Dustinator X9001

Who would have thought that vacuum cleaning could be so exciting? Does anyone ever imagine himself to be a vacuum cleaner? Well, if you do, then this game will finally give you a chance to fulfill that odd yet wonderful dream. In this game, you will play an automated Vacuum machine and what do you expect from such cleaning material? Your goal is to clean up all the mess and remove all those pesky dust in the room. Simple yet fun and surprisingly tricky! That is what Dustinator X9001 all about. Dustinator X9001 is the name of your model and unlike a typical vacuum cleaners, you are more innovative and equipped with advanced technology that can perform like no other. If you think you can do your job well, then feel free to explore this simple game and see what else it has to offer.

Dustinator X9001 is a game created by a certain Mr MadCat as part of his entry for the recently concluded Ludum Dare Challenge. It means that this game is created within a limited time and yet it is so interesting to see how well-polished this game is. This game is played in a level by level basis in which your mission is to operate the robotic vacuum cleaner and remove all the dust on each room. In order to do so, you can manipulate the vacuum cleaner’s movement using the WASD keys or the direction controls of your Gamepad (if any). Simply run over the dirt and they will be sucked in. Take note that this is not just about cleaning up the mess but also to maintain your energy while cleaning. On the upper portion of your machine is a gauge meter showing the battery life. If the battery is low, you must be quick enough to locate the power station to recharge.

The power station can generate energy infinitely. You can recharge anytime you want but just make sure to calculate your time because if you run out of charge, there will be no other option for you to move and the game will come to a quick end which forces you to replay the game back from the very beginning. Another challenge that you will encounter in this game are the cats. The cats will chase your machine e and will attempt to ride over. This will limit your visibility and it could be a big challenge for you to accomplish your goal. The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. The last set of levels will definitely put your skills and knowledge on a test. Despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, the player is still encouraged to exert the best of his visual reflexes and also to show off his impressive eye and hand coordination in order to maximize his chances in winning. Good luck and have fun!