We cannot deny the fact that Minecraft never loses its magic. Despite of being in the game industry so many years, the game is still a top notch. Minecraft is continuously improving their features on both Pocket and console editions. One of the most interesting parts of Minecraft is that you can now do some customization using third party software or game apps. Skincraft is more than just a flash game. As what the title of the game suggests, Skincraft allows you to customize your own skin for Minecraft. This also allows you to export or save your work and input it to or just directly upload it from your phone (if you are playing the Pocket Edition).

Skincraft features a very friendly and easy-to-use interface. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the customization page. Simply click the New Skin button from the main menu to start customizing. This takes you to a page that features two separate panels. The panel on the right features the avatar and everything you added while the left panel displays all the options. You’ll start off with either a blank avatar or those predefined skins. Once done, simply hit the Go Button for a more detailed personalization. To start, click the New Layer Button which will allow you to apply premade skins or better yet customize your own through the Custom mode.

In Pre-Made , you can customize your avatar using the details that are already available. These items are divided into four main categories including the Head, Upper Body and Lower Body. Each will show more sub-categories. Take note that every time you add a detail, you need to create a new layer until everything is being applied. In Custom mode, however, everything can be created using your pen tool and you must apply the changes in pixels. Once you are satisfied with your work, you just have to hit the Export/Save button to create a .Png file (which you can upload directly to Minecraft), .txt file (which allows you to edit your creation) or just share it on your social media. I personally tried importing the skin my Minecraft Pocket Edition and it works! Go ahead and start making your own too!