Neon No Nakama

Simple yet surprisingly inviting! This is how you can perfectly describe Neon No Nakama by Simon Hutchinson. I am not an expert guy when it comes to translating Japanese terms to English but the title of the game is quite clear when you started playing this game. Nakama is a Japanese term which could mean a lot including “friends” or “comrades” but I guess the second word is more applicable for this game. Neon on the other hand is referring to the Neon lights that you are about to interact in this short yet intriguing game. In Neon No Nakama, you will be asked to control a white “thing” (as it is not clear what kind of moving creature it actually is). Your initial goal is to collect all the neon colors which are randomly scattered on the dark field and this will change afterwards when all the color comrades were collected.

No further details were mentioned about your character and the game doesn’t follow any plot line despite of its notable eeriness but despite of all the missing details which could have made this game even more engaging, you will certainly appreciate the atmosphere and the mood that this game provides. The dark atmosphere is accompanied by an enigmatic music that adds some mystery while playing the game. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to an empty dark stage. A color will suddenly appear in random location and you just have to interact with it. Once you came close, the neon color will start to accompany and follow you wherever you go. The collection of neon colors will continue until you gathered all the seven different neon colors.

Things will change when all the colors are collected. All of the sudden, you will encounter a labyrinth and another same creature like you will appear. The goal now is to reach the area where this creature is located but you have to pass through a bewildering maze. This is also the time where you can take advantage of your colorful comrades because they are the one who can illuminate your way. Don’t worry; there are no dark elements, traps or any kind of creepy thing along the way. It is nothing more but dark paths. I personally think that it could be more exciting if traps and enemies were added but we cannot expect much from a game that is created in limited time right? This one has a huge potential though and we just can’t wait to see more of its future developments! More levels and more interactions would be an interesting addition!

In most role playing games or even in real time strategy, gathering resources is one of the common things a player is required to do in order to build a reliable stronghold. It is, however a basic element in the game and is barely emphasized. In, you will be asked to create a village but in order to do so, you must gather enough resources and build a strong defense. is not really different from the rest of the io games. It features the same multiplayer element where you will be competing against real time online players in one field. Your main objective here is to create your own village and establish the most effective defense to prevent the enemies from breaking through. If you think you are clever enough to win this territorial battle then feel free to explore this game and see how far your skills and knowledge can take you.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the battlefield. It is presented in a top down perspective where you can freely navigate the stage. You can move your default character using the WASD keys and interact with the objects by clicking the left mouse button. It is interesting to note that there are four basic objects in the game and each of them represents a certain type of resources. These objects include fruit bearing trees (source of food), trees (source of wood), boulders (source of stone) and gold (source of gold). You are armed with an axe by default and you can use such tool in gathering all the materials you need. Below the game screen are set of items that you can build out of the materials you gathered. You can build wooden walls, stone walls, windmills, traps and other mechanisms that you can use to strengthen up your village.

Every action you make, you will earn experience points and if you gained enough, your level (referred here as Age) will be increased and you will be given options to increase or improve your attributes. Gathering the materials may not be very challenging but what really makes this game a lot more tricky are the enemies. Please be mindful that this game is not just about building village but also establishing defense to protect it from enemies. The enemies can either destroy your territory or attack your character directly. Once you got killed , your game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start back from the very beginning (it also means that you will lose all your progress and all the things you built for your village). Located on the upper right corner of the screen is a score chart that displays the top ten players along with their high scores. This particular feature provides a great amount of replay value! Simple yet surprisingly addictive and fun! That’s how you can perfectly describe this game!

Before Nick Arrives

Before Nick Arrives is a mystery-solving point and click adventure where you play the role of a guy working under the boss named Nick. You decided to check your headquarters to see if everything is working in order but you found a dead body under the table. Whoever killed Johnny is still unknown but like what the title of the game suggests, you must figure it out before Nick arrives, otherwise, your boss will be greatly mad! We’ve seen a lot of point and click games but this one is truly refreshing. It follows an interesting plot with unpredictable results. Guessing who the killer is will surely put your skills and knowledge on a test as each suspect has their own alibis and it is hard to pin point who the killer is because they all got their own motives to kill Johnny. If you think you can identify and solve this mystery in no time, then go ahead and play this game and see how far your investigation will go.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the headquarters. Here, you’ll find seven people who are all seemingly connected to Nick. Out of the seven people, one of them is drowning in his own blood under the table. His name is Johnny and you have no idea who killed him and that is why you have to start an investigation of your own to identify the suspect. People in the headquarters include Ronnie, Matt, Flynn, Tonny, Joe and Lora. Each has their own story to tell and possibly got their own motives to kill Johnny. At first, you only have three types of actions to perform including the ability to Talk , Look and Touch (applicable for both people and objects). However, when Nick called and stated that he is about to arrive, that’s where the investigation was raised to an all new level. You will be give three additional actions such as the ability to interrogate, to inspect and to frisk.

Much like any investigations, you should gather enough evidences either from the objects you collected or frisked or through their answers and alibis. There will be three phases of investigation here and the last one is the most challenging of them all. It is not a predictable murder case and you really have to dig in to every evidence to come up with the right conclusion. There is only one solution in this game and you have to figure that out. Appearance wise, Before Nick Arrives will treat you with a retro inspired graphics which feels like playing those classic mystery games. Overall, Before Nick Arrives is a well polish game with decent amount of challenge that requires the player to observe very keenly and pay attention to every details in order to solve the mystery! Good luck and have fun!