We have seen so much games from io and they never failed to amuse us with their games despite the fact that they all follow the same mechanics and gameplay. will take us to another adventure. This time, as what the title of the game suggests, we will embark ourselves in a deep underwater journey where you play the role of a shifting animal. Much like most of the io games, your main objective here is to survive as long as you possibly can. You have to control your chosen animal and navigate through a wide stage and eat as many food as you can in order to gain a new level and evolve to a bigger form. This , however, will not be that easy as you are about to deal with an overwhelming amount of players on stage who can devour you in an instant! If you think you can survive this challenge, then feel free to play and see how far you can go!

Generally, is another survival of the fittest game. It follows the same mechanics with other well established games like, and more but what really makes this game distinctive and unique above the rest? Appearance wise, the game is presented in a very simple atmosphere. It was not adorned with any visually stunning and intricately designed details yet still neat and colorful enough to be enjoyed. Despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, the gameplay is generally tricky and fun. You can move around the multidirectional stage by hovering the cursor of your mouse. Collect as many foods (colored circles) in order to gain level. The gauge meter is located below the screen to identify how much food you still need to intake before evolving to another character or animal. The interesting part of the game is the fact that each animal possesses different abilities. If you turned into an octopus for an instance, you will have the ability to poison every enemy that touches you.

Even though you got unique skills, you still have to be wary of the other enemies around you especially the large ones. Interestingly, there are special areas in this game that you can take advantage with. The sea weeds for an instance can be a hiding spot. Going under the sea weeds will put you in a stealth mode and enemies cannot harm or detect you while hiding. Eating foods will help you earn points but devouring other enemies will give you greater points and will speed up the process of evolving. Another great features of this game is the leaderboard system which displays all the top players. The game also has different servers to choose from. The score board and the game’s unpredictability provide the game an impressive replay value! Overall, is another entertaining io game that you can confidently list on top of your list! Good luck and have fun!