Jelly Haven

A jellyfish in space? Outer space is probably the last location you will ever think a jellyfish can go but this fun-filled intergalactic game will feature a one-of-a-kind journey that you will surely enjoy. Jelly Haven is generally an upscrolling avoider game. You will be prompted into endless space where your goal is to collect as many gems as possible while avoiding all the meteors at all cost. The aim is simple but you would be surprised how frustratingly challenging this game is. Despite the repetitive details, the controls for its PC version are what make the game a complete challenge. If you think you can master this game effectively, then feel free to explore Jelly Haven and enter a super fun intergalactic adventure.

No further details were mentioned about the main character and the reason behind his journey but despite the lack of information which could have made the game even more engaging, Jelly Haven is a decent game to enjoy. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately the actual game screen. This is an upscrolling game and is played in linear projection. The character will appear on the bottom most part of the game field while the meteors and the gems will arrive from the top. There is really nothing much you can do in this game other than evading the oncoming obstacles by moving on left and right of the screen but that’s also the trickiest part of the game.

The jellyfish can be moved on both sides through mouse clicks but there is quite a delay in the response. It is very ideal to click the mouse simultaneously and swipe the cursor towards the direction you want the jellyfish to move. This should be done in a quick yet timely manner. Once you got hit by a meteor, the game will come to a quick end unless you have an extra life to spare. Speaking of which, another interesting element in this game is the shop that allows you to buy powerups to make your character more efficient. These upgrades include Energy Drink to boost your movements, a Heart for extra life, Shield for protection and Clover for more power drops. These items will also drop occasionally during the game. Overall, despite of the fact that this game is intended to be played on smartphones, the PC version still offers the same amount of challenge and entertainment the gamers will enjoy!