If a certain game is created within a limited amount of time, it is understandable that the game is not completely developed and there are possibly many holes in its plot. Reform is a simple yet surprisingly tricky flash game created by EvanEGibbs as part of his entry in Ludum Dare 35. Considering that this is Ludum Dare entry, the developer was only given a short amount of time to build such game and to match it up with the given theme. As far as I can remember, the 35th Ludum Dare Challenge is about Shape-shifting and this is exactly what to expect from this very interesting flash game. In Reform, you will play a role of a strange-looking creature in a strange-looking land. You have the ability to shift from one form to another but your objective is initially confusing. You will pass through a series of challenges and you just have to figure out how to escape the obstacles in order to progress to the next scene.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the first scene. You are one little creature who decided to explore your world until you find yourself into an epic adventure. The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable. You can move around the side scrolling screen using the left and right arrow keys. Interestingly, you will encounter various creatures along the way but I would like to note that these creatures are not your enemies. In fact, they will allow you to adapt new skills and to transform yourself into their form. You can transform or shift from one form to another using the number keys. In the entire course of the bgame, you will be given the ability to transform into three different creatures. Each form has special and unique ability that you can use in special situations.

The first form for an instance is capable of pushing blocks while the second form allows you to become more agile and will let you jump higher. The third and last form will give you the ability to throw a force wave above you. It is also interesting to note that this platformer game doesn’t involve any enemies or anything that will affect your character’s progress. All you will encounter are blocks and various mechanisms that you need to overcome. However, Reform is not just limited to solving puzzles, it surprisingly follow a compelling and seemingly mysterious plot. You will soon encounter a certain creature that will have a special role in the story. In fact, the game features two alternate endings and it will be based on your selected action. Overall, Reform is an entertaining platformer game with engaging enigmatic theme and decent amount of challenge. The game has many potential in it and I just can’t wait to see more of its future development.