The Farmer 3D

Say goodbye to conventional farming game because this one will let give you a highly realistic farming experience. The Farming 3D, as what the title suggests, is a farming simulation game that takes you to a very realistic environment. Your main objective here is to play the role of a farmer and operate all your machinery and complete your given tasks. The mechanics are generally simple but surprisingly tricky and challenging as you progress. It is a strategy and time management game that requires skills in order to maximize your productivity and early completion. Unlike the typical farming game, most of the tasks here are done in a manual process and not click-base so if you think you can run this farm more effectively, then feel free to explore The Farmer 3D and see how far you can go.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the farm and your first task will be given. Like what being mentioned above, the game follows a very simple set of mechanics but the player is still encouraged to visualize the map carefully and try to establish an effective strategy on how to complete the task as early as possible. You will be asked to operate certain machinery including a Tractor and a Harvester. A tractor for an instance can be attached to various gears and you should use the right one depending on your given tasks. These gears include Plow, Seeder and more. You will encounter more tools as you progress. Each task will be completed as soon as you reach the 100% progress which can be tracked on your progress bar above the screen. Please be mindful too that you will run out of fuel from time to time but this can be refueled autonomously.

You will also have the ability to switch from one vehicle to another and you are also empowered to set your desired camera perspective (you can switch to first person to third person perspective anytime). Take note that the game is not just about farming alone. It is not just limited to plowing, seeding and harvesting. The scope of the game may cover poultry and livestock farming. You will also be asked to sell your products to various predefined area on your map (it means that you will also operate a vehicle that you can freely use to navigate the huge 3D map). It is also interesting to note that the game has a day and night cycle which makes the concept even more engaging. Overall, The Farming 3D is a very impressive simulator that offers visually striking details, well-polished gameplay and decent amount of longevity that you will definitely enjoy! Good luck and have fun!