A game doesn’t need a hardcore mechanics or a visually stunning atmosphere for the players to enjoy. Sometimes, simplicity is great enough to make a game so addicting much like what Slitherio has to offer. Slitherio is a game that is merely inspired from two other popular games, Snake and Agario. It shares the same mechanics with where your task is to enter a huge wasteland and grow your size by either collecting glowing orbs or by consuming other players. The whole theme , however is inspired from the classic Snake game but delivered in a more interesting approach.

The mechanics for this game are very simple and easily manageable yet the player is strongly encouraged to establish an effective strategy to maximize his chances in winning. Your task is to take control of your snake and make it grow as long as possible by collecting orbs along the way! Please keep in mind that this is not going to be an easy challenge because you will be dealing with real online players in one stage. Each of them has the ability to consume players that are smaller in size and therefore, you must refrain yourself from being entrapped or eaten by bigger players. Interestingly, prior to the actual game and much like the game, you will be entitled to customize your slither’s skin based on your own preferences. Once done, you will now be prompted to the wasteland where the battle for survival will take place.

The game can actually be played in two different platforms, you can either play it on mobile or on PC. Personally, I prefer the game to be played in PC as it offers a wider visibility, allowing you to track nearby enemies. I also like to note that players can take advantage of the map which allows you to check which place is densely populated or not. As far as the game controls are concerned, you can move the slither by simply hovering your mouse. The slither will follow the movement of your cursor. When in danger, you can also do sprints by clicking and holding the left mouse button. Generally, the more orbs you consumed, the greater the size you will get. You can also increase your wait dramatically by consuming other players, only if you are bigger than their size. Once a slither is killed, they will leave an ample amount of orbs which could also be a great advantage! Much like, this game offers a highly addictive approach that will keep you wanting more! Good luck and have fun!