A mummy with a heart? Well, who would have thought? Osirun will take you to an interesting journey of a wondering spirit who has the ability to transport life from one dead body to another. The main objective in this game is to get the highest score as possible and this can only be done by transferring the beating heart from one mummy to another. Failing to do so will simply end the game and you have no other option but to go back from the very beginning. Despite the game’s apparent simplicity, it features a very unique gameplay and mechanics that are not commonly found in other games. It is an endless running up-scrolling game but it is being played with an interesting twist.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the game field. The player will be given with 10 second time interval before throwing the heart. Within the 10 second time break, you can explore the area to check for the approaching obstacles. Once the time ends, the heart will automatically be thrown until it is being caught by another mummy or until it hits an obstacle. You can move the mummy using the Up, Left and Right Arrow keys. The heart will be thrown to wherever you point it (a trajectory will be shown in front of the mummy to help you aim the heart in your desired location).

Please be mindful that you will encounter obstacles along the way. Some obstacles serve as hurdles which only bounce back the heart while others are moving and capable of stealing your heart. Take note as well that you cannot pass the river. Another notable element in this game is the scoring system. The score you earn each throw will depend on how far it travels from one mummy to another. The longer the travel time, the higher the score you will get. Appearance wise, Osirun is presented in a simple pixel-art environment adorned with simple and repetitive details but overall, the game is surprisingly addictive and fun!