Lost Signal

If you love Sci-fi mystery and horror, then this game is probably a great fit for you. Lost Signal is an RPG game that will take you to a creepy mission of a Class D Personnel working under an investigative agency in which your mission is to investigate paranormal activity all around the world. If this plot sound familiar to you then you have probably came across the infamous SCP Foundation stories. Lost Signal is merely inspired from some of the fictional paranormal stories written by SCP. You are portraying a so-called Class D Personnel supervised by the agency so it is safe to assume that you are a prison inmate if the game is faithfully adapted from the series. Presented in a visually striking 3D atmosphere and adorned with enigmatic elements, this game is definitely something you wouldn’t consider playing alone in the dark.

The game begins in a small contained room. The mission will start through examining your surroundings until you meet an Agent who will send you to your first dangerous task. Take note that only the Class D personnel rank is in charged with the life risking missions. Once you earned enough influence (something you gain from each successful mission as personnel) you can soon become an Agent who is responsible for investigating paranormal events. The game’s strongest point is the visuals. It is played in a 3D first person perspective that is perfectly matched with enigmatic and eerie atmosphere. You can explore every corner of the map and if you find an item that can be interacted; the game will ask you if you are willing to examine it (E).

You can also collect weapons and ammo along the way which can be used to shoot nearby enemies. What really makes the game a lot more interesting is the fact that each mission is entirely based on SCP Foundation stories. These include the Paranormal gas Mask (SCP- 1499), The Random Door (SCP -249), The Recursive Room (SCP-970), Labyrinth In the Tower (SCP-432) and a whole lot more. The developers are constantly updating their system with new artifacts and paranormal events which instantly provides the game an impressive replay value and decent longevity. You might encounter minor bugs and glitches but with continuous development and updates, Lost Signal truly has a huge potential to become a great RPG. Overall, the game is impressive, unpredictable and absolutely worth-playing.