Spinz.io and SuperSpinz.io

Now that Fidget Spinners have become a worldwide phenomenon, it is not really surprising that game developers will adopt such concept to their games. Spinz.io is the latest craze today, a simple yet surprisingly addictive browser game. It is basically done and played similar to Agar.io but instead of controlling an orb-like avatar, you will operate a fidget spinner. Much like Agar and the rest of the games that are developed using the same platform ( Slither.io, Deeeep.io, Zombs.io to name a few), Spinz.io follows the same mechanics and objectives. Your goal is to get the highest score as possible and survive the arena at all cost. You must constantly steer the fidget spinner on the field and collect colorful gems as many as you can. Doing so allows you to grow in size and will give you greater chance to defeat enemies! Take note that this is a multiplayer game so you are dealing with real time online players so you better come up with the most effective strategy in order to survive and if you think you got the skills to win this game, then feel free to play Spinz.io and see how far you can survive.

Interestingly, the game will begin by allowing you to customize your very own Fidget Spinner. For Spinz.io, you will have wide range of options to choose from but most of the spinners can be obtained by fulfilling some tasks including some interaction with their social media pages. They also offer some in-game shop where you can buy custom spinners and spinners that are inspired from famous Youtubers including PewDewPie. Once done, you may now hit the play button and you will be prompted immediately to the battlefield. This is a multidirectional top down action game so you can freely navigate the area without any limitations. Movements can be done by simply hovering the cursor of your mouse to the direction you want the spinner to spin. Mouse clicks, on the other hand allow you to boost your speed. The more gems you collect , the bigger the size you will get. This will give you chance to eliminate the approaching or nearby opponents. You can deal damage by bouncing to other players. Just be cautious though because bigger spinners can destroy you in an instant.

You will also encounter whirlpools which can either help or harm you in the process. If your spinner sustained too much damage, then your game will come to a quick end but you can always spawn back to the field infinitely but your score will go back to zero and you have to start back from scratch. Located on the upper right of the game screen is the scoreboard that displays the top ten players and their respective scores. This particular feature provides the game an impressive replay value. Another strong point in this game is the unpredictability of its gameplay. Your fate will rely on your skills and your strategy in order to survive.

If you find Spinz.io amusing and addictive, then you will absolutely enjoy a very similar game, the SuperSpin.io. It is an improved version of Spinz with a vast of interesting changes. It follows the same gameplay , the same mechanics and goal but the what really makes it so special is the visually stunning details. The graphics will remind you of the Slither.io due to its colorful and glowing elements but the game in general is still the same. SuperSpin.io also offers wider customizing features allowing the players to select their preferred designs including a collection of country flags and more! It also features a Daily Youtuber who will play along with other real time online players LIVE on Youtube! This is by far the best interactive io game ever and I bet you guys will feel the same way!