Back in 1987, Konami developed and released a game which now became a legend! Castlevania is a classic platformer game which follows a story of Simon Belmont and his journey in defeating vampire Dracula. The game came a long way from NES era to various gaing platforms today. Interestingly, Pencilvania is a game that is merely inspired from this classic video game. It is not affiliated to any of the game franchise but more of a fan-made parody. As what the title of the game suggests, you are not playing a vampire slayer here but a Pencil who goes by the name of Simon Says. His journey is to defeat Sharpenercula. You must find your way to the boss and defeat him with all the skills and weapons that you will obtain along the way! If you are a big fan of Castlevania, then you will definitely enjoy this hilarious parody!

Interestingly, the game is more than just a parody to Castlevania. In fact, they even incorporate this fan made platformer with the movie “Ring” . Apparently, Simon Says saw the Ring Video tape and now he is being cursed and will die after 666 seconds. In order to break the curse, you must defeat the Sharpenercula. The parody made for this game is really on point while managing to capture the retro-inspired atmosphere. You are actually prompted to almost the same platform with Castlevania but with some interesting twists. The enemies are all inspired from various school supplies like erasers, sharpener and staplers. Simon Says is even equipped with weapons that are originally used from the real game.

Whether you play the original Castlevania or not, the mechanics for Pencilvania are simple yet tricky and challenging. In addition to the overwhelming amount of enemies that you will encounter along the way, you have to be mindful that you are only given with 666 seconds to finish the game. The counter can be seen above the game screen along with other details including the amount of lives you have and your health meter. You are also entitled to loot some items from enemies you killed or various objects on the screen. Please be mindful that if you failed to reach your goal on time, the game will end quickly and you have no other option but to go back from the very start. If you are skillful enough, you can also challenge yourself to find the hidden items like pentagram coins, pacifier and golden skulls. Pencilvania may not be related to the real franchise but is undeniably a decent rip-off and homage to an all-time classic! Good luck and have fun!