Chipset – 0

Chipset-0 will take you to a futuristic physics based platformer puzzle game where you play the role of a cute little robot named Chipset-0. You are a specialized mechanized maintenance unit robot and you are not built to destroy but to help capsulated humans to connect them back to the so-called system. In this futuristic world, the humans are now being placed in capsules for possibly their survival and the world is now being run by robots. However, the system is seemingly encountering an error and your goal is to put everything back into place. Generally, your main objective is to connect or plug the disconnected humans back into the system but this is not going to be easy as you have to pass through a series of challenging obstacles with varying range of difficulties and if you think you have the skills to fulfill this mission, then feel free to play this game and see how far you can go.

The mechanics of the game is very simple yet surprising tricky and challenging at the same time. Your actions are very limited. You can navigate the platforms using the arrow keys and use the space bar to interact. You can only interact with the generators. Pressing spacebar will release a cable and you just have to connect them with the plugs. You can easily tell if the human is disconnected from the system if the capsule is blinking red. It indicates an alarm and you must find a way to connect them back. Once a cable is connected to the outlet (mostly on top of the capsule) , the alarm will be cleared. Aside from humans, the cables can also be used to unlock gates. It follows the same method, just look for the nearest power supply (or generator) and plug it to the outlet near the gate.

Please be mindful that the cables have limited length and they cannot be stretched longer than their designated width. This is actually one of the tricky parts of the puzzle. Sometimes, you have to switch cables from one generator to another just to clear the level. To add more challenge, you will soon encounter robots who can shoot you from afar. These aggressive robots can be shut down by unplugging them from the system. The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress and the player is strongly encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully and try to establish the most effective strategy in order to maximize his winning and survival. If there is only a downside in this game, it is probably the longevity. The game is quite short but it has a very huge potential to become a great game. I would love to see more of this game and its future development! Cheers!