Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Bros is probably one of the greatest and most entertaining crossover fighting game ever existed along with other games that hold almost the same reputation such as Marvel Vs Capcom and more. The Super Smash Bros franchise has expanded to five different series but all of them are only limited to Nintendo gaming platforms. Interestingly, we just came across a flash game which impressively adapts the gameplay of this highly acclaimed fighting game. Super Smash Flash is more likely a fan-made version of the well-established Super Smash Bros series but is playable through browsers. It is a simplified and somehow a degraded version in terms of graphics but it managed to capture the excitement and thrills of the original version. Although the game is entirely inspired from the Super Smash Bros series, Super Smash Flash is not, by any means, affiliated to the original franchise but still absolutely worth playing.

The scope of Super Smash Flash is equally overwhelming with the original version. It offers a bunch of interactive campaigns including a multiplayer mode and an online mode. As soon as the game begins, you will be welcomed with an interesting cinematic introduction which is inspired to the real game. The opening will introduce all our beloved characters from the Nintendo Franchise including Mario, Sonic Hedgehog, Pikachu and some well-known Pokemons, Kirby, Link of Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Ichigo of Bleach, Son Goku of Dragonballs and a bunch of other well-loved game characters. After the introduction, you will be prompted to the main menu with three major game options to choose from. You can choose among “Group”, “Online” or “Solo”. Group, as what the title suggests is a multiplayer game. It invites four players who will play the game using the same keyboard. Each will have designated keys for their actions and attacks. The Group mode can be played in two different modes; the Versus and the Special Versus mode.

Online campaign on the other hand allows you to compete against an online player in real time battle. This mode, however, requires you to sign up an account. The Solo campaign is playable in three different modes, the Training (infinite trial of different characters, stages and skills); Events ( task will be given and you must accomplish them within the given time frame); and Stadium (different objectives will be given and your goal is to set your best record). The battle system is very identical to the original game but presented in a simple yet dynamically changing 2D atmosphere. Each character possess different skills and combos the player should learn to master. It also features an overwhelming amount of achievements to unlock and a scoreboard as well. With so many characters to choose from and so many possible skills to be witnessed and to be learned, Super Smash Flash offers a commendable replay value whether you play the game with your friends or you play the game against those computer generated opponents. It is great homage to the well-established Smash Bros series and an undeniably very nostalgic game that you will absolutely enjoy playing with. Have fun!