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Shape Sync Review

Shape Sync
is a very simple yet fun and surprisingly challenging shape matching game. This game definitely defines simplicity at its best. First of all, it is not really adorn with any lavish details and all you can see is nothing but three different shapes falling from the upper most screen. It is generally an easy-to-play puzzle but hard to master game that will put your skills in a great test. Basically, your main objective here is nothing more but to get the highest score as possible and this can be done by matching as many shapes as you can without committing a single error, otherwise, the game comes a quick end and you have to restart the game back from the very beginning.

So what really makes Shape Sync fascinating? The game’s increasing rate of difficulty is probably one of its strongest points. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a vector-inspired atmosphere where you will find a shape at the bottom. Three more shapes will fall and you must be quick enough to match the shape at the bottom to the any of the three falling shapes above. You can do so by clicking the correct shape above before they touches the bottom. When you hit the right shape, then you will score a point. The shape at the bottom will change dynamically and the speed will drastically increase as you progress which makes the game even more challenging and more exciting at the same time.

It is also interesting to note that the game saves your best record which encourages the player to play the game over and over again until they break their own score or better yet you can invite someone and challenge each other to see who can score the best! If you are looking for a very light yet addictive flash game, then you might want to consider HomeWorld Arts’ Shape Sync on top of your list. Aside from its web version, the game is also available for iOs and Android phones. Have fun!

Tough Love Machine

Tough Love Machine is another simple yet surprisingly challenging flash game that will surely put your skills and knowledge to the test. It follows a very simple set of rules and mechanics yet it is quite hard to master. Your main objective for this game is to push the two hearts together. You can do so by taking control of two wiggly arms using the two separate set of keys on your keyboard.

It is very challenging and absolutely mind-twisting puzzle game which highly requires the player to establish the most effective strategy to maximize the chances in winning, otherwise, you may find yourself playing the same level over and over again. Tough Love Machine is a game created by Andrew Morrish as his entry for the recently held Ludum Dare Challenge # 30 with the theme “Connected Worlds” along side with Oddly Shaped Pixel’s Awe. Interestingly, the game received mostly positive reviews from other Ludum Dare participants praising it for its clever concept, easy-to-play yet hard to master mechanics, impressive pixel and retro-inspired atmosphere. It is not really surprising why Tough Love Machine managed to make it through the tenth spot of their Top 100 Jam games and that is out of thousands of entries submitted.

As soon as the game begins, you’ll take control of the two arms. One can be controlled using the [WASD] keys while the other can be moved using the Arrow keys. However, be mindful that you can only extend the arms in limited number of moves. You can freely push hearts and cogwheels but you must visualize the puzzle carefully since a single mistake could ruin everything which forces you to restart the level manually and replay the same level until you managed to make it through. The complexity of the puzzle will gradually increase as you progress which makes the game even more challenging and captivating at the same time. Generally, I find Tough Love Machine pretty amusing and something worthy enough to spend your time with. How about you?

A Cognitive Quest…

I have to be very honest, playing Cognitive Quest, made me realized how dull I am and how much things I need to learn more in order to finish this fiendishly and frustratingly challenging brain training game. BrainExer managed to put an impressive twist to your typical brain exercising games. This time, you are no longer dealing with simple texts, patterns or other numerical figures because Cognitive Quest offers an exciting RPG element on it which makes you enjoy the game while learning at the same time.

Basically, your goal in this game is to take control of a knight and set yourself in a series of mind-twisting and brain-draining adventure. The main intention of the game is not to impress you with an action packed or breathtaking battle scenes but to measure your brain capability and train your so-called “cognitive skills” which commonly refers to memory, thinking, ability to learn new information and more. This game will absolutely put your skills and knowledge to a great test. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a bewildering atmosphere. You will move from one room to another but you might encounter several enemies along the way. On top of that, the next path will be blocked by an enchanting smoke and the only way to dispel them is to defeat the enemy. In order to defeat the creeps, you must skillfully surpass their challenges. Each monster will vary depending on the type of cognitive tasks they will offer. There are 20 cognitive tasks to encounter and 8 various stages to explore ( I personally find the N-Back task extremely challenging).

Each offers a different kind of challenge and when I said “challenge”, that means an extremely hard, undeniably mind twisting, inexplicably brain drilling task! That is how you can describe the challenges offered by Cognitive Quest. Although I have to admit that this game will definitely enhance your cognitive skills. Playing it repeatedly could be very useful for the players, intellectually.

Aside from the game’s wonderful and dynamically changing graphics, other RPG elements that can be found in this game include the treasure chests that are randomly scattered on the map, a mapping system which can be obtained from the merchants who will help you earn other usual items including health potions. Of course, it also has a final boss battle and I have been wondering how difficult this challenge will be, considering that a typical monster is already challenging enough for the player to surrender. Generally, Cognitive Quest offers a very amusing yet challenging approach. After playing this game, you may not look at any brain training game the same way again. Have fun with the Cognitive Quest game!

Run run run

The endless running hit game is finally back and this time, it offers a vast of impressive and much more addictive features compare to its predecessors. Run 3, a game by Joseph Cloutier which is available on CrazyGames, will embark you in an exciting intergalactic running adventure in which your main objective is to guide an alien to find the pathway home. However, in order to make it possible, you have to run through a seemingly endless tunnels in the outer space.

This latest installment will take you to an all new level of excitement while maintaining the same concept from the two previous games. I personally think that the idea of this endless running in a simple yet dynamically changing pseudo 3D environment is already great as it is and it is totally acceptable that Run 3 is still done and played the same way. The only best way that the developers can do is nothing more but to add more challenge and other additional features to make it more engaging and I am glad that they made all the necessary adjustments for Run 3.

Run 3 is more like a combination of the two previous games but with a bunch of other interesting features added. It captures the the same environment featured in the first Run game and it features both Runner and Skater who were both introduced in Run 2. Now allow me to elaborate the other impressive changes made for this game. Run 3 offers two modes including Explore Mode which is done in a level by level basis and Infinite Mode which runs progressively. The game will also introduce the use of “Power Cells” to unlock items from the Shop which can be obtained either by completing Achievements or by collecting them through Infinite Mode.
On top of that, the game will also feature not just one but several other characters aside from Runner and Skater and what makes it more interesting is the fact that they also have their very own distinctive abilities. Level Editor Mode on the other hand, unlike the first two games is not easily accessible because you have to unlock it first by purchasing it from the shop. The game is generally simple yet undeniably addictive to play with. How far do you think you can go?

It’s also available for Android.

If you like Run 3, you should also check out Slope. The game is similar in spirit, and equally addictive!

Review of Zorba

Zorba is a very simple yet surprisingly challenging rhythm game that takes you into a retro-inspired atmosphere. Your main objective in this game is to help your character get the highest score as possible and beat your computer-generated opponent named Zorba. For those who are not so aware, the game is merely inspired from the 1964 film entitled “Zorba The Greek“. The game in particular is based on the last scene where the character named Basil asked Zorba to teach him how to dance. The game impressively captures the exact same moment in the film but in a highly pixelated graphics and animation.

In this particular scene, Zorba teaches Basil how to dance the classic Sirtaki or more popularly known as Zorbas or Zorba’s Dance. As soon as the game begins, you’ll be prompted into the screen showcasing the two characters. The game begins by showing Zorba’s dance pattern. The arrows will automatically move downward on the left hand panel of the screen and your opponent will make a score of his own. After the sequence, your turn will begin and it will showcase the same pattern. Simply press the right keys at the right time to get a high score and combo.  The alternating sequence between the two will continue as long as you still have enough health points to spare. The skinny bars above will indicate your health points and if you lose them all, you will be forced to concede and the game will only come to a quick end.

Zorba’s Dance is notable for its dynamically changing tempo. It will start with very slow and it will gradually become faster which makes this game even more challenging and more exciting at the same time.  Zorba is basically one of the masterpieces made by Pippin Barr Games who is also the same creator behind other successful pixel games like Ludwig Von Beatdown, The Artist in Present and a whole lot more.  As far as the game’s level of difficulty is concerned, Zorba is nearly unbeatable and the opponent barely makes a single mistake at all which is actually a good thing because it will put your skills and patience to the test. Can you manage?

Drunken Wrestlers – Exactly how it sounds

Drunken Wrestlers is a very engaging and super fun fighting game created by a 17 year old Russian developer, Oleg Skutte. The game is created as an entry for the recently held Next Castle DevCup Contest for the year 2013. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that the game was made within seven days. As what the title of the game implies, Drunken Wrestlers is a highly addictive fighting game between two literally drunk wrestlers. The game is not referring to the real Drunken Fist Technique but it features two rag dolls who are both moving irregularly and off balance like any drunk people do.

Generally, your main objective in this game to defeat your opponent by knocking it down in the arena. Whoever knocks opponent  five times will win the game. Appearance wise, Drunken Wrestlers is presented in a simple yet engaging 3D atmosphere. It is not really adorned with any lavishly illustrated details but that doesn’t really matter at all because the gameplay itself is addictive enough to give you a nice fighting game experience.

There are two ways to win each round. You can either force the opponent to lose its balance or better yet execute your most impressive trick and inflict critical damage to your enemy. On top of the game’s impressive features, it is also interesting to note that it can also be played by two players using the same keyboard. You can also adjust the goriness and the dismemberment threshold to make your battle more epic and if you think you just had one great fight, you can always hit the replay to watch the previous battle in a very cinematic way. It is one addictive flash game indeed and if you enjoyed this game a lot, then prepare yourself for a stunning sequel which is currently in development. Cheers!

Future of web games

With more and more people owning a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), people often doubt the future of gaming in the browser. More specifically, the future of flash and browser based Unity. Both of these have development tools for creating apps. The big idea is that entertainment will shift more and more to mobile, and that the laptop and desktop will only be used for serious things such as work. Therefore, developers will focus more and more on mobile and not make web games anymore. This might be true in the long term (think 10 or 15 years). But for now, it makes a lot of sense to keep developing games for web as well. They can be used to build up an audience quickly, to try out new ideas, and to promote apps. The latter reason will become more and more important, in my opinion!