Big Shot Boxing

You are an aspiring boxer but being in this industry has never been so easy. Big Shot Boxing is a very interesting fighting game that is accompanied with a compelling Rocky-esque plot line. In this game, you will play the role of a rookie boxer who just got signed to fight on the ring along with others. You will hire a trainer to guide you in your boxing career until you managed to reach a higher rank. Big Shot Boxing is a 2D fighting game where your main goal is to knock down your opponents on the ring one after another until you made it on top. If you think you have what it takes to be the next boxing champ, then feel free to play this game and see how far your skills can take you.

Interestingly, Big Shot Boxing can be played in two different modes; Career and Quick Fight. Career is the game’s main campaign in which you have to pass through a level by level tournament system while Quick Fight is a single match with randomly generated characters. Speaking of which, the Career campaign allows you to select your preferred character. Each character will vary in terms of their given attributes including their health, power, chin and recovery status. There is also an overwhelming amount of boxers to unlock through Career points which can be earned in each successful battle. The attributes can also be upgraded using the money which can also be earned every time you win. You can also customize your boxing gears.

Before the actual battle begins, you will be prompted to a page that features the list of boxers and their respective ranks. The higher the rank, the more challenging the battle will be and the prize is most likely higher too. The game will also indicate the amount of money you can win or lose or how much you will get if the battle is draw. As soon as the battle begins, you will be prompted immediately to the ring. Left and right keys are used for jabs and cross hooks while x is used for upper cut punch for the chances to stun the opponent. Z on the other hand is used for defense. Take note that each battle is composed of 4 rounds and each round will last for 60 seconds. The game is generally simple yet absolutely fun and surprisingly nostalgic due to its retro-inspired graphics which will remind you of those classic Atari boxing games! Good luck and have fun!