Party At The Knightclub

Living under the bridge for a long time is probably one of the most boring lifestyle ever and when this certain creature named Horace realized that maybe he needs to step out of his comfort zone and experience the kind of life he never had. He found out some monsters and aliens heading to a “knightclub” and seemingly enjoying it. Horace decided to do the same only to find out that a weak monster like him is not allowed to enter the club. Interestingly, he has a special ability to shift his form to something else. In order to do so, he must approach a certain monster and devour them in order to adapt their form. You must use this ability as your advantage to enter different kind of places. However, this simple task of entering the knightclub will end up into a bigger adventure as your original body was taken into the dungeon and now, you must find a way to retrieve it!

Party At the Knightclub is a very special game in so many ways. It is created by Sparklin Lab as part of their entry to the recently concluded Ludum Dare challenge. It is an adventure game presented in a decent pseudo 3D environment. It basically follows a story of a monster who has the ability to shapeshift. He unfortunately lost his real body and now he went to another adventure to retrieve it. The game is very interactive. You can move the character using the arrow keys and interact with other monsters and aliens using the X key. All monsters are very interactive and you can actually use your skills in every single one of them. You can shapeshift by approaching your desired monster and by pressing C. Take note that the game doesn’t involve any battle or some sort. It’s about tricking other monsters through your different forms .

Interaction is very important in this game as it is your tool to identify which character you should transform into. Entering the club for an instance requires a monster type that will only pass the standard of the guard. Appearance wise, Party at the Knightclub is presented in a very neat atmosphere and is complimented with catchy tune that makes this game a lot more enjoying. Unfortunately, the only down side of this game is the fact that it was not completely finished. The game will only end as soon as you spotted your real body underneath the dungeon but you cannot do anything about it. The game generally has a huge potential and I am eager to see what else it has to offer in its possible future developments! Overall, this game is absolutely worth playing! Have fun!