Castle Woodwarf

Embark yourself in a very interesting journey in Castle Woodwarf. This is an incremental game that will put your thinking skills in a great test. It follows a story of a group of dwarves who have been stuck on a blasted place. There are many evils lurking around and they are lucky enough to find a dragon egg that will help them eliminate the enemies. The challenge, however, is that they need to keep the dragon alive by feeding it and also they need to maintain their resources in order to survive. Castle Woodwarf is a simple yet surprisingly tricky and challenging adventure game that you will definitely enjoy. If you think you can help the dwarves to survive, then feel free to play this game and see how far can you go.

Castle Woodwarf is more likely to be considered as an incremental game as most features are working autonomously yet player’s interaction is still required. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to stage divided into two platforms. The upper ground is where the dwarves are working and the lower ground is where the dragon egg is located. You will start off with 100 gold coin as your based money and 100 Fish as food. The gold is used to purchase dwarf or upgrade their skills and also use to upgrade the home, food and the egg. Each upgrade will make certain changes that will help you become more efficient and possibly to maximize your chances of survival. The food on the other hand will be consumed by the dwarves as they work. Therefore, the more dwarves you buy, the more fishes to be consumed.

There are two things you need to avoid from this game. First, is to run out of food supply and second is to prevent the egg from sustaining too much damage from the incoming waves of evils, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no option but to start again back from the scratch. During the game, you can collect gems which will be accumulated at the end. These gems can be used to purchase extra resources (but reduces score) or extra characters. You can also unlock other game modes such as Might (enemies have doubled HP) or the Time Challenge. Since there are many possibilities, the game has a very impressive replay value and with decent longevity that requires long term game engagement. The game is also playable and downloadable through Google Play and App Store for Smartphones. Overall, the game is unique and absolutely fun to play with! Good luck!