Forsaken Dungeon

It has been awhile since the last time I played a faithful dungeon crawler adventure and I just came across this fun-filled RPG named Forsaken Dungeon which makes a great homage to classic RPG. Forsaken Dungeon is an action packed dungeon crawler rpg that will take you to an eerie and enigmatic adventure of a fearless hero who is brave enough to enter a dungeon filled with demonic creatures to eliminate them and also to search valuable treasures at the same time. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t follow any plot line which could have made this rpg even more engaging but as far as the game play is concerned, Forsaken Dungeon captured all the great elements from a typical adventure game. If you think you are brave and skillful enough to survive, feel free to play this game and let your epic journey begins.

Before being prompted to the actual game, you will start off by selecting your preferred character. There are three characters to choose from including Archer, Warrior and Wizard. Each character will vary in terms of their default attributes, skills and weapons they use. Archers are long range heroes who use bows and arrows, warrior are melee-type while Wizards are experts of casting spells and other skills that greatly consumes mana. Once you are done choosing your character, you will be prompted to a seemingly deserted place inhabited by creepers and other demonic creatures. Your starting point will also serve as your respawn point where you can interact with two non-playable characters. One sells potions while the other one sells weapons. You can also trade the items you collected and looted for money.

As far as the game controls are concerned, you can navigate the area through mouse clicks. Simply click an area with your cursor and your character will head towards that direction. Simply click on a nearby enemy to attack them. Take note that once you attacked an enemy, they will become hostile and will attack you as well. You should also refrain yourself from moving towards a group of enemies as they can overwhelm you in an instant and you might get killed. Items can either be looted from the enemies you killed or from the treasure chests that are randomly scattered in the area. The main challenge in this game is when you finally reach the dungeon. It will be a layers of fully inhabited floors with overwhelming amount of devil creatures.

The more you explore the dungeon, the stronger the enemies you will encounter. You might also come across some bosses too. Every time you kill an enemy, you will gain certain amount of experience and if you earned enough, you will increase a new level. You will be given with five stat points every time you reach a new level and these points can be distributed on your given attributes such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Vitality. You will also earn a skill point which can improve your skill damage. Appearance wise, the game features visually appealing details although most are quite repetitive. It is accompanied by impressive music which sets the mood perfectly. Overall, Forsaken Dungeon is a decent RPG that you can confidently include on your game list! Good luck and have fun!