Skill 3D Parking: Radioactive Rumble

Skill 3D Parking Radioactive Rumble is probably the best parking game I have ever played so far and I have so many great words to say for this highly impressive flash game. The game is generally simple yet it offers a bunch of wonderful features that are probably way far beyond your expectations. Basically, your main objective in this game is simple and that is get the highest score as possible and this can be done by parking the truck on their predefined space on the parking lot without crashing or bumping through obstacles.

The game’s visually stunning graphics is basically its strongest point. We have seen so many car parking games before but we haven’t seen one that is done and played in 3D and that makes this Transylgamia’s creation more distinctive above the rest. It offers a highly realistic environment and is also adorned with well fitting sound effects and music, making Skill 3D Parking Radioactive Rumble a great deal. Allow me to list down all the wonderful features that this game has.

Huge variety of Vehicles
Interestingly, the game allows you to pick one among wide range of trucks to choose from. You can select any truck you want and they will only vary in terms of their sizes and appearance. It could be a cargo truck, a monster truck, construction tractors and more. You can even change a vehicle before each level begins.

Wide Map
It is very interesting to note that you will be dealing with the same settings for the entire game but the predefined parking space will change dynamically per level. The map features a typical construction site scenario which is filled with random heavy machines, oil barrels, and a whole lot more. Although you have to keep in mind that everything around you should be avoided because hitting them will cost you a life point instantly.

Adjustable camera and basic controls
You adjust the view by clicking the screen and dragging to any view you want. You can also zoom in or zoom out based on your own preferences. As far as the game controls are concerned, you can navigate the map using the arrow keys and stop by pressing the space bar.

Generally, the game has 36 levels divided into three packs (with varying range of difficulties) and the rate of complexity will noticeably increase as you progress which makes Skill 3D Parking Radioactive Rumble more challenging and more exciting at the same time.

You can play the game on many different websites!