hit (except the grey ones), then the level is clear and you will be prompted immediately to the next one but if not, you must replay the level until you managed to make it through.

The rate of difficulty will dramatically increase as you progress. You’ll start off with very easy set of levels but they will eventually become mind twisting that requires the player to analyze the puzzle carefully and to establish an effective strategy to maximize his winning. Some levels will feature Grey circles which you must avoid at all cost. Hitting such will only end the game. Same thing goes when you hit the circle while still drawing the line (mouse not yet released). It is also interesting to note that the game follows a plot and if you will pay attention to the script as revealed per level, you will realized how deep the message the game is trying to deliver. The conclusion is actually heartbreaking but of course, we are not giving much spoiler so better play the game on your own risk. Good luck and have fun!