Gun Mayhem 2

Prepare yourself and get your guns ready as Gun Mayhem is back for another thrilling and much bigger shooting adventure! Kevin Gu has created a sequel to his successful platformer shooting game but this time with a vast of wonderful and interesting improvements that makes Gun Mayhem 2 even more fun and addictive. In Gun Mayhem 2 you have one simple mission and that is to be the best gunman of them all and you can do so by wielding the best weapon and eliminate all your enemies in the field whether they are computer generated or a real human player. The sequel interestingly offers wider options, bigger customization , well improved graphics and a bunch of other additional game campaigns to choose from. If you think you have what it takes to win over this Gun Mayhem, then feel free to explore this game and see how far your shooting skills can take you.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the main menu which allows you to select your preferred game campaign. Unlike its predecessor (The Gun Mayhem), you now have three game modes to choose from including the game’s Main Campaign, The Custom Game and the newly added “Challenges”. Main Campaign prompts you to a level by level mission. Each mission has different objectives and rate of difficulty but it only has one basic rule and that is to win over your opponents. Each mission can be a cooperative battle and the second Human player has the option to enter the battlefield prior to each level. Custom Game campaign on the other hand allows the player to set his preferred type of battle. It includes modes like “Last Man Standing”, “Last Team Standing (cooperative)”, Survival, 1Hit 1 Kill, Gun Game, Gun Game Reversed and Jetpacks. The player also has the ability to pick his desired battle stage , amount of lives and the frequency of drops.

Challenges, on the other hand, features a set of missions with different objectives but have one goal and that is to get the highest rating by completing each challenge as fast as you can. It is also interesting to note that you can customize your character based on your very own preferences. Unlike the first game, you can now change the avatar’s face and other physical attributes. Considering that the game can be played by two players and the result can always vary, Gun Mayhem 2 has a decent amount of replay value. Appearance wise, the game is presented in a much more colorful interface and dynamically changing background which is a big leap from its predecessor. This will not be named as Gun Mayhem without the weapons and it is actually one of the game’s strongest points. It features a very overwhelming amount of weapons to unlock and they can all be viewed and tested on your Weapon Library. Overall, Gun Mayhem 2 is truly a fun and engaging shooter game that is absolutely worth playing! Good luck and have fun!

Party At The Knightclub

Living under the bridge for a long time is probably one of the most boring lifestyle ever and when this certain creature named Horace realized that maybe he needs to step out of his comfort zone and experience the kind of life he never had. He found out some monsters and aliens heading to a “knightclub” and seemingly enjoying it. Horace decided to do the same only to find out that a weak monster like him is not allowed to enter the club. Interestingly, he has a special ability to shift his form to something else. In order to do so, he must approach a certain monster and devour them in order to adapt their form. You must use this ability as your advantage to enter different kind of places. However, this simple task of entering the knightclub will end up into a bigger adventure as your original body was taken into the dungeon and now, you must find a way to retrieve it!

Party At the Knightclub is a very special game in so many ways. It is created by Sparklin Lab as part of their entry to the recently concluded Ludum Dare challenge. It is an adventure game presented in a decent pseudo 3D environment. It basically follows a story of a monster who has the ability to shapeshift. He unfortunately lost his real body and now he went to another adventure to retrieve it. The game is very interactive. You can move the character using the arrow keys and interact with other monsters and aliens using the X key. All monsters are very interactive and you can actually use your skills in every single one of them. You can shapeshift by approaching your desired monster and by pressing C. Take note that the game doesn’t involve any battle or some sort. It’s about tricking other monsters through your different forms .

Interaction is very important in this game as it is your tool to identify which character you should transform into. Entering the club for an instance requires a monster type that will only pass the standard of the guard. Appearance wise, Party at the Knightclub is presented in a very neat atmosphere and is complimented with catchy tune that makes this game a lot more enjoying. Unfortunately, the only down side of this game is the fact that it was not completely finished. The game will only end as soon as you spotted your real body underneath the dungeon but you cannot do anything about it. The game generally has a huge potential and I am eager to see what else it has to offer in its possible future developments! Overall, this game is absolutely worth playing! Have fun!


If a certain game is created within a limited amount of time, it is understandable that the game is not completely developed and there are possibly many holes in its plot. Reform is a simple yet surprisingly tricky flash game created by EvanEGibbs as part of his entry in Ludum Dare 35. Considering that this is Ludum Dare entry, the developer was only given a short amount of time to build such game and to match it up with the given theme. As far as I can remember, the 35th Ludum Dare Challenge is about Shape-shifting and this is exactly what to expect from this very interesting flash game. In Reform, you will play a role of a strange-looking creature in a strange-looking land. You have the ability to shift from one form to another but your objective is initially confusing. You will pass through a series of challenges and you just have to figure out how to escape the obstacles in order to progress to the next scene.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the first scene. You are one little creature who decided to explore your world until you find yourself into an epic adventure. The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable. You can move around the side scrolling screen using the left and right arrow keys. Interestingly, you will encounter various creatures along the way but I would like to note that these creatures are not your enemies. In fact, they will allow you to adapt new skills and to transform yourself into their form. You can transform or shift from one form to another using the number keys. In the entire course of the bgame, you will be given the ability to transform into three different creatures. Each form has special and unique ability that you can use in special situations.

The first form for an instance is capable of pushing blocks while the second form allows you to become more agile and will let you jump higher. The third and last form will give you the ability to throw a force wave above you. It is also interesting to note that this platformer game doesn’t involve any enemies or anything that will affect your character’s progress. All you will encounter are blocks and various mechanisms that you need to overcome. However, Reform is not just limited to solving puzzles, it surprisingly follow a compelling and seemingly mysterious plot. You will soon encounter a certain creature that will have a special role in the story. In fact, the game features two alternate endings and it will be based on your selected action. Overall, Reform is an entertaining platformer game with engaging enigmatic theme and decent amount of challenge. The game has many potential in it and I just can’t wait to see more of its future development.

Dustinator X9001

Who would have thought that vacuum cleaning could be so exciting? Does anyone ever imagine himself to be a vacuum cleaner? Well, if you do, then this game will finally give you a chance to fulfill that odd yet wonderful dream. In this game, you will play an automated Vacuum machine and what do you expect from such cleaning material? Your goal is to clean up all the mess and remove all those pesky dust in the room. Simple yet fun and surprisingly tricky! That is what Dustinator X9001 all about. Dustinator X9001 is the name of your model and unlike a typical vacuum cleaners, you are more innovative and equipped with advanced technology that can perform like no other. If you think you can do your job well, then feel free to explore this simple game and see what else it has to offer.

Dustinator X9001 is a game created by a certain Mr MadCat as part of his entry for the recently concluded Ludum Dare Challenge. It means that this game is created within a limited time and yet it is so interesting to see how well-polished this game is. This game is played in a level by level basis in which your mission is to operate the robotic vacuum cleaner and remove all the dust on each room. In order to do so, you can manipulate the vacuum cleaner’s movement using the WASD keys or the direction controls of your Gamepad (if any). Simply run over the dirt and they will be sucked in. Take note that this is not just about cleaning up the mess but also to maintain your energy while cleaning. On the upper portion of your machine is a gauge meter showing the battery life. If the battery is low, you must be quick enough to locate the power station to recharge.

The power station can generate energy infinitely. You can recharge anytime you want but just make sure to calculate your time because if you run out of charge, there will be no other option for you to move and the game will come to a quick end which forces you to replay the game back from the very beginning. Another challenge that you will encounter in this game are the cats. The cats will chase your machine e and will attempt to ride over. This will limit your visibility and it could be a big challenge for you to accomplish your goal. The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. The last set of levels will definitely put your skills and knowledge on a test. Despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, the player is still encouraged to exert the best of his visual reflexes and also to show off his impressive eye and hand coordination in order to maximize his chances in winning. Good luck and have fun!

Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Bros is probably one of the greatest and most entertaining crossover fighting game ever existed along with other games that hold almost the same reputation such as Marvel Vs Capcom and more. The Super Smash Bros franchise has expanded to five different series but all of them are only limited to Nintendo gaming platforms. Interestingly, we just came across a flash game which impressively adapts the gameplay of this highly acclaimed fighting game. Super Smash Flash is more likely a fan-made version of the well-established Super Smash Bros series but is playable through browsers. It is a simplified and somehow a degraded version in terms of graphics but it managed to capture the excitement and thrills of the original version. Although the game is entirely inspired from the Super Smash Bros series, Super Smash Flash is not, by any means, affiliated to the original franchise but still absolutely worth playing.

The scope of Super Smash Flash is equally overwhelming with the original version. It offers a bunch of interactive campaigns including a multiplayer mode and an online mode. As soon as the game begins, you will be welcomed with an interesting cinematic introduction which is inspired to the real game. The opening will introduce all our beloved characters from the Nintendo Franchise including Mario, Sonic Hedgehog, Pikachu and some well-known Pokemons, Kirby, Link of Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Ichigo of Bleach, Son Goku of Dragonballs and a bunch of other well-loved game characters. After the introduction, you will be prompted to the main menu with three major game options to choose from. You can choose among “Group”, “Online” or “Solo”. Group, as what the title suggests is a multiplayer game. It invites four players who will play the game using the same keyboard. Each will have designated keys for their actions and attacks. The Group mode can be played in two different modes; the Versus and the Special Versus mode.

Online campaign on the other hand allows you to compete against an online player in real time battle. This mode, however, requires you to sign up an account. The Solo campaign is playable in three different modes, the Training (infinite trial of different characters, stages and skills); Events ( task will be given and you must accomplish them within the given time frame); and Stadium (different objectives will be given and your goal is to set your best record). The battle system is very identical to the original game but presented in a simple yet dynamically changing 2D atmosphere. Each character possess different skills and combos the player should learn to master. It also features an overwhelming amount of achievements to unlock and a scoreboard as well. With so many characters to choose from and so many possible skills to be witnessed and to be learned, Super Smash Flash offers a commendable replay value whether you play the game with your friends or you play the game against those computer generated opponents. It is great homage to the well-established Smash Bros series and an undeniably very nostalgic game that you will absolutely enjoy playing with. Have fun!


AmYounition is a very creative and one of a kind adventure game that will take you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. Interestingly, the term “amyounition” is basically a pun for ammunition! They intentionally inserted the word “You” to replace “mu” because of how the game works. In this game, your character has the ability to shift himself into an ammo in order to reach places. Your objective is to help your character to escape one room to another and you can do so by destroying walls and solving numerous puzzles along the way. If you think you can master this game in no time, then feel free to explore AmYounition and see how far your skills can take you.

Interestingly, this game is a masterpiece of HackSaw Unit and is an entry for the recently held Ludum Dare Challenge. This means that AmYounition is created in a very limited amount of time yet it is very impressive that despite of minimal time, they were able to come up with a simple yet surprisingly amusing arcade game. No further details were mentioned about your character and the game doesn’t follow any plot at all which could have made it a lot more engaging but despite of the missing details, Amyounition managed to deliver a very amusing gameplay that players will surely enjoy. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to a maze-like interface where your character can freely navigate as long as there are no walls or boundaries that stop you.

With your trusty gun, you can always shift yourself into an ammo and launch yourself to whatever direction you like. You can acquire the gun in the first level but you can always go back to pick it up. If you hit the gun to a place with no target, then you are just teleporting yourself to another place but if you aim and hit the gun on special walls, then you can break them apart which eventually provide another passage. You will also encounter doors which can only be opened when the designated switches were toggled. The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress and the player is strongly encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully before making a move because there are possibilities that you will get trap on certain room and there are no ways to escape other than repeating the entire game back from the very start. The game’s simplicity is actually the game’s strongest point. The simple yet nostalgic pixel art interface adorned with well-fitting music will bring back a lot of your childhood memories! A very entertaining game indeed!

Trollface Quest 4

Relive the moments that went down in history of sports! This game will take you back to the the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi but this time in a silly and undeniably hilarious way! Trollface is back for another quest and it seems that he will need our help for another time around. Trollface Quest 4 is the fourth installment of the series and it is very interesting to note that the game follows the mechanics but in an all different perspective. Your goal here is to solve each level as much as you possibly can. You got no time limit or certain amount of clicks needed and even though it sounds so simple, the main challenge here is to cleverly guess the solution which often comes from the most unexpected way.

The game will start off in a simple introduction featuring Trollface who is just about to light the so-called Olympic Bowl with his Torch but unfortunately, someone just trolled him and blew the fire out. This encouraged our poor little friend to join the Olympic himself and try out every other sports that he can possibly get it. If you have played the previous Trollface Quest games, then you must know how this silly point and click adventure works. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a scene. The mission is to solve the problem by clicking on a right object on a right time. It is very simple to identify whether an object is interactive or not and you can do so by looking for a hotspots or clickable area. The challenge however is which item should be clicked and which item should be ignored. Just because you can click almost anything, it will always lead you to a success. Some objects will actually lead you to failure as they are most of the time, meant to confuse or distract you.

Some items should be clicked with proper timing while other must be clicked sequentially. Since the solutions are very unpredictable, the player is encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully in order to get the right one. But then as I said, you got all the time and it doesn’t really matter how many mistakes you did as long as you managed to solve the puzzle that will eventually take you to the next level. Simple yet surprisingly mind twisting! I guess that is how I can perfectly describe Trollface Quest 4 and that goes the same with its predecessors and succeeding installments! Have fun!

Happy Room

It’s been a while since the last time I played a ragdoll game and there is really something about them that is oddly and surprisingly addictive despite of their brutality. Happy Room is an entertaining ragdoll game but contrary to what the title of the game connotes, this game will merely focus on extreme violence, gore and brutality. Your main objective here is to inflict as many damage as possible to the dummy. The more damages the dummy sustained, the greater the amount of points you can earn which can be used later to upgrade your weapons. The game might be repetitive but it is surprisingly the strongest point of this action game. If you think you can be inflict the most damage and unlock all the weapons, then go ahead and play this game and see how far you can go.

Simple , fun and addictive, these are the three words that you can use to perfectly describe Happy Room. The game is playable in two different campaigns. The main campaign where you earn points in every damage you inflict to the dummy and the Sandbox mode where possibilities are infinite. The Sandbox campaign, however, can only be unlocked if you get enough damages from the main campaign. Overall, the game is all about inflicting damage and this can be done by strategically placing the weapons in the given field. Basically, here’s how it works. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the box-like room. The game will undergo two phases, the placement of weapons and the actual test.

During the placement mode, you will have to spend your based money to buy explosives. Simply place the explosives to any area you preferred (the game will tell you if you can place the item on certain area or not). Weapons can be upgraded and each will vary in terms of the amount of damage they can inflict. The weapons, however, can be unlocked by reaching certain amount of damage. Once you are satisfied with the placement of weapons, you can now hit the play button for the actual test. Here, you can no longer interact or change the placement of the weapons. All you need to do is to wait on how the weapons can inflict the dummy. You can expedite the process by adjusting the speed. On top of the screen is a meter showing the weapons that you can unlock when you have reached the certain damage rate. Generally, Happy Room is an entertaining game but due to the violence and gore content, this game may not be suitable for young gamers.

Neon No Nakama

Simple yet surprisingly inviting! This is how you can perfectly describe Neon No Nakama by Simon Hutchinson. I am not an expert guy when it comes to translating Japanese terms to English but the title of the game is quite clear when you started playing this game. Nakama is a Japanese term which could mean a lot including “friends” or “comrades” but I guess the second word is more applicable for this game. Neon on the other hand is referring to the Neon lights that you are about to interact in this short yet intriguing game. In Neon No Nakama, you will be asked to control a white “thing” (as it is not clear what kind of moving creature it actually is). Your initial goal is to collect all the neon colors which are randomly scattered on the dark field and this will change afterwards when all the color comrades were collected.

No further details were mentioned about your character and the game doesn’t follow any plot line despite of its notable eeriness but despite of all the missing details which could have made this game even more engaging, you will certainly appreciate the atmosphere and the mood that this game provides. The dark atmosphere is accompanied by an enigmatic music that adds some mystery while playing the game. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to an empty dark stage. A color will suddenly appear in random location and you just have to interact with it. Once you came close, the neon color will start to accompany and follow you wherever you go. The collection of neon colors will continue until you gathered all the seven different neon colors.

Things will change when all the colors are collected. All of the sudden, you will encounter a labyrinth and another same creature like you will appear. The goal now is to reach the area where this creature is located but you have to pass through a bewildering maze. This is also the time where you can take advantage of your colorful comrades because they are the one who can illuminate your way. Don’t worry; there are no dark elements, traps or any kind of creepy thing along the way. It is nothing more but dark paths. I personally think that it could be more exciting if traps and enemies were added but we cannot expect much from a game that is created in limited time right? This one has a huge potential though and we just can’t wait to see more of its future developments! More levels and more interactions would be an interesting addition!

In most role playing games or even in real time strategy, gathering resources is one of the common things a player is required to do in order to build a reliable stronghold. It is, however a basic element in the game and is barely emphasized. In, you will be asked to create a village but in order to do so, you must gather enough resources and build a strong defense. is not really different from the rest of the io games. It features the same multiplayer element where you will be competing against real time online players in one field. Your main objective here is to create your own village and establish the most effective defense to prevent the enemies from breaking through. If you think you are clever enough to win this territorial battle then feel free to explore this game and see how far your skills and knowledge can take you.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the battlefield. It is presented in a top down perspective where you can freely navigate the stage. You can move your default character using the WASD keys and interact with the objects by clicking the left mouse button. It is interesting to note that there are four basic objects in the game and each of them represents a certain type of resources. These objects include fruit bearing trees (source of food), trees (source of wood), boulders (source of stone) and gold (source of gold). You are armed with an axe by default and you can use such tool in gathering all the materials you need. Below the game screen are set of items that you can build out of the materials you gathered. You can build wooden walls, stone walls, windmills, traps and other mechanisms that you can use to strengthen up your village.

Every action you make, you will earn experience points and if you gained enough, your level (referred here as Age) will be increased and you will be given options to increase or improve your attributes. Gathering the materials may not be very challenging but what really makes this game a lot more tricky are the enemies. Please be mindful that this game is not just about building village but also establishing defense to protect it from enemies. The enemies can either destroy your territory or attack your character directly. Once you got killed , your game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start back from the very beginning (it also means that you will lose all your progress and all the things you built for your village). Located on the upper right corner of the screen is a score chart that displays the top ten players along with their high scores. This particular feature provides a great amount of replay value! Simple yet surprisingly addictive and fun! That’s how you can perfectly describe this game!