One Day

What will you do if you found out that you are stuck on the same day over and over again and there is seemingly no way out to get you out of the loop? One Day will take you in this critical situation and your mission is to find your way out of this nightmare by using the things you have learned as your advantage. One Day is generally a very simple game with no visually entertaining details. In fact, all the interaction is done via mouse clicks and all you can see from screen is just a panel consisting of words and buttons but that is actually the greatest points of this game as it allows the players to visualize everything on their mind and think of what could possibly happened in this interesting decision-making game.

The game begins by waking up which gives you option either to get up or just to sleep more. Take note that for every action, you will spend an hour and it will just become a pattern. Once all the 24 hours are consumed, you will go back to the same loop but you will learn things in the process depending on those actions you have made. Every actions or decisions you make, you unlock and discover something new which makes the game even more engaging. Despite the fact that you keep on repeating the same day, it becomes more and more intriguing to find out the possible outcome. The game generally offers a lot of possibilities to explore and your fate will greatly depends on your decisions.

In the entire course of the game, you will be engaged in various activities like gardening, working, shopping and more. You’ll start off with a based money of $187 but you can find ways to earn money and buy stuffs from the market and other places. You can even try lottery and win great prices. You can chat with people you meet and if you are lucky, you can travel overseas too. You see, the game offers a bunch of possibilities and it broadens the player’s imagination as he keep on visualizing what could possibly happened. The game might be lacking of visually engaging details but it has a commendable replay value and some nostalgic approach (thanks to its retro-inspired music) that makes this game a lot more entertaining and fun to play with! Good luck!

Bob The Robber 4

Bob the robber is back in action but this time, he is up for bigger and possibly more challenging mission. If you enjoyed the first three games, then you will definitely find the fourth installment even more engaging and fun. Just like the game’s predecessors, your main objective in this game is to help Bob rob one house after another. In each house, you will be asked to rob a certain item which is usually hidden in a vault in random location. Your mission is to obtain the item without getting caught or sometimes, you must be able to find the exit before the time runs out, otherwise, the game wil come to a quick end. If you think you can master this game, then feel free to play Bob The Robber 4 and see how far your sneaking skills can take you.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the first level. Bob The Robber 4 is done and played in a level by level basis. As I said, in order to clear the level, you must obtain the required item and reach the exit on time. A house is usually guarded by security and cameras and you must avoid being caught at all cost. This will simply trigger the alarm and will just end your game immediately. Control wise, you can move Bob using the arrow keys. Up Key allows you to interact with the objects and gather additional money along the way. The money that you will be gathered will be accumulated to the end and will be credited to your account. This money can later be used to purchase gadgets and to upgrade your character’s appearance, an interesting additional feature for Bob The Robber 4 which makes the game even more exciting.

Take note that the game is more than just avoiding obstacles and alarms. Most of the time, the action should be done with proper timing. It is very ideal to visualize the situation carefully in order to maximize your chances in winning. You are also endowed with abilities to pick a lock , deactivating alarms and be on stealth mode to prevent yourself from being caught (you can do so by hiding on areas covered with shadows). The intense part of the game is when you failed to reach the exit on time. When the time ran out, the inspector will soon arrive and will try to catch you. As far as the game play is concerned, nothing much was changed with Bob The Robber 4 compare to its predecessors and same thing goes with the graphics and music but it is generally fun and addictive and I guess that is the game’s strongest point! Have fun!

Aliens on a School Day?

Nobody can tell what exactly would happen in a day. Who knows, maybe the aliens will suddenly arrive to invade the planet. In this cute little game, you will witness an unusual event on a school day. A little girl was able to survive the invasion but that doesn’t mean she is already safe. Aliens will try their best to abduct her so you must help this poor little girl to fight for her life. Interestingly, you managed to find a way to escape and that is by going underground. The aliens’ laser, however, can still penetrate under so you must find an effective way to evade them and survive. If you think you can survive this challenge, then feel free to play this game and see how far or how deep you can go!

The mechanics of the game are very simple yet surprisingly tricky and challenging. The player is strongly encouraged to exert the best of his visual reflexes and to show off the best of his eye and hand coordination to maximize his chances of surviving. In this kind of platformer game, you are encouraged to go down by stepping on the platforms below but you must also take advantage of the platforms above since they can be your tool to protect you from the laser. It is very important to note that the laser will blast for every ten seconds. Therefore, you only have ten second to find a safe spot before the laser arrives. The laser can only penetrate through holes.

Another challenge that you will encounter ahead are the pesky moles. The moles are only capable of moving back and forth in their respective platforms but once you are detected by them, they will try their best to push you on the dangerous spot. You can kill them right away by stomping them but you must do it very quick before the laser strikes. Occasionally you will encounter platforms with hanging lanterns on them, these lanterns will serve as your checkpoints. Take note that once you got hit by the laser, the game is automatically over and you have no option but to start the game back from the very beginning unless, you were able to stand on a platform with lanterns on them. This will serve as your respawn point. The game is not being scored but the depth level will be recorded so basically, the deeper the distance you have reached the better the remarks you will get. The game, however, is only made on a limited time (submitted as a Ludum Dare Entry) but it has so much potential and it could actually grow as addictive mobile app. It was like a revert version of “Icy Jump”! Good luck and have fun!

Duke Dashington

Duke Dashington is a retro-inspired platformer and physics based puzzle game that will take you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. It basically follows the story of an old explorer named Duke Dashington who recently discovered a hidden temple in Nenampis. His eagerness to find treasure made him decide to enter the temple despite the danger he might face ahead. When the temple started to shake, he made sure not to leave the place without finding any treasure. Your goal is to help Duke Dashington find the treasure at the core of the temple but this is not going to be an easy task as you will face an overwhelming amount of challenges along the way and in addition to that, you are only given a very limited time to clear each level and reach the exit.

As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted immediately to the game field. It is usually build with a maze of platform with only one exit. The time is very limited and to be specific, you only have ten seconds to escape each stage. Good thing , Mr Duke Dashington has a very special skill as he can dash in great speed. This particular skill will actually help and harm you in the process so better use it wisely. Take note that you are not walking here and instead, you are dashing. If you press the right arrow key for an instance, it will dash you on that particular direction without the ability to stop unless you bump a wall. The walls are actually your tools to alter your direction.

Timing is very important in this game. You should know when to turn right or left or when to go up and down. Spikes and other mechanisms can be encountered along the way and they should either be avoided or should be interacted with proper timing in order to clear the level without being killed. If you bumped to any obstacles, your character will be killed instantly and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning until you managed to make it through. Appearance wise, Duke Dashington has a touch of those retrospective interfaces similar to those classic platformer games that we grew up loving with. It is also matched with catchy music which is very impressive considering that the game itself is only developed within a limited time (it was an entry for a Ludum Dare challenge). Today, an extended version is now available on App Store with 100 rooms to explore and 4 temples to discover! Have fun!

Whack Your Ex

Dealing with your past relationship is quite tough. Some are lucky enough to have such proper closure but others are burning bridges and ending their relationship with grudge and hatred. Well, this game will highlight such case but in a brutal way. Whack your Ex is an exaggerated and rude version of a boyfriend and girlfriend fight. As what the title of the game suggests, your main objective is simple and that is to whack your ex using all the available weapons. What makes this game differ compare to other Whacking games such as Whack Your Boss and Whack Your Neighbor to name a few, is the fact that there are two characters involved in this game and both of them are interactive. Meaning, you can either play as the ex-girlfriend or the ex-boyfriend and it depends on what weapon you pick.

Interestingly, the game comes up with a tagline saying that this game is “cheaper than taking therapy”. It is described as a game that can be used to take out all your frustration after an unhealthy break up. It provides some kind of therapy that will handle your anger issues without harming a soul. The game however, features brutal and explicit content making it not really suitable for young gamers. As soon as the game begins, you will be promoted immediately to the battle area. The two cartoon characters can be seen on the center and they are both surrounded by random weapons. These weapons are things that are seemingly not harmful yet these guys can use it in a brutal revenge.

Some of the weapons that can be used include laptop, cars, birthday cap, credit cards, shoes, rocket launcher and a whole lot more. The interesting part here is that you will not have any idea how the attack will be executed. Just to set some expectations, some of them feature gross punishment including the use of feces (it is being applied in several attacks). According to the game developer, Whack Your Ex is a great tool to relieve your stress after a hurtful breakup. They said that this game can prevent someone from ending their life or hurting themselves or their partner physically. This game gives you the ability to hurt someone virtually without hurting anyone or being involved in a crime. The concept is still unacceptable though but hey, this game should not be taken seriously and should be played just for fun!

Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Orion Sandbox is back and this time it features a wider scope and with vast of impressive improvements compare to its predecessor. Orion is a Minecraft-inspired platformer game that follows a story of a guy who crash-landed on strange and unknown planet. Little did he know, this planet is inhabited by many different hostile creatures which usually spawn by night. Now, your mission is to help this guy survive the planet by gathering resources, crafting tools and building defense structures. You can do so by exploring the planet and using your crafted materials and weapons. If you know how Minecraft works, then this game needs no further explanation as it follows the same gameplay and mechanics except for the fact that everything in Orion is set in 2D yet as what the title of the game suggests, its sandbox which means, a player is given with small limitations and areas are usually explored indefinitely.

Interestingly, the game begins with customization. You can customize your character based on your very own preferences which mainly includes the selection of gender and customization of their appearance. Once done, you will be prompted to the game field. The character can be moved using the ASD keys while Jumping can be done by pressing the Space or ALT key. Interactions can be made through mouse clicks. Much like Minecraft, in the entire course of this game, the player will be asked to do various things including logging, mining, digging, crafting, building, fighting, planting and a whole lot more but despite of the broad scope, you have one goal to keep in mind and that is to survive the planet at all cost. Almost all the objects that can be found from this game is interactive. You will basically start off from scratch and you are highly encouraged to gather enough material before the night arrives, otherwise, you are putting yourself in such great danger.

Zombies and other hostile creatures will start to appear by night and the best way to survive this condition is by building a shelter. Take note that you are only given with limited health and if you sustained too much damage, then the character will be killed and you will spawn back to your starting point and all the materials you stored in your inventory will vanish. Speaking of which, keep in mind that all the items you gathered will be sent directly to your inventory. You can only have eight items on hand but you can always access your inventory to switch them up. Crafting is one of the highlights of this game. This allows you to create tools and weapons by combining different resources (made though Craft box). The game also features an overwhelming amount of achievements to unlock but most of all, the first thing you can really appreciate from Orion Sandbox is the visually stunning graphics which is perfectly matched with well-fitting music! The concept of the game may not be original but the game in general is still surprisingly addictive and fun to play with. Orion Sandbox Enhanced just offers too many possibilities and is absolutely worth playing! Kudos!

Chipset – 0

Chipset-0 will take you to a futuristic physics based platformer puzzle game where you play the role of a cute little robot named Chipset-0. You are a specialized mechanized maintenance unit robot and you are not built to destroy but to help capsulated humans to connect them back to the so-called system. In this futuristic world, the humans are now being placed in capsules for possibly their survival and the world is now being run by robots. However, the system is seemingly encountering an error and your goal is to put everything back into place. Generally, your main objective is to connect or plug the disconnected humans back into the system but this is not going to be easy as you have to pass through a series of challenging obstacles with varying range of difficulties and if you think you have the skills to fulfill this mission, then feel free to play this game and see how far you can go.

The mechanics of the game is very simple yet surprising tricky and challenging at the same time. Your actions are very limited. You can navigate the platforms using the arrow keys and use the space bar to interact. You can only interact with the generators. Pressing spacebar will release a cable and you just have to connect them with the plugs. You can easily tell if the human is disconnected from the system if the capsule is blinking red. It indicates an alarm and you must find a way to connect them back. Once a cable is connected to the outlet (mostly on top of the capsule) , the alarm will be cleared. Aside from humans, the cables can also be used to unlock gates. It follows the same method, just look for the nearest power supply (or generator) and plug it to the outlet near the gate.

Please be mindful that the cables have limited length and they cannot be stretched longer than their designated width. This is actually one of the tricky parts of the puzzle. Sometimes, you have to switch cables from one generator to another just to clear the level. To add more challenge, you will soon encounter robots who can shoot you from afar. These aggressive robots can be shut down by unplugging them from the system. The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress and the player is strongly encouraged to visualize the puzzle carefully and try to establish the most effective strategy in order to maximize his winning and survival. If there is only a downside in this game, it is probably the longevity. The game is quite short but it has a very huge potential to become a great game. I would love to see more of this game and its future development! Cheers! and

Now that Fidget Spinners have become a worldwide phenomenon, it is not really surprising that game developers will adopt such concept to their games. is the latest craze today, a simple yet surprisingly addictive browser game. It is basically done and played similar to but instead of controlling an orb-like avatar, you will operate a fidget spinner. Much like Agar and the rest of the games that are developed using the same platform (,, to name a few), follows the same mechanics and objectives. Your goal is to get the highest score as possible and survive the arena at all cost. You must constantly steer the fidget spinner on the field and collect colorful gems as many as you can. Doing so allows you to grow in size and will give you greater chance to defeat enemies! Take note that this is a multiplayer game so you are dealing with real time online players so you better come up with the most effective strategy in order to survive and if you think you got the skills to win this game, then feel free to play and see how far you can survive.

Interestingly, the game will begin by allowing you to customize your very own Fidget Spinner. For, you will have wide range of options to choose from but most of the spinners can be obtained by fulfilling some tasks including some interaction with their social media pages. They also offer some in-game shop where you can buy custom spinners and spinners that are inspired from famous Youtubers including PewDewPie. Once done, you may now hit the play button and you will be prompted immediately to the battlefield. This is a multidirectional top down action game so you can freely navigate the area without any limitations. Movements can be done by simply hovering the cursor of your mouse to the direction you want the spinner to spin. Mouse clicks, on the other hand allow you to boost your speed. The more gems you collect , the bigger the size you will get. This will give you chance to eliminate the approaching or nearby opponents. You can deal damage by bouncing to other players. Just be cautious though because bigger spinners can destroy you in an instant.

You will also encounter whirlpools which can either help or harm you in the process. If your spinner sustained too much damage, then your game will come to a quick end but you can always spawn back to the field infinitely but your score will go back to zero and you have to start back from scratch. Located on the upper right of the game screen is the scoreboard that displays the top ten players and their respective scores. This particular feature provides the game an impressive replay value. Another strong point in this game is the unpredictability of its gameplay. Your fate will rely on your skills and your strategy in order to survive.

If you find amusing and addictive, then you will absolutely enjoy a very similar game, the It is an improved version of Spinz with a vast of interesting changes. It follows the same gameplay , the same mechanics and goal but the what really makes it so special is the visually stunning details. The graphics will remind you of the due to its colorful and glowing elements but the game in general is still the same. also offers wider customizing features allowing the players to select their preferred designs including a collection of country flags and more! It also features a Daily Youtuber who will play along with other real time online players LIVE on Youtube! This is by far the best interactive io game ever and I bet you guys will feel the same way!

Pizza Quest

Carmel Games never failed to give us some entertaining point and click adventure game and they never failed in transforming a simple activity to a bigger adventure. In Pizza Quest, you will play the role of the palace’ newly assigned chef and your duty is to serve the queen. In your first day of work, the queen is seemingly craving for Pizza but you realized that you have no materials and ingredients to prepare one. Your job now is to find all the necessary ingredients and tools all over the palace in order make the pizza in no time. Who would have thought that preparing a pizza can end up in such a thrilling quest? If you have played the previous point and click adventure of Carmel Games, then you must know the drill and if not, then feel free to explore Pizza Quest and see what else this game has to offer.

The game will welcome you with a brief cinematic introduction telling a short story about the main character and how he ended up being the queen’s chef. Much like the rest of the point and click games, the only way to interact with the game is through mouse clicks. Simply hover the mouse over the objects to identify which is interactive and which is not. The cursor will change to a moving cog icon if the object is something you can collect or examine. In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to collect various objects, gather clues and solve numerous puzzle along the way. See, who would have thought that gathering simple ingredients for pizza will end up in such a thrilling quest?

The puzzles are quite predictable and easy to solve though but despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, the player is still encouraged to observe very keenly and pay attention to every details to prevent overlooking the clues, otherwise, you might end up going to same places over and over again. But just in case you are having a hard time figuring out how to solve the puzzle, you can always check the hints for further assistance. Appearance wise, Pizza Quest is presented in a neat and visually stunning environment and is perfectly matched with cool and funny animation with amazing voice overs ( a feature used in most Carmel Games). This may not have a replay value (unless they will soon put timers on it and an interactive leaderboard) but the game is generally fun and entertaining to play with! Absolutely worth playing.

We have seen so much games from io and they never failed to amuse us with their games despite the fact that they all follow the same mechanics and gameplay. will take us to another adventure. This time, as what the title of the game suggests, we will embark ourselves in a deep underwater journey where you play the role of a shifting animal. Much like most of the io games, your main objective here is to survive as long as you possibly can. You have to control your chosen animal and navigate through a wide stage and eat as many food as you can in order to gain a new level and evolve to a bigger form. This , however, will not be that easy as you are about to deal with an overwhelming amount of players on stage who can devour you in an instant! If you think you can survive this challenge, then feel free to play and see how far you can go!

Generally, is another survival of the fittest game. It follows the same mechanics with other well established games like, and more but what really makes this game distinctive and unique above the rest? Appearance wise, the game is presented in a very simple atmosphere. It was not adorned with any visually stunning and intricately designed details yet still neat and colorful enough to be enjoyed. Despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, the gameplay is generally tricky and fun. You can move around the multidirectional stage by hovering the cursor of your mouse. Collect as many foods (colored circles) in order to gain level. The gauge meter is located below the screen to identify how much food you still need to intake before evolving to another character or animal. The interesting part of the game is the fact that each animal possesses different abilities. If you turned into an octopus for an instance, you will have the ability to poison every enemy that touches you.

Even though you got unique skills, you still have to be wary of the other enemies around you especially the large ones. Interestingly, there are special areas in this game that you can take advantage with. The sea weeds for an instance can be a hiding spot. Going under the sea weeds will put you in a stealth mode and enemies cannot harm or detect you while hiding. Eating foods will help you earn points but devouring other enemies will give you greater points and will speed up the process of evolving. Another great features of this game is the leaderboard system which displays all the top players. The game also has different servers to choose from. The score board and the game’s unpredictability provide the game an impressive replay value! Overall, is another entertaining io game that you can confidently list on top of your list! Good luck and have fun!