Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Orion Sandbox is back and this time it features a wider scope and with vast of impressive improvements compare to its predecessor. Orion is a Minecraft-inspired platformer game that follows a story of a guy who crash-landed on strange and unknown planet. Little did he know, this planet is inhabited by many different hostile creatures which usually spawn by night. Now, your mission is to help this guy survive the planet by gathering resources, crafting tools and building defense structures. You can do so by exploring the planet and using your crafted materials and weapons. If you know how Minecraft works, then this game needs no further explanation as it follows the same gameplay and mechanics except for the fact that everything in Orion is set in 2D yet as what the title of the game suggests, its sandbox which means, a player is given with small limitations and areas are usually explored indefinitely.

Interestingly, the game begins with customization. You can customize your character based on your very own preferences which mainly includes the selection of gender and customization of their appearance. Once done, you will be prompted to the game field. The character can be moved using the ASD keys while Jumping can be done by pressing the Space or ALT key. Interactions can be made through mouse clicks. Much like Minecraft, in the entire course of this game, the player will be asked to do various things including logging, mining, digging, crafting, building, fighting, planting and a whole lot more but despite of the broad scope, you have one goal to keep in mind and that is to survive the planet at all cost. Almost all the objects that can be found from this game is interactive. You will basically start off from scratch and you are highly encouraged to gather enough material before the night arrives, otherwise, you are putting yourself in such great danger.

Zombies and other hostile creatures will start to appear by night and the best way to survive this condition is by building a shelter. Take note that you are only given with limited health and if you sustained too much damage, then the character will be killed and you will spawn back to your starting point and all the materials you stored in your inventory will vanish. Speaking of which, keep in mind that all the items you gathered will be sent directly to your inventory. You can only have eight items on hand but you can always access your inventory to switch them up. Crafting is one of the highlights of this game. This allows you to create tools and weapons by combining different resources (made though Craft box). The game also features an overwhelming amount of achievements to unlock but most of all, the first thing you can really appreciate from Orion Sandbox is the visually stunning graphics which is perfectly matched with well-fitting music! The concept of the game may not be original but the game in general is still surprisingly addictive and fun to play with. Orion Sandbox Enhanced just offers too many possibilities and is absolutely worth playing! Kudos!