Cartoon Strike

This game has the same intensity yet presented in a children-friendly manner. Cartoon Strike is first person shooter game that will take you to an action packed shooting adventure in which your goal is to win the battle by shooting and killing your enemies on the field. As what the title of the game connotes, this game is merely inspired from the famous Counter Strike game but it is presented in a more conventional way. The entire battlefield is more cartoonish rather than being realistic yet it features everything you need from a typical first person shooter game. If you enjoyed such shooting games, then Cartoon Strike is definitely worth playing! Feel free to explore this game and see what else it has to offer.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the main menu which will ask you to select your preferred region (server). There are six servers to choose from including Europe, US, Asia, Japan, Australia and Brazil. After doing so, you may now select a game room or create one for yourself. A game room will vary depending on the rules set by the room creator. These variations include the number of players allotted for each team, the game mode and the type of stage to be used. As a game creator, you have the authority to configure the settings prior to the actual game. Once done, the player will be prompted to the battlefield. He will be given the chance to choose which team he would like to be part of ~ Terrorists or the Counter Terrorists (this however will depend if a certain team is already fully occupied).

The game features basic game controls. You can navigate the 3D battlefield using the WASD keys, jump using the Space bar, aim by hovering the cursor and shoot by clicking the left mouse button. You can also buy weapons prior to the actual battle by hitting the B button. Each weapon will vary in terms of their default attributes. You can also broadcast a message to your team mates through the game’s chat system. It is also very interesting to note that the game can be played either in Team Death Match of Free For All Mode. Graphics wise, the game is presented in a visually stunning atmosphere, adorned with colorful details. Overall, Cartoon Strike is a great and entertaining shooting game that you can confidently include on top of your game list! Good luck and have fun!

Dark Memory Escape

A guy trapped in a building for an unknown reason? Well, it is sure a mystery that needed to be unfold and we sure know the fact that this will end up in an eerie adventure. Dark Memory Escape is the 55th Escape game by FreeRoomEscape which follows a story of a guy who find himself locked in an abandoned building. No further details were mentioned on why exactly he was there which makes the game a little weird and mysterious at the same time. Generally, your goal is to find your way out of the building and to possibly unfold the mystery behind it. Dark Memory Escape may sound so enigmatic but the game is not that scary at all unless you can visualize yourself in his situation and imagine yourself wandering around an abandoned building with creepy imagery everywhere.

The mechanics of the game is similar to your typical escape games. In the entire course of it, the player will be asked to collect various items, gather relevant clues and solve numerous puzzles along the way. Since this is a point and click game, all the interactions are done through mouse clicks. Locating valuable items and important objects are not really that challenging too because of the hotspots. Simply hover the cursor of your mouse on top of an object to determine if it is clickable or not. Those that can be clicked are items to be interact with (either you can collect them or they must be examined). Those items you collected will be sent directly to your inventory. Please be mindful that some items can be combined in order to use their actual function.

The downside of the game however is the lack of information given to players. Items are hardly recognizable and you cannot even tell what exactly are you picking. Despite of that, the game is still unpredictable. It may not be that challenging but it is not that easy either. In fact, you might spend your time roaming on the same room over and over just to find clues to progress. Appearance wise, the game features a collection of enigmatic images showcasing some creepy abandoned rooms but the collectible items do not blend well with the images making them more noticeable. The game notably concludes with a cliff hanger. I do not want to spoil much so you better play the game on your own risk. It is also interesting to mention that the game is being timed so early completion gives you a higher remarks! Good luck and have fun!