Rhythm Doctor

It has been awhile since the last time we played a rhythm game and we’re glad to discover the Rhythm Doctor which offers a retro-inspired atmosphere with a very addictive gameplay. In Rhythm Doctor, your mission is to play the role of a doctor with a job to cure all his patients. The procedure of curing, however, is not done in a typical way but through a rhythm game which will surely put your skills on a great test. Rhythm Doctor is a one button game with a very simple mechanics yet the player is strongly encouraged to exert the best of his visual reflexes and to show off his impressive eye and hand coordination in order to maximize his chances in winning. If you think you can master this game easily, then feel free to explore this wonderful and entertaining rhythm game and see how far your skills can take you.

Please be mindful that this particular browser version of Rhythm Doctor is just a demo version yet it offers a decent amount of challenge and a number of difficult levels to explore. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted first in a brief tutorial and after doing so, you will be introduced to your first patient. Here’s how it works. The game screen will show your dying patient on the far left side with their heart on the other end connected via heartbeat line. Each patient will have their own rhythm for their heartbeat and your goal is to hit the spacebar in every seventh beat. The beat will vary in terms of their speed and you must be able to hit the spacebar on the right time (not too early and not too late) , otherwise, it will affect your patient’s life and you might receive an unsatisfying remarks in the end.

The rate of difficulty will increase as you progress. The game will become more and more challenging. You will soon encounter patients with heart that skips a beat which means you have to figure out the right time to hit the spacebar event without hearing a single beat. Once a level is cleared, you will be ranked from A to F (where A is the highest and F the lowest). Since this is a Demo version, kindly expect that you will only deal with limited levels but the game has so much potential and we just can’t wait to see more of its future developments. There is a possibility for the game to make it through Steam so you should watch out for it! Overall, Rhythm Doctor is a simple game with a surprisingly tricky gameplay with decent amount of challenge and fun! Good luck!