Whack The Burglars

From the makers of Whack Your Neighbor, Brutal Studio, comes another oddly satisfying murder game! Whack the Burglars is a physics based puzzle game in which your main objective is to prevent the burglars from stealing your money by finding all the possible ways of killing them using the random items in your room. We do hate burglars but and in this game, we finally have the chance to teach them a lesson and give them what exactly they deserve! Well, we can simply say that these burglars, unfortunately hit the wrong house! If you are up for more bloody whacking, then feel free to play this game at CrazyGames and see how far you can go.

Much like any of the previous Whack It games, Whack The Burglars has no limit. You can play the game without any time pressure at all. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a scene where you can start interacting with the objects. Simply hover your mouse on top of each item and once highlighted in red, it means that you can use this item for killing. Click the item and just wait for the scenes to take place. Please be mindful that the game involves bloody scenes and merely about violence so it may not be advisable for young players. Nevertheless, the game is undeniably fun and enjoyable and considering that there is an overwhelming amount of ways to kill the burglars, this game will definitely keep you away from getting bored.

Interestingly, aside from the single items that you can instantly use, you will encounter items that should be combined with another item to make them functional. However, please be mindful that luck will not always be on your way especially when you encounter a three-item combo. Here, you must carefully guess the third item, otherwise, your character will be killed. Take note that there are three burglars in your house and you must deal with them one after another. Once you unlocked all the kill combos on the living room, you will soon earn an access to the Kitchen where the other burglar is hiding. Completing the kitchen kills will unlock the “Savage the Burglar” mode where you can control your dog and allow him to brutally kill the last burglar! Overall, Whack The Burglar is simple yet surprisingly entertaining physics based game. Have fun!