Trouble In Monsterland

Oh No! A vicious monster attacking the village! It is better to send off your strongest unit of warriors before this monster breakthrough your defenses! If you are playing a typical role playing game, this is probably one of the most common scenarios that you will encounter. However, this is always not the case much like what you are about to experience in this wonderful flash game. Trouble In Monsterland is a role playing adventure game and as what the title suggests, you will be taken to a land that is inhabited by monsters yet the greedy humans are attempting to invade your land. To prevent them from causing chaos, you must take and action and kill these non-scary human invaders for good.

Trouble In Monsterland takes you to a very huge map to explore. It offers an interesting pixel art graphics presented in an isometric top view third person perspective that will remind you of those classic game that we used to play with. The aim of this game is to take control of the orange monster and protect their land against the evil non scary humans. Apart from protecting your own land, the princess of Monsterland was also kidnapped which forces you to take some action, in a most aggressive way. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the map where you can freely explore. You can navigate the screen using the cursor keys. As a monster, you have no special skills other than your claws. You can aim by hovering the mouse to any direction you wish and attack by clicking the left mouse button. Since this is a melee attack, it is important to position your character near the enemies to inflict damage. Killing enemies allows you to earn gold in return, The gold will serve as your score.

One of the things I personally like about this game is the map that changes dynamically. The map is procedurally generated allowing players to explore different locations through out the game. Take note that enemies will arrive in waves and they also attack in groups. To keep your character safe, it is very ideal to move aggressively on the field and evade huge crowd as much as possible. In case the character was killed, you will spawn back to the last raised flag (act as checkpoint). It is also interesting to note that your health regenerates automatically and your character will become more efficient every time you gain a new level (from the experience you earned from the battle). If there is something missing in this game, it would be the sound which could have made this game even more immersive. Other than that, this game was pretty well executed and definitely worth playing! Good luck and have fun!