Gun Mayhem 2

Prepare yourself and get your guns ready as Gun Mayhem is back for another thrilling and much bigger shooting adventure! Kevin Gu has created a sequel to his successful platformer shooting game but this time with a vast of wonderful and interesting improvements that makes Gun Mayhem 2 even more fun and addictive. In Gun Mayhem 2 you have one simple mission and that is to be the best gunman of them all and you can do so by wielding the best weapon and eliminate all your enemies in the field whether they are computer generated or a real human player. The sequel interestingly offers wider options, bigger customization , well improved graphics and a bunch of other additional game campaigns to choose from. If you think you have what it takes to win over this Gun Mayhem, then feel free to explore this game and see how far your shooting skills can take you.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the main menu which allows you to select your preferred game campaign. Unlike its predecessor (The Gun Mayhem), you now have three game modes to choose from including the game’s Main Campaign, The Custom Game and the newly added “Challenges”. Main Campaign prompts you to a level by level mission. Each mission has different objectives and rate of difficulty but it only has one basic rule and that is to win over your opponents. Each mission can be a cooperative battle and the second Human player has the option to enter the battlefield prior to each level. Custom Game campaign on the other hand allows the player to set his preferred type of battle. It includes modes like “Last Man Standing”, “Last Team Standing (cooperative)”, Survival, 1Hit 1 Kill, Gun Game, Gun Game Reversed and Jetpacks. The player also has the ability to pick his desired battle stage , amount of lives and the frequency of drops.

Challenges, on the other hand, features a set of missions with different objectives but have one goal and that is to get the highest rating by completing each challenge as fast as you can. It is also interesting to note that you can customize your character based on your very own preferences. Unlike the first game, you can now change the avatar’s face and other physical attributes. Considering that the game can be played by two players and the result can always vary, Gun Mayhem 2 has a decent amount of replay value. Appearance wise, the game is presented in a much more colorful interface and dynamically changing background which is a big leap from its predecessor. This will not be named as Gun Mayhem without the weapons and it is actually one of the game’s strongest points. It features a very overwhelming amount of weapons to unlock and they can all be viewed and tested on your Weapon Library. Overall, Gun Mayhem 2 is truly a fun and engaging shooter game that is absolutely worth playing! Good luck and have fun!